The Captcha Project

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The Captcha Project

The Captcha test is technically a reverse turing test, as it is administered by a machine, and targeted towards a human as opposed to the turing test. Early Captchas were vulnerable to automated attacks as they used only background distortion with undistorted text and could be broken or deciphered using image processing. Again, accessibility is another key factor while implementing a Captcha. Captcha dependant solely on reading-based perceptions, will prevent the visually impaired from accessing the website, and as such, these sites must possess some alternatives, such as use of audio Captcha. Here we discuss some of the applications of Captcha:

Preventing comment spam in blogs

By using a Captcha, only humans can enter comments on a blog. Thus, automated programs which submit bogus comments are prevented.

Protecting website registration

By using Captcha as a part of registration process, free email providers ensure that only humans are allowed to sign up for email addresses.

Preventing dictionary attacks

By using Captcha, it is possible to prevent bots from attacking password systems this is done. This is done by preventing the bot from iterating through the entire password space by providing a Captcha after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts.

Captchas also provide a plausible solution against email worms and spam.

Use Bounceweb for implementing captcha to your web pages!

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