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We have all seen them. We have used them at some point. We might even be the proud owners of several units. Cell phones. A blessing from god above which has revolutionized human life as we know it. I am sure that Alexander graham bell, even in his wildest dreams, never envisioned what his invention, the telephone, would eventually morph into. Marconi, even as he did his experiments in wireless communication, did not fully realize the great possibilities afforded by his experiments. The modern cell phone is indeed a technological masterpiece, if you really think about it. If anyone had walked over to Mr. graham bell and told him that in the future, it would be possible to hold a conversation with a person halfway across the world, he would have labeled them a lunatic and proceeded to have you taken to the nearest asylum, or he would have at least laughed in your face and called you a fool. However, we know that what may have seemed an incredible feat in the past is now reality, in the form of cell phones. It is amazing how fast the devices are getting assimilated into everyday life. With increasing technological advances, the devices are getting cheaper and cheaper and all the while their processing power, their memory capacities and other features are increasing. It is no big deal today to watch television broadcasts on the devices, listen to music, send e-mails read documents and make appointment, all using your cell phones. It gets better than that. Cell phones, also referred to as mobile phones, are changing the way people carry out their day to day activities. Not only do they enhance communication, but they are also changing other facets of life not necessarily linked with communication. Take banking, for instance. Ever since the creation of these noble institutions, most transactions took place within the banking halls. Not so today. With the advent of electronic funds transfer (eft) and mobile banking, one can make all manners of financial transactions from thousands of miles away, thus saving time and avoiding the hassles of queues and bouncing cheques. Take the example set by one Kenyan company, namely safaricom. Safaricom, a mobile network service provider has introduced an innovative mobile banking service to its customers under the name of m-pesa.the service allows customers to deposit money into their phones and to withdraw it when needed. It also allows for funds transfers between customers. As is expected, the service has caused quite a stir in the third world country`s banking industry, and most banks have been forced to either develop similar services or partner with safaricom m-pesa service.
Indeed, cell phones are here to stay. What remains to be seen is how people will react to the changes that they bring about.

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