The Necessity of Green Living

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The Necessity of Green Living


Why going green is necessary these days

Nowadays it seems that the fashionable trend in living is going natural or green. It means most of the people are going to opt for less waste, cleaner energy, eco friendly building materials, paints, flooring and energy efficient appliances.

Whether you support or not support the global warming theory, one thing that you cannot dispute is the apparent savings, both in your finances and the environment, which making some easy and if you are ready, not very simple, green improvements to your house or condo. His not only will help you to live long but it will also make your house or home more attractive to prospective buyers if you have to decide to sell. Maybe the simplest thing that you can do to start saving energy and money is to change your old bulbs with a new one, which are more energy efficient.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The latest compact fluorescent bulbs are obtainable in the market in different sizes and style. They save a lot of energy than the normal bulbs and they last longer than the ordinary bulbs. Latest compact fluorescent bulbs use less than twenty percent of the energy than the ordinary bulbs uses. You can fix timers on the outside lights.

Reduce Water Consumption

In order to enhance water consumption, you can fix low flush toilets and you can install aerators to your faucets or you can buy a new one, which already comes with the aerators. This device helps in mixing the air with the water flow that produce more pressure with less water. You can change your old showerheads in the bathroom with the low flow heads.

A general water heater will run continuously in order to keep the water hot all the times, making this electric appliance one of the very expensive to operate in your home. You could either enhance the heating efficiency of the water tank you presently have by wrapping the pipes or adding insulation around the tank.
You can also replace your old water heaters with a new one which only heats the water when it is needed and not constantly. Tankless models or heaters can save up to fifty percent of energy than the older models and can function very well. There are solar power water heater are available in the market for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

You can also take additional step in order to conserve water by fixing a rainwater collection system to your landscaped plants and lawn and ensuring that you only plant native species, which are tolerant of local weather conditions, will help your outdoor environment.

Kitchen Energy Tweaks

Another major area where you can save a lot of energy is your kitchen. Replacing all your kitchen appliances with an energy efficient kitchen appliances  could help you to save am lot of electricity and will function n more efficiently. A refrigerator can consume more electricity than any other electric appliances in your home.  Today there are several home appliances are available in market, which are more energy efficient and works more efficiently.

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