The Best Software tools.

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The Best Software Tools

If the famous adage ‘you are only as good as the help you get’ is anything to go by a web master needs to pay particular attention to whatever tools they apply in order to come up with the best software. The best software tools will enable one to create and maintain their software for better use. Choice of a software tool may be the main determinant to the success or failure of a software product in meeting its specifications. Reviews on the best software tools available are widespread and varied but more often than not will agree by general consensus on which tools are  the best in the market. Among the best tools for the making of software have been found to be:

Make /Automake

This software tool that enables a software maker to automatically create source code for programs that can be executed. This tool is best used in UNIX supported platforms. It however is the most widely used software tool because of its simplicity and ease in application.

The Apache Ant

This software tool is very similar to the Make tool with the main difference lying in the use of Java platforms, language and applications like xml in constructing software. Its main advantage is that Java systems are more commonly used to base programs. This also happens to create its main disadvantage as it is limited to only Java supported programming.This makes it easy to use and the softwares created from it are more reliable.


The SCons software building tool uses the open source method of creating software. One of its amazing features is its ability to offer the use of a general purpose programming language this means that it can offer support for other programming languages like FORTRAN, C and C++. It also comes with compatibility for Microsoft applications like Microsoft Visual Studio.Net. SCons has the feature to allow creation of software that crosses platforms like Linux, Windows and Mac.

Microsoft Visual Studio

This is a readily available programming tool that can be used in the designing of products that are used in the creation of user interfaces, and web oriented applications like web pages and web sites. It comes fitted with an in-built code editor and a debugger that really makes the process of code making manageable and timesaving thus leading to effective softwares with very good graphical user interfaces. The Microsoft Visual Studio is compatible to all Windows supported applications and allows for the integration of lug inns to enhance functionality. The fact that it can support more than one programming language use in code making and in f act has built in languages that include Visual Basic C and C++
This software tool is as of recent update available to students for free via download.


This software tool offers a development environment for programs that can be supported on Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Solaris and other systems thus making it applicable and compatible with most existing technologies it also supports the major programming languages.

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