The Logic Behind Digital Certificates

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The Logic Behind Digital Certificates

A digital certificate is commonly referred to as a public key certificate. It is an electronic document or attachment, which makes use of a digital signature to confirm the identity of a person. It contains information related to the user such as the name of his organization, his address, Personal account number and other relevant details. The signature, either of the user himself or other users bears a testimony to the fact that the concerned documents and the public key belong to the same individual.

A typical digital certificate consists of the following details:

Serial Number

Serial Number is used to uniquely identify the certificate.


Subject bears the name of the person or entity identified.


It is an algorithm used to create the signature.


Issuer declares the name of the entity that verified the information and issued the certificate.


It contains the date the certificate is first valid from.


It depicts the expiration date.


This declares the purpose of the public key

With the advent of advanced software it is now very easy to forge printed documents. Therefore it is not enough to place our trust in these documents while dealing with important issues.

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