The main features that helps you to host your site through Zen Cart

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The main features that helps you to host your site through Zen Cart

Simply keep your catalog/products simplified – no ‘HTML’ coding needed to modify, delete and add products.

A Popular combination of MySQL and PHP technologies

Safe – no one except your organizational personnel can get your catalog/customer data.

Simple to set up – our useful installation program directs you easily during the installation process.

User front-end is authorized to ‘XHTML 1.0 Transitional’.

Improved template method using images and style sheets

Any ‘PHP’ coding adjustments can be guarded throughout the upgrades by utilizing the integrated override security system. Changing from one set up model to an additional is as easy as a duo of clicks in the ‘Admin’.

Merchandise cost options – multiple and single objects could be put on auction. Sale choices comprise percentage off, permanent amount off, fresh value, etc. Auction can exclude or include product features. You can exclude or add a price cut from a unique choice. You can also put an entire type or the complete shop on auction.

Maximum and minimum units or quantities – you can advertise one per purchaser, or want at least 4 & in two multiples. You can position needs on a product basis.

Product features can be included, either as checkboxes, radio buttons, drop down lists, file uploads, text boxes, folder downloads, & more. Attribute choices can raise the cost of an object & an object can comprise its cost completely managed by features.

Attributes also hold up text costs, namely ‘price-per-letter’ or ‘price-per-word’ for personalizing. They can also show color/image swatches.

Sort commands of products are easily managed in the ‘Admin’ area.

Combine with PHPBB in order that your holds up meeting login passwords go well with your ‘Zen Cart’ shop.

If you want your site to be offline, due to maintenance, you can perform it very easily by redistributing advance notes, in addition to a friendly ‘Down for Maintenance’ page which is also a explore engine friendly.  Web designer and Web Master can indicate Internet Protocol addresses to ignore maintenance & still use the website for testing.

Promoting banners – show data about your company colleagues & follow banner link action. Banners can unwrap in fresh windows in order that clients never in reality go away your website.

Shipping estimator permits your purchaser to obtain a suggestion of their transport prices earlier to checkout.

Search options permits you to hunt for products supported on description, metatags, name, price, & more.

Gift certificates and Coupons can be easily managed by both administrators and    customers.

Product and newsletter notification systems

Customers can write down the reviews of the products (approvals to be needed by a manager).

For developers – Easy customization via style sheets

Developer’s toolkit aids quickly find a text string or setting to be personalized.

Scalable from tiny shops to well-built shops with thousands of products

Trace who’s online constantly.

Multiple verbal communication support

Multiple money support

Tight protection on passwords, logout/login, & more

‘HTML’ method email supported.



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