Social Advertising: The Concept behind it

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Social Advertising: The Concept behind it

Gone are the days where some big brand names with their handful of products used to dominate the market because of their reach which exceeded others. But now there has arrived a new player in the game which is favouring all the small scale businesses as well for selling their product. This is known as Social Advertising. Basically it is the concoction of advertising via any social network or media that any customer might be related to or influenced by. Nowadays most of the companies, even the established ones, are planning schemes so that they can dominate the arena of social advertising and ensure their sales don’t take a dip.


Rise of Social Advertising: Social Advertising has been present for some time now where friends and family or any other acquaintances of any person prescribe or influence the taste of some other person by virtue of word of mouth. This ploy has been proven to be very effective as here not only the person is getting to know about the benefits of the product but he is getting to know about it from someone he trusts. So basically it is advertising on a more personal level. But before the 2000’s Social Advertising was very much in its incipient stages with some sporadic successes all that changed with the rise of internet and mostly the social networks.

Social Networks: Social Networks, mostly Facebook, have been the pioneers in being the harbinger of Social Advertising at its present stage today and it is a fact that presently companies are spending more on social advertising than anything else. Before people used to see movie stars or sport persons vouching for some product which they vaguely trusted but now as they can see their snooty aunt use it, they obviously think it is the way to go.


Banner Burst: Before the predominance of Social Advertising there was this huge banner mania where people were always looking to buy stuff from big names even if that meant paying a little extra. This was because they were the ones who actually did some direct advertising through TV or put up their own website for customers to see. But now people can check social networks for a peek at all the latest designs and products of unknown brands which are good and yet cheap. So, the banner bubble has truly burst.


The Truth: Many people think that what they see or hear on Facebook for example about any product is absolutely true and unembellished. Is that so? Not quite so. As it goes, major companies have become clever and are employing thousands of employees just to keep a tab on what you are saying to your friend about a product and do their best to influence anyone’s interest towards their own product. That is another form of Social Advertising.


Popular Media: Now let’s take a look at the most popular social arena today for Social Advertising. As expected Facebook holds the top spot with almost 93% of deployed campaigns and is closely followed by Twitter and YouTube. Other media in the list are MySpace, LinkedIn and Zynga.


Social Advertising is still growing as more and more brands realize its effectiveness and deploy their own campaigns over the internet. But the actual reason behind social advertising i.e. to let the users know about the best product from an unbiased source is getting lost day by day because the brands are taking every measure possible to overturn any competition in the market. Only time will tell whether social advertising would actually cure people of brand blindness or not.

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Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

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Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

The only solution to allow digital streaming of video and audio which can also be recorded and converted is an FFmpeg hosting site. This means that anyone can upload normal video formats to the server and perform a conversion to the flv or flash video format, which is essential to stream videos online. Many try to create a good video hosting site based on normal web hosting platforms, but it is very difficult to set up and loses the flexibility. With the help of an FFmpeg hosting site it is very easy to create and setup a private web page that includes streaming and online editing of video and audio.

Creating up a website with FFmpeg capabilities is not very difficult. Anyone with knowledge in webhosting can easily set up one.


Choosing a web host

The first important thing to look for is the features available in various hosting sites. Many hosting sites give a large amount of web space, others give more bandwidth, and some have many more capabilities than just simple hosting some static web pages. So according to the requirements, good choices should be made to get a good site.

FFmpeg capabilities

This is the next most important part to have a video and audio streaming website. There are many variations to what might be done with an FFmpeg web host. There are many popular libraries available like Mencoder, Mplayer,  Libvorbis, Libogg and Lamne MP3 encoder. PHP versions 4 or 5 may also be required to make dynamic scripts and give a good amount of functionality to the website.

Support for popular scripts used in video web hosting sites

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

Many popular scripts are available. These include clone scripts of Youtube, Clipshare, Vidiscript, Rayazz, vShare, Phpmotion etc. the web hosting server should be compatible with these scripts because these enable the webmaster to easily edit, modify and create video and audio files from any other file formats.

