The power of Wiki

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The power of Wiki

We all know Wikipedia. If you don’t, go to and search for, eh, Wikipedia ;). Wikipedia is without a doubt the biggest encyclopedia in the world. It’s unlikely that there will ever be a bigger one, unless a new planet is discovered with twice our population, that also creates a encyclopedia as a group effort. Because that’s how it works, anyone can submit something to Wikipedia and anyone can change and delete stuff. The power of the masses makes sure that there is a balance and that nonsense is filtered out.

There are scripts that you can install on your own server, to start your own Wikipedia. I can hear you wondering why, because I just told you that you’re never going to be able to build a bigger one. But that’s not important…bigger isn’t always better.

How? Imagine that you have a website about motorcycles and the way they are built. You can spend a lot of time, building a site with lots of information. You can also just install a Wiki script. This way, you can invite motor lovers from all over the world to contribute to your content. This way you get documents that are created and modified by both experts and people who just love the subject and know a lot about it. And before you know it, you’ll have a motor website that’s so big that no-one can surpass it (except the people on the other planet of course).

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