The rising trend of IDEs and APIs versus traditional programming

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The rising trend of IDEs and APIs versus traditional programming

In the recent few years, there has been a spectacular rise of APIs and IDEs. Most web developers prefer using web development toolkits that makes it extremely easy to create web applications without getting into the details. On the other hand, simple programming languages have their own advantages that API and integrated environments can never match. Here we have made a compilation of the contrasting features of both techniques

1. APIs take complete care and are easy to use

APIs are extremely easy to use, and do not require much technical expertise to create web applications. Some frameworks like Ruby on Rails are so easy that even a non-technical person can come up with complex applications in minutes

2. Programming languages are best for simple applications

There is nothing better than applications that run on bare minimum. It is easy to use, maintain or port, and can only be guaranteed by standalone programming software. APIs have their own baggage of requirements that tend to make applications heavy.

3. APIs help in standardization of development process

In case of a large development team, using APIs create a set of standards that needs to be followed.

4. Programming languages have better compatibility and advanced functions

There are more advanced functions that can be exploited for additional purposes and can be easily integrated with other technologies as well.

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