The 3 R’s of Uptime

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The 3 R’s of Uptime

The 3 R’s of Uptime

Prior to deciding a web host server suitable to your needs, an inspection into the company’s service is very important to avoid regretting later on about your decision. Some providers now provide 99% uptime, and obviously everyone goes for that one. But what most of us miss out is to check the truth in that. Though the companies promise 99% uptime, still the web server may be down quite a few times thus affecting your business. So, it is better to look closely the guarantees and services provided by the web host.

There are 3 R’s of Uptime

  • Redundancy
  • Research
  • Reliability


Properly check the details of the uptime guarantee as it can vary considerably. Uptime up to 99.5% is guaranteed by some web host providers. Automatically the earned credits are applied to the customer’s account if the uptime for any month is not 99.5%. Such web hosts with high standards reports to its clients every minute of server downtime publicly. These results and stats are even posted on their website to avoid any kind of hypocrisy. The best part is that the clients get back credits even if they didn’t know when the server was down!

The 3 R’s of Uptime

A detailed report has to be submitted regarding the downtime faced by your website in order to get back the credit which is then verified by the web host.

Hosts offering 99.999% uptime provides a guarantee contract to the clients. They promise 99.999% uptime only if the clients buy certain additional features thus increasing your server cost.

Some host provides the desired 100% uptime and if the server is down for 10mins or more, 25% of the bill will be credited to your account! The detailed report has to be submitted which is then tallied with the log, and if exact matching is found, the refund is provided.

Carefully read the things written in very small fonts. The hosts might trick you by writing the most important information in small fonts so that you overlook it while reading the contract!


Server downtime is inevitable no matter how sophisticated equipments are used. The web host must minimize this downtime with multiple routers, switches, backup diesel generators, secondary servers, UPS systems etc. for providing at least 99% uptime.

High speed lines used by the hosting companies help in avoiding the interruption due to unexpected traffic surges and technical glitches by directing the traffic over to the available fastest routes away from the internet hotspots thus increasing the website uptime.

The backup and redundancy plans of the hosting company must be checked to avoid the downtime.


The reliability factor depends on the quality of equipments used and professionals hired. The best hosting companies guarantee high uptime as they have invested for the best available automatic monitoring equipments, highly experienced and professional engineers for anticipating potential problems and tackling emergency situations and also have installed the best redundant backup systems to avoid data loss.

The 3 R’s of Uptime

So it’s better to do the research on the company’s services before taking the decision. The one’s providing high uptime with refund for downtime, having redundant backup systems and best quality equipments and professionals should be chosen for the best available service.

Bounceweb’s unmatched uptime guarantee makes it a safe bet for your web hosting needs!

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