Best e-commerce applications on Joomla

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Best e-commerce applications on joomla

Joomla is an open source content management system. It is developed for publishing various contents on the intranet and World Wide Web. It also includes MVC (model view controller) framework. The core software was created in PHP and databases are maintained in MySQL. This feature rich software includes RSS feeds, news flashes, polls, blogs, search, page cashing, printer friendly view of pages, language support and many more. Over 5000 plug-ins including free and commercial ones are available.

The numerous core features and plug-ins provide an excellent platform for developing ecommerce applications. A good support from the communities and forums available online is also available. The most important are as follows

jStore & jMarket

It is a good application based on joomla. It boasts of various features. Offline payment provides an alternative solution for customers to check out their bills. The home page is highly customisable along with the customer vendor forms. There is also a provision for unregistered visitors to register after purchasing. Only specific product modules can also be displayed if required. The new check-out feature has a quick compact view of the whole buying process.

Virtue Mart

It is the open source solution to e-commerce. It is a full e-commerce engine having many unique features.

It supports full 128 bit secure socket layer (ssl) encryption -128 bit.

Tax calculation based on the zone (city or state of a particular country).

Alternative currencies can be used like PayPal or internet banking etc.

It has a JavaScript powered web administration interface.

Quick search of products along with various notifications like out of stock or special offer or product delivery time and date etc.

Multiple images and files per product can be added.

On the fly currency conversion is also supported. Besides, there is also a flexible notification display.

Different prices of the same product based on the customer groups.

Product types classification is also available to better arrange the products.

Capable of live processing of credit cards along with alternative currencies like PayPal, 2Checkout, etc.

Shipping modules include various shipping carrier options along with conversion rates. The main carriers include USPS, FedEx, Canada Post and InterShipper. Extension of the shipping modules can be done with shipping APIs.

This makes Virtue Mart the most preferred online store application. It works out of the box. High customisation is available for professional companies. It is surely the best application of its kind around.

Best e-commerce applications on joomla

Joomla Ecommerce edition

it is an extended version of the original joomla available. It has an inbuilt version of VirtueMart along with some other ecommerce development plug-ins. It is very good for beginners who do not have a proper knowledge of setting up ecommerce sites. The other tools for ecommerce also help out. This is actually the best ecommerce bundle available now.

E commerce is no doubt quite easy when you are using joomla and easier when using applications like VirtueMart. For those with a professional knowledge- it is the all powerful, and still the best also for beginners!!

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Top four popular web servers used today

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Top five popular web servers used today

A web server is a program that acts like a computer or a virtual machine that hosts the web pages over the World Wide Web. The main function of a web server is to deliver the html documents to the clients. The html documents may involve text, images, videos, audio etc. The common features of all the web servers are virtual hosting, bandwidth throttling, large file support, server side scripting. Depending on how the above features are handled by a web server, some web servers are rated superior than the others.

Some of the highly rated web servers are Apache, lighttpd, IBM Lotus, Microsoft IIS. The most popular web server is Apache and accounts for almost 54 percent of the total share of the web sites which are hosted. Some of the major advantages of using an Apache web server are the following

Apache Server

An Apache server has a modular structure and hence it can be customized very easily. It is also an open software whcih means that you can add your own modules to the server as and when required and make modifications that suit your specific needs. It is more stable than the other web servers and is easier to solve administration related issues and make changes to settings or some features. Moreover, it can installed successfully in multiple platforms.

Microsoft IIS Server

Microsoft IIS has all the above features of an Apache server except of the fact that unlike the above case it doesn’t belong to the open source software category and hence personal modules cannot be added easily and modification becomes a little difficult. It is developed and maintained by Microsoft and thus works with all the Windows operating system platforms.

IBM Lotus

The Lotus servers, maintained by IBM has most of the features of Apache, apart from some of its own.

Real offline access

You can also work offline with an IBM Lotus server and prepare presentations, data offline as well.

Real time integration

This allows users to chat and also integrate their systems with other web conferences.


Apart from these, Lighttpd has gained a lot of popularity, mostly due to its special features.

