Ten popular HTML5 Games available

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 Ten popular HTML5 Games available

Although HTML5 is in its infant stage when it comes to game development but still it is gaining massive ground very quickly. More and more games that are built using HTML5 are sprouting up day by day and the improvement is marvellous! Here we present the 10 best HTML5 games till date:-

3Bored: It is one of the pioneers of the HTML5 gaming industry and the remarkable feature it is known for is its supreme speed! The game involves swarming around a character with his jet powered propeller and avoids being killed by the enemies. It also has the ability to use the full browser window.

Vii: Vii is a puzzle-based game that deals with a lot of physics and a whole lot of fun! The character is trapped in a lab and has to follow the instructions to escape and get all his powers back. The game is known for its movement and sound graphic details.

Sinuous: This game is the new version of the “Snake” game that we all loved to play when we were kids. But this game cranks it up a notch by introducing revolving circles and killing blocks here and there. It is getting more and more popularity day by day.

Onslaught: A tower saving game that deals with strategising by the user, this game adds a whole new dimension to HTML5 gaming with its 8 bit frame and pixel based graphics. Its AI is also quite good as the game gets difficult as the player plays on.

Space Cannon: One of the first real hits of the HTML5 gaming era, this game pretty much deals with everything that someone expects from a space invader type shoot them up. It has got a great gaming engine which requires quick reflexes and awesome anticipation from the user.

Brain Snackers: The best isometric game powered by HTML5 by a long shot, Brain Snackers has got a well-thought out storyline which is complimented by neat graphics and awesome game play. Users can actually get hold of weapons and use them to kill zombies in this game. Pretty sweet, eh?

Torus: We are all bored with Tetris right? It seems every year four to five spin-offs of this classical game hits the market and all of them go down the drain. But with Torus you get a whole new 3D feeling in HTML5 and it even manages to add many new features to Tetris.

Space Fleet: This game is a classic when it comes to extracting the juice out of HTML5’s canvas technology. It basically is a strategically controlled space flight game where the user can manage and guide fleets and attack the enemy with it.

Helicopter: This game is known for its simplicity and has been actually incorporated into many social networking sites due to its popularity. Here the helicopter can be only moved up and down to avoid the caves and walls on its path.

Asteroid: Lastly, this vintage HTML5 game is truly a classic remade and many new versions of it are still hitting the market.

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