Other features

Many web hosts also feature many other extended capabilities like flash web builder, c-panel interface for easy administration of the web server, and other utility software. Though much of these may be unnecessary for an advanced user, but it would be very helpful for a beginner. For a beginner to know everything to setup a simple video hosting site is a waste of time and energy. Better it is, if the web hosts provide the services for easy setup of the site.

Reliability of the web host

This is one of the most important criteria for a good video hosting site. Since the videos are reviewed over tens and hundreds of times so reliability of the server is must for a good service.

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

For an inexperienced person it is very important that they pay attention to every detail and not take the things casually if they want it to be successful. This is because beginners cannot perform complex tasks or write scripts themselves, which makes them largely dependent on available codes to do their work. Hence, making the right choices will get a video hosting site up and running in a few hours.

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Best ways of online video marketing

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Best ways of online video marketing

It’s a very well known fact that the most vital component of business is the promotion of the product, so as to make the people aware of the product being launched by the company and also to make the customers aware of the various features provided by the product which may grab their attention of the customers. This promotion which in other term marked as marketing leads to segmentation of the market and this tries to convince each and every segment of the market on behalf of their product. There are various modes of marketing for promoting the product like giving textual ads in newspapers, distributing pamphlets and email marketing and the other one is the visual form of advertisement through television ads and online video marketing.

Best ways of online video marketing

Today internet is becoming a major source for companies for promoting their product. This is done in two ways; one is the email marketing where one company sends mails to customer’s mail id for promoting their product and the second one is the online video marketing which is done by hosting video ads on internet and distributing the link of this video to the customers.

Some vital points to be kept in mind before indulging into online video marketing procedure:

Brief description

In this busy scheduled life no one has ample time to devote in watching online marketing videos. So, if the length of the video is very large, the probability that video will be viewed decreases exponentially.  The solution to this problem is to make the video concise by giving only a brief description of the product but it should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the viewer.

Fair business

If a person thinks that in online video marketing nobody will be able to cross check the points given in the video, so the viewer can be easily fooled then he is very wrong. This is because the viewer can be initially fooled by the video but later when that person comes to know the reality, he may report abuse against that video on net and will also not promote any of the promotional videos of that company to his or her friends which will adversely affect the business of the company. So it’s better to do a fair business by giving the customers the correct information which will be beneficial for the company in the long term.

Impressive and attractive

The online video meant for marketing should be made attractive as much as possible so that the viewer feels like going through the entire video. Some suspense should be inserted some in the beginning only to be revealed at the end. This is another way to force the viewer virtually to see the entire promotion.

Best ways of online video marketing

Online video marketing has entirely revolutionized the field of marketing and is becoming much more popular day by day. It is far cheaper than promotional ads on television though not so effective but still keeping in considering the cost incurred it is an effective means of marketing.

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How Social Networking Can Improve Your Website Statistics?

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How Social Networking Can Improve Your Website Statistics?

How Social Networking Can Improve Your Website Statistics?

The concept of social networking has been developed about a decade ago. It was meant to bring people from different parts of the world together, share their interests, and communicate with each other in a sophisticated way. Until recently, business professionals and managers have incorporated the idea of integrating their businesses with some of these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. These sites are visited by millions of people every day, and if their business is promoted through them, it guarantees a better chance that more people will visit their website on the basis of common interests. Thus, social media has a great potential towards improving online business statistics.

How Social Networking Can Improve Your Website Statistics?

Different ways of integrating social media are –

  • Advertising

It is particularly useful if it is for promoting an online business. Facebook provides a unique way of targeting specific users. Facebook allows its users to share their interests with the world. If their interests and your website content match, the page will be recommended in the advertisement section.

  • Writing blogs

By blogging, you can post useful content and information in your website. If the information is useful, several people will visit your website, increasing its network traffic. It is also important to tag the blog posts with certain keywords so they are available with Google search. Blogs can also be used to promote products and items. One popular blogging service is WordPress.

  • Driving audience

For making a website popular, it is required that customers already visited your page, recommend it to their friends. This can be done on social media sites like Yelp, where you can create your business listing, and the satisfied people can write reviews about your products and services.

