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Installing Joomla is nice, and you can go a long way with it. But it gets even better if you start installing new components and modules to make your website even better. For example, you could install a social networking component like Community Builder, or a photo gallery and a frontpage slideshow. You just need to find the right extension, and luckily there are a lot of sites to help you do that.

Joomla Extensions Directory

Of course, a very good way to get good extensions is through the website of Joomla. They have a separate section for extensions, and they are categorized really well. The best thing is that you can see right away if it’s going to cost you money or not.

Joomla Ratings

A very nice website with a great collection of components and modules, although not as much as the official site. However on this website the emphasis is put on the ratings of the components so that it becomes pretty clear which components are popular, and which ones aren’t.

Joomla Collection

First prize in a beauty pageant is not something this website should be expecting, but that’s not what it’s about. It has a clear index of components, modules and plug-ins, and it divides them in three main categories: All, new and popular. And those are the things we’re interested in.

One Stop Joomla

Also a website that could be prettier, but it has a very large list of categories, to make you find the extension that you are looking for much easier. Next to the extensions it also has a large forum and support section, for people who can’t figure out how to get things to work.


A bit of an outsider, because it’s not an independent site, but actually a store for components, modules and plug-ins. However, the stuff they sell is so easy and works so brilliantly I can’t not mention it. You have to try iJooma Magazine or iJoomla News Portal.

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