The Relationship between Web Hosting and SEO Results

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The Relationship between Web Hosting and SEO Results

The reliability and dependability of the web host is a significant attribute in the industry while determining how successful a website is.

Downtime and Crawlers

Search engines use crawlers to index the entire web, including your site. If the site is down when these crawlers visit it, the search engine cannot index any changes which you have made recently. As such, any optimization efforts made recently will not produce any results.

Server speed

You also need a host that has competent servers, and provides you with a  plan that allows you to utilize all the server resources to keep your website functioning smoothly, even if a lot of content has been uploaded to the site. Google rates the sites depending on how long someone stays at your webpage. So if people get annoyed due to slow loading and leave early, it will mean a drop in page rank.

IP Address

In case you are using a shared IP address with another website, and that site de-indexes itself from the search engine results, your site will suffer the same fate. As such, it is important to choose a host which allows you your own unique IP address.

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