  • Micro blogging

This is more commonly known as Tweeting. You can use twitter accounts to follow your customers, and give out notices about new deals and offers for businesses, or new content updates for websites. You can also locate people who show interest in your website.

  • Social Bookmarking

If your website contains information on different fields of interest, you can satisfy people by allowing them to see only that content which they are interested it. Social bookmarking enables to remember content viewed and liked by a user, which is used to rank the content according to user liking. This can also help you improve the quality of your posts, and know what people are actually interested it.

  • Integrating applications

Many social media sites allow their widget integration into a website, for example, the “Like” or the “Tweet” button. Users can share the content with their friends, and they will visit your website if they find it relevant. This helps to popularize and expand business.

Social Networking is a strong tool by which online businesses can flourish. It requires you to create social profiles in those sites which you think is required for improving your website statistics. It is required that you have a purpose in mind, for which you will use the social media, and post about items which people think to be important and relevant. Scheduling of using social networks is essential as it will restrict your social media from wasting your time, while posting and responding to customers at a certain time of the day. As social sites can be fun and entertaining, it is required to keep focused on your goals and objectives.

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How to embed videos in a website

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How to embed videos in a website

In the last few years, inclusion of videos in a website has been a happening trend. This is due to the improving technologies in the fields of web based development as well as communication technology. Apart from high speed of accessing big video files, it is easy to embed them into web pages – courtesy the new technologies that are being developed each day. We look into the various simple ways in which one can embed their favorite videos on their website.

1. Embedding from video sharing websites like YouTube and Meta Café

There are options to embed a particular video, with auto-generated HTML codes, which needs to be copied and pasted in the portion of the website where the video is to be displayed. The HTML embed code looks like:

< object width=”400″ height=”200″ >< param name=”movie” value=”website_name”></ param>< param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></ param>< embed src=”(website_video_link)” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”400″ height=”200″>< /embed>< /object>

2. Embedding from Google Videos

There is a button that lets you email or blog a particular video. When this option is used, an embed HTML link is generated, which can be copied and pasted to get the video on one’s website.

3. Sharing on social networking sites

If one wishes to upload videos on networking websites like Facebook and Myspace, then there are dedicated “Share” links, which created video optimized for the particular website.

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Creating Your Own YouTube Site

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Creating Your Own YouTube Site


You will be able to get in on the same way of moneymaking action that websites like YouTube have already experienced, just by simply creating out your own video website. With the help of YouTube script, you will be able to create the site where you can post the videos you like and can allow others to post or view their favorite videos as well. By doing so, in mean time you can earn profit in a big time from the whole operation done by you.

Here is how you can get started with creating your own YouTube Site

1. Firstly, you have to find good domain name. A domain name of dot com would be catchy, clever or cool and will go a long way. Making your own YouTube site in the long is not only popular but it is also a moneymaker. One of the best and simplest ways to increase the traffic to your website is by having a memorable and clever name so that people will be able to type it easily and also can remember to visit the site more often.

2. To host your website, you have to find a good web hosting service. If you want to get your website rolling, you need to have the services of a good hosting company, as you will be running a YouTube script website; you will want a hosting provider who can handle the huge amount of traffic having various features. Do not go for a cheaper service as they will have limited features. Always go with good hosting provider.

3. Get an e-book or a viral video program, which will be helpful in providing the steps that are necessary for setting up your own YouTube website. These things will definitely save lots of time and money, as you have to do lots of research and trial in figuring the best ways to set up a site. A viral video program or an e-book will definitely show all the means that are available to make money from your own YouTube video site. So, get going with your site and earn money.

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Top 5 Video Hosting Scripts

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Top 5 Video Hosting Scripts



With the MediaMAX video sharing script, you will not only be able to share videos but pictures, photo and audio as well.
MediaMAX is multilingual.
This script is available in both the Spanish and English language packs. You will be able to easily remove the ones you don’t want and can add new ones. You can easily add multiple languages. All the files are stored in single file for each of the language, so you have to add one file per language.


