The Craze behind Podcasts and Hosting It on Your Website

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The Craze behind Podcasts and Hosting It on Your Website

Podcast are actual non streaming webcasts, mainly series of various digital files which may either be a video or audio format. These Podcast are often released episodically which could be easily downloaded with the help of web syndication. Podcast hosting has gained mass popularity in these recent days due to growing demand of innovation web feeds and iPods. Thus a podcast is an ultimate digital media for video or audio files which are episodic in nature, programme-driven, downloadable and very convenient to use. They are mainly used as automated feed with the computer software as “client application software”.

Statistics of podcast usage is given below

The craze behind podcasts and hosting it on your website

Delivery modes

The delivering mode of podcasting is unique and this differentiates it from other different types of accessing modes of media files through Internet like streamed webcasting or direct downloading. The list of various video and audio files which gets associated with some given series gets maintained centrally over the server of the distributer as web feeds. The viewers and listeners employs special “client application software” to access that web feed, for checking updates and also for downloading new recent files of that series. This software is known as podcatcher.  This entire process can also be automated, and then the recent uploaded files can be downloaded automatically from the server without any intervention of the user. Mostly the files get stored temporarily on the computer of the user. But there are other devices for reading files in offline modes too. Thus, gives a convenient and   simple access to the episodic contents. These are mostly used for audios which have formats like MP3 or Ogg Vorbis.

Common web feed logo for podcast

The craze behind podcasts and hosting it on your website

Podcast’s importance in the field of education

Podcast helps teachers and students to share lot of information through network connection server. If a particular student is unable to visit any lecture due to some unnatural circumstances then he or she can easily use Podcast to get the previously missed lecture. Teachers may also use Podcast to help students in preparing their lessons. It is also a very effective tool for the administrators and teachers to communicate for assignment, curriculum and various other interactions with community and parents for various purposes. Teachers can also record the book talks, foreign language learning session, vocabulary, music performance, debates and interviews. Podcasting also helps in publishing tools which helps students a lot in oral presentation. Another important learning media is also gaining mass popularity that is through video conferencing with the help of Video podcasts.

Podcast’s contribution in the field of Mobile Learning

Podcasting has also contributed a lot in the field of Mobile technology. Podcasting is categorized as M-learning mode of learning and teaching.  With the help of this technology one can even download videos on mobile and voice chatting through WAP or GPRS is another important contribution.

Thus we see that podcast has various contributions on various fields starting with the most important field the education field. Thus every web server is very much interested to host the podcast in their website to make their site popular among the common people, as this technology is very much useful for them.

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