Ten Things You Can Do With Mambo

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Ten Things You Can Do With Mambo

1. Mambo gives you access to a complete database that is driven by the site engine of your choice.
This enables you to operate online and find the content you are looking for quickly. Mambo software is a tool for content management that enables you to create and manage websites through a very simplified web interface. Due to its ease of use, it has attracted many users and has become an accepted software tool. It has undergone thorough testing procedures on LINUX and a host of other operating systems.

2. Mambo gives you the ability for you to handle interface translocation.
Internalization of content is possible with this software. You can advertise and put banners that will be accessible to clients and colleagues who are international destinations. Mambo enables you put labels on the content that needs to be documented. Once you have labeled the content, its location can be easily recalled. This means that you can call content from anywhere within the database and access the information at the click of a button.

3. Page caching mechanism improves the performance of the content management system in very busy sites.
When using universal functions, one has to be sure that a function with the same name has not been defined elsewhere. With correct description of the appropriate functions, it is easy for you to package custom work for easier content management. Content can be easily edited, updated and transformed through the real time system.

4. All media files including images and documents can be edited and scheduled for publication in online sites.
This enables the contributors to have a look at the changes they have made to the documents. Content syndication is possible since the files are friendly to search engine systems.

5. A dynamic poll or forum that releases results on the spot.
This provides the user with an interactive medium. There are many layouts to choose from when launching content on the internet and the choice of the best layout may require polling.

6. Access groups can be reached on a hierarchical listing.
This ability enables the user know who is who in the system and this makes file management a very easy task. There is hierarchy of objects that enables the user define departments, topics, locations and sites.

7. The archive manager enables the user to keep content in an archive rather than throwing the content away.
With Mambo you are able to easily keep all the content you have ever put up on your Mambo site.

8. Editor support for content management enables the system to have a more collaborative outlook.
The editor is supported by the WYSIWYG platform, something that has not been installed in any other system.

9. Easy coding of the whole system files and systems.
One can develop extensions for easy compatibility as well as code the whole system to make file management easy and fast. This makes it easy to manage as well as very reliable.

10. Mambo has a content macro language
This makes use of commands and other crucial features such as a template deployment possible.

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