YouTube is the site, which has taken the world by storms with its popularity for amazing videos and sharing. It’s not a script, but using YouTube video hosting script will enable you to host your own YouTube like website and can earn money as well. Using the YouTube script is very simple and easily you can create the website.


It is a video hosting script, which is entirely different from other wannabes. It is different because, it is not limited to just hosting and sharing of videos but even photos, pictures, audio etc can also be hosted or shared and thus it makes Rayzz and ultimate video hosting script.

Features of Rayzz

It is all in one networking site along with forum, video, audio blog and many others.
While you are browsing, you will be able to add videos to the quicklinks and can be saved in the play lists so that it can be watched.
Search can be conducted for audio, photo and video at one place
Dedicated support is available
Easily customizable
Setting up is very easy.
Attractive user interface
Can earn money by putting up ads on the websites
Funny videos and pictures
Every one like to watch videos online as it will be the best way to catch the attention of many people. For this purpose, the funny videos and pictures hosting script will help you to build a video website allows you to share the videos and pictures with others as well.

Clip Share

It is one of the top video hosting scripts available and it is very easy to use. It helps to build the website and is very user friendly as well.

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What is User Generated Content?

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Somehow it’s in human nature to follow leaders. Countries have a king or a president, ships have a captain, companies have CEO’s, forums have moderators etc (oh I really could go on for a long time, but I will spare you). The same goes for content. Lot’s of people can write or create a good video, but newspapers are written by journalists, and tv is made by professional people. It’s the way things work, or at least worked.

A couple of years ago, Wikipedia introduced a new phenomena, called User Generated Content. The name kind of gives away what it means. It’s literally users generating content. Because why should a small group of people be privileged to generate content, when the power of the masses is much greater. It started with Wikipedia, but soon the idea caught on. Now there are millions of UGC sites, like YouTube, social network sites, and they prove that normal people can combine their powers to fill up a website with great content.

It’s a good thing to think about when building your website. Are you going to do all the hard work yourself? Or are you going to use the power of the masses, and create a website that pretty much fills up itself. One thing to keep in mind though. Just like what happened with reality TV, people are getting tired of the UGC overload. This doesn’t mean that it will go away, but it means that there will be a balance between content written by professional people and UGC. Create a website that has this balance, and you have a nice flow of content, but still the power to steer it in any direction.

Why YouTube beats your fancy video player

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YouTube, otherwise known as ‘that brilliant idea that made a couple of guys an insane amount of money’, has become the easiest and most used way to share video on the web. It’s hard to imagine, but about five years ago, sharing video’s wasn’t as normal as it is now. Converting a video was a tough job, because you had to pick a format that was widely supported. Then you had to have a hosting account with lot’s of disk space, and the bandwidth to support all those people watching your video at your expense.

Then came YouTube, a free service that makes it very, very easy to upload and share videos, and, even more important, without the need to buy disk space or bandwidth. In a matter of months the video service became immensely popular and two years later, the whole thing was sold to Google (that’s what you do with good ideas nowadays; you just sell them to Google). They pumped in a couple of million dollars, and the service expanded, which made it the biggest online video service in the world (and I’m pretty sure in space too).

So YouTube is brilliant? The idea, yes, but it does come with some downsides. Videos can be no longer than 10 minutes and the quality is downright crap, sorry if I’m offending anyone. They made a cool new widescreen player last year, and there is the option to show videos in better quality, but still, it’s nothing compared to the HD players of, for example, Vimeo. That might be the case, but the brainiacs over at YouTube know what they’re doing. For example, Vimeo has brilliant quality, but lacks the user base that YouTube has. Therefore, YouTube gets away with the bad quality, and has time to slowly improve on that in a way that benefits both them and their users.

But you don’t want bad quality, you put effort in creating beautiful videos and you want that quality to be shown. So is it better to install your own video player? No! Even if you have millions of dollars to spend, you can’t beat the user base of YouTube. Think about what you’d rather have: ten people watching a video in the best quality there is, or ten million people watching a video that looks a little soggy, which doesn’t matter because everybody knows why that is the case. Do the math.