Lighttpd is very small and hence it has minimum memory and processor requirements but all this comes at a cost of reduction in the flexibility like an Apache server.

Hence while you choose among the various web servers for hosting you should have a clear idea of what you want. For example if you want minimum memory and processor requirements then you can go for lighttpd or else if you want flexibility then you can opt for Apache. In case you want offline access to your server then you can go for IBM Lotus. One thing that you must remember that all the web servers are unique in one or the other feature hence you must decide clearly upon which feature is most important for you and then choose the appropriate web server to suit your requirements.

Top Five Popular web servers

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How AJAX Applications Benefit your Web Server

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How AJAX Applications Benefit your Web Server

Ajax, an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a trend-setting technology for Web 2.0 applications. It is actually an amalgamation of several technologies that has brought a fundamental change in the way of working over the web. The speciality of Ajax lies in its ability to retrieve data from a web server in an asynchronous way without disrupting a displayed webpage in the middle. Thus it makes the web pages dynamic enabling them to update without the need of a complete page reloading. Ajax incorporates the following technologies:

  • Web page presentation using HTML, XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
  • Dynamism in data display using Document Object Model(DOM)
  • Asynchronous data retrieval with XML HTTP
  • Data manipulation and interchange enabled by XLM and XLST
  • JavaScript uniting everything together

Ajax rules out the classic start-stop mode of interaction by introducing a buffer Ajax Engine between the client and the server. This saves the user the pain of staring at a blank page or a sand clock while waiting for a fresh page to open. The figure that follows clearly distinguishes between the synchronous and the asynchronous model:

How AJAX Applications Benefit your Web Server

Now we are going to focus on the benefits of using Ajax applications on the web server in details:

Based on open standards and no question of customer lock-in

Ajax is supported by many browsers and platforms and the technologies that make up Ajax application are well known and tested over the years by several users. Being open standard there is no fear of customer lock-in. Moreover, after the release of Mozilla and Firefox, Ajax is one the most trusted brands of application platform in the world.

Browser and platform independent application

With Ajax technologies it has become possible to design web applications that work on most modern Web browsers. This is due to the absence of vendor lock-in factor in Ajax. This is the major reason of popularity of the web browser Mozilla Firefox.

Ease of use

Ajax-based applications are more user friendly and things get done here much faster than traditional systems that use synchronous web application model. Small bits of information are made available in the forms of links in a page to make it more interesting and interactive and users do not need to reload a whole new page to seek a small reference.

Ajax can work along with Flash

Ajax has the ability to work in harmony with Flash, another important web tool, and this feature has been implemented in some modern web applications successfully.

Role of Ajax in Web 2.0

Ajax is the key tool used by many of the popular Web 2.0 applications ranging from Google Maps to Backpack, thus having a significant role behind the emergence of the new era of Web 2.0 which introduces the web as a platform where we can not only design web pages but most importantly develop applications too.

Vast compatibility range

Besides being browser independent, Ajax is also applicable to most the standard Web server and server-side language, be it PHP, ASP,, Cold Fusion, Perl or any other.

Vendors over the world have realised the importance of asynchronous model of web applications have developed an inclination towards the same. Herein lays the main cause of choosing Ajax over other technologies to design various modern web applications.

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Ways to Publicize your Websites

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Ways to Publicize your Websites

With every passing day, as the world gets more dependent on the internet, every concept has metamorphosed into something revamped. Today, the website provides the primary introduction of a company or institution. A large percentage of a company’s success or failure can be attributed to things like how attractive and user friendly the company’s website is, how accessible it is to the masses and how much publicity it has gained. Publicizing one’s product, services, unique features and the like with the help of websites can prove to be fruitful only if the website has been optimized for search and has been properly advertised and publicized.


With superstars writing blogs to express their views it is now a common trend for the general people too. Advertisements linking the website can be made in these blog pages at a cheap rate.


There are many fan clubs, discussion and debate forums catering to a particular person or an idea of interest. Many people visit these forums to discuss their ideas. An advertisement made here may prove to be strategic.


