The Importance of Domain Named on SEO of a Website

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The Importance of Domain Named on SEO of a


The domain name of site on internet plays an integral part in proper working of the search engine. The rank of a website on search engine result depends matching of the keywords of the site name with the sentence being searched. Thus we must always give foremost importance to SEO while buying the domain name of the site. Then we can use the domain name of our site accordingly to increase the ranking of our website on search engine page.

Planning While Purchasing Domain Name

You must be careful of the keyword. Carefully choose those keywords and phrases which have right traffic and the competition among the other sites should be low. The name of the domain should be related to the sites and can be seen in the name.

Important Feature of SEO

Old domain names can create big differences in the ranking between top and bottom. Google created a logic SANDBOX which means new sites will not have good ranking to prevent spamming. Old site are more advantageous, so always try to get links from old sites names.

How to Get Higher Page Ranking Utilizing SEO

In spite of many arguments, links coming from the educational websites will give you a probability of getting higher ranking using SEO technique.

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