The Best 3 B2evolution Tips

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The Best 3 B2evolution Tips


If you are the one who is looking out for a tool that is very much suitable to host a blog site, then you will not get a better option other than B2evolution software. This B2evolution software goes beyond the traditional blogging tool and offers you wide range of unusual features that add up to the uniqueness of your blogging site. This B2evolution software will support multiple author/multilingual/multiple users. First of all, this software supports the multi-author and multi-user set up.


If you install this B2evolution software for once, it will help you to organize your blogs in such a way that each and every blog has its own set or group of member users. By making this way, you will have the advantage of taking the decision on who has to write the particular blog. In this B2evolution software there is another advanced level, which curtails the blog readers the access to some of the particular posts. 

The most important features of B2evolution are:


B2evolution RSS feed enabled


In today’s blogging behavior, Content Syndication is one of the important features. This Content syndication is a process of sharing the articles among many sites that are related to that particular site. Circulating full article is not essential. Through the help of RSS Feed, you will be able to get the title and also the source of the articles. The source of the article that you see will take you to the original article. B2evolution has also got the support of built-in RSS Feed. This also has got Atom Feeds for both comments and posts. This is how the readers will be able to see your RSS Feeds and thus they subscribe to your site.


You will be able to assign individual feeds for each and every individual blog on your site with the help of B2evolution. It is also possible to get a Feed that contains all the blogs on your site just by subscribing to the RSS Feed called “Blog All RSS Feed”.




The other blog culture that has been recently involved is “Digging” of the articles. Using the plug in called “AstonishMe Digg Plugin” it is very much possible to add the Digg buttons on  to your posts by just simply checking out a box in Write Tab. Thus helps you and your readers to dig out the stories.

Advanced categorization

This is another feature of B2evolution that helps in advanced blogging that relates to the complex categorization of the contents. This Advanced Categorization feature will help in categorizing and also for sub-categorizing of the news/posts items by themes or by subject. With this feature, the B2evolution is possible to assign the multiple categories to each of the posts.  

Some of the additional features of this B2eolution software include:

Integrated skinning system

Integrated XHTML validator,

Cross posting

Supports recursive subcategories


With the help of B2evolution, you will be able to run your blog without any problem and thus can enhance your blog site.

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