Apart from these pop up advertisements, making good use of Google’s ad sense, other online classifieds and e-mail posts.   

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Using Keywords effectively for better SEO

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Using Keywords effectively for better SEO

Words and phrases that is content in the web and which helps the people to search the site is known as SEO keywords. You should be very specific about the services and the products you are offering so that they can found your website easily, so it is very important in SEO to develop or choose the right keywords that suits your site the most.

Choosing the Correct Keywords for Your Website

However, many depend on some tools for the keywords but it is always suggested that the correct and efficient keywords can be obtained from their own websites only.


Public tools may not suit you because its might not be profitable for you, the data’s provided are generalized, maybe there are keywords which are of high volume and they maybe be highly competitive, so it might affect the ranking of your website in SEO.


On the contrary keywords that  are private has many advantage because they are of high relevance to you, because they contents the real words that you need for your website, the competition is also high because all this keywords are private to you.

Way to Get Best Keywords

There is a way to get to get the keywords from your website itself, which will suit you the best is through WORDSTREAM.

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How Meta Descriptors help in SEO of your Website

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How Meta Descriptors help in SEO of your Website

In today’s world, your online profile often accounts for your first impression. In the case of companies and other professionals who maintain a website of their own, their success or failure depends largely on how many people go through their website. With hundreds of companies and groups catering the same services, a lot depends on how accessible a website is to the masses. This is where the concept of Meta tags comes in…

Dependence in today’s world

Google and Yahoo dominate the scenario of web searching primarily. One must therefore resort to making their web pages easily searchable in order to succeed in the corporate world.

Providing structured data

Usually placed in the head tag of an HTML or XHTML document they are responsible for providing structured data about a web page.

Securing a high rank

A correct choice of Meta tags can be instrumental in securing a high rank for your website in regards to a search engine or in other words-create search engine optimization.

A detailed study of user and browser preferences and search engine data is required for the intelligent selection of keyword attributes and Meta tags for attracting more visitors and implementing business strategies.

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How Google Bots and Web Crawlers Work

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How Google Bots and Web Crawlers Work

The internet and World Wide Web has become an inseparable part of our lives. Be it some research work, searching for a suitable bride, booking air tickets or making bank transactions, we always resort to the internet to help us out. This whole idea of the internet being so user friendly would not have been possible without the presence of search engines and web crawlers. The Google bot and web crawlers work tirelessly to make our surfing experience enjoyable.

Google carries out the process of parallel computing with the help of thousands of distributed and interconnected low-cost computers. The working methodology of Google is based on three parts:

Google bot

This acts as a web crawler.

The indexer

The indexer sorts every word and stores the resulting index of words in a huge database.

The query processor

This processor compares the search query to the index and recommends the documents that it considers most relevant.

What the Google bot actually does is send a request to a web server for a web page, download the entire page, then hand it over to Google’s indexer. With the help of the thousands of interconnected computers, it can thus work with thousands of web pages simultaneously.

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The Importance of Domain Named on SEO of a Website

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The Importance of Domain Named on SEO of a


The domain name of site on internet plays an integral part in proper working of the search engine. The rank of a website on search engine result depends matching of the keywords of the site name with the sentence being searched. Thus we must always give foremost importance to SEO while buying the domain name of the site. Then we can use the domain name of our site accordingly to increase the ranking of our website on search engine page.

Planning While Purchasing Domain Name

You must be careful of the keyword. Carefully choose those keywords and phrases which have right traffic and the competition among the other sites should be low. The name of the domain should be related to the sites and can be seen in the name.

Important Feature of SEO

Old domain names can create big differences in the ranking between top and bottom. Google created a logic SANDBOX which means new sites will not have good ranking to prevent spamming. Old site are more advantageous, so always try to get links from old sites names.

How to Get Higher Page Ranking Utilizing SEO

In spite of many arguments, links coming from the educational websites will give you a probability of getting higher ranking using SEO technique.

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Tips on How to Host Multiple Websites

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Tips on How to Host Multiple Websites

Nowadays, having one website might not be pretty sufficient for the purpose of your web business. In fact, most of the webmasters (including big corporations) will split their own web applications and content in to different web sites.

It will be a daunting task to host and maintains lots of websites on your own just, because you have to be equipped with the entire required infrastructure such as bandwidth and servers and along with the hassle of maintaining of sites also with the updates, data backup and also with power backup as well.

Multiple Websites on your Host Is Easy

If you are thinking that it is too much to handle for you, then it is always recommended to get the service of the private web hosting company in order to host your website. If at all you decide on to go with the web hosting company, you have to be pretty sure to do a little bit of study on the company that you will be choosing or before signing for their services. Do look out for the reputation of the company, so that it ensures that the company will deliver greater reliability, superb customer service along with other stuffs such as security, enough of bandwidth, storage space and much more. This is the absolute best way to host multiple websites.

It is always advisable to choose the web hosting companies where the company will allow you to host unlimited sub-domains and the multiple domains as well. It is very much vital to have more bandwidth along with the great ability to sign up along with the reseller accounts, so that it helps you to manage multiple websites and domains with great ease. You will be able to allow the users to change the e-mail address or to create the account or can do any thing by them by making use of the control panel. Some of the web hosting companies also will provide the private name servers, so that the reseller account would be customized and also the task of billing is also made pretty simple with the help of billing manager.

In addition to all these, some of the companies will provide you with some extra features such as free domain name registration and also will offer you with up to sixteen dedicated IP addresses. All these things will be available only if you search them in detail.

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Tips on How to Host Multiple Websites |Advantages of hosting with cPanel

3 Tips To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Provider

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3 Tips To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress as we all know is a blogging platform. This will allow you to create blogs of your own and also you have the option of putting up your information on the Web using WordPress Hosting service.  We will give you tips to choose the best wordpress web host or provider. Please consider BounceWeb’s Award Winning web hosting.

There are 2 types of WordPress blogging. The first type is that you can host the blogs for free in This will work out to be great if you just want to share the information along with friends and family or simply within your circle. This free blogging service has however certain limitations tagged along with it.

So if you are very much serious about communicating with a blog, then you have to create your own blog on your own domain. In order to create your own blog, you will need software and also a WordPress Hosting service. Therefore, in order select and opt for the most appropriate WordPress host, you should take certain things into account. These three tips will help you making the right choice:

First: If you have chosen the WordPress host after doing your homework well, installing it is not much of an effort. As a matter of fact, Word Press can be easily installed. A good hosting provider will let you access to something called “Fantastico” via cpanel or control panel. The main use of Fantastico is that, it will enable you to install the Word Press software easily without much of an effort. Or else, it can really get problematic to install. If your host does not supply these things, then stay away from the host. BounceWeb has Fantastico on all our plans.

Second: A WordPress which is standard will take around 5 to 6 MB of disk space. This disk space does not seem anything great in this modern day and if your host doesn’t offer this much space, then you will be seriously wasting your time and money. Therefore, it is quite imperative that you seriously consider working with the most appropriate and sensible host. However you may need more space as well.

For example, if you want to host images, music files or even videos, then you will certainly need more space. As you move on with the WordPress, you will get to know more about it. Gradually you will discover that there are many ways to enhance and improve it and also write lots of contents.  Therefore, it becomes quite important for you to consider the space of approximately 100 MB in order to allow you to have room for further maneuver.

Thirdly: If at all your blog becomes famous and more people start visiting, then your bandwidth will surely begin to creep up. There are numerous hosting providers who will be ready to work on the monthly basis allowance of bandwidth. You should not have any kind of problems to start up with this kind of structure or tie up. Audio, video and even E-mail, all require the bandwidth hogs. You should make sure that you are working with atleast ten times more space than what is your actual bandwidth allowance. If you are working less than this, you could be in trouble and you have to wait until the next month’s allowance. As a result, till the time you have the availability of the next month’s bandwidth allowance, your blog will be shut down. In order to summarize, ensure that you have more than adequate coverage from the first day itself and then you can be rest assured that you will have a long and successful career as the owner of blog with WordPress Hosting.

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