CPanel software- making life easy for web hosts

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CPanel software- making life easy for web hosts

cpanel software

CPanel has evolved as an organization winning loyality of its customers by providing them applications full of new and dependable features. Panel organizations are backed with a team of technical engineers, program developers and quality experts to provide excellent support and customer service. CPanel provides Multilevel of administrations which include reseller, end user, admin and email based interfaces. The advantage of cPanel lies in the fact that the multilevel provide easy usage, security, and flexibility to every user i.e. from server administrator to mail account users. Cpanel software can be purchased online or from any stores and can be installed worldwide on any server.

CPanel along with WHM (WebHost Manager) provides an interface to allow website owners manage their site efficiently. They help in management of websites by simplifying complex assignments and providing the novices power to manage their accounts. The lovely combination of cPanel with WHM provides the following facilities to fulfill the needs of hosting customers.

CPanel software


CPanel interface provides faster understanding and provides video tutorials to help users onscreen. This provides customers to manage their account efficiently without help from customer care staffs.


CPanel with WHM provides virus protection, root kit detection, and other tools for locking the server. It not only keeps the server safe but also protects against new threats like-XSRF and XSS attacks.


The service of cPanel is quite reliable as if it detects a failed service, it automatically logout and restarts the service. New improvised version which includes DNS Clustering system provides healthy and hassle-free performance.


A variety of APIs are available for extending the functionality of this software. Many functions like creating and modifying of accounts are done using the combo of cPanel and WHM. A variety of new tasks which allows users to insert their own maintenance script while cPanel performs its own task like- changing the password of a user or update of MySQL. These tasks are possible by introducing the new XML and JSON API applications.


CPanel software automatically updates itself as well as the server’s software too. Fine control over automatic updates, allowing to disable it too if required is provided by the cPanel softwares.

Control of Server

Using cPanel a user is in full control of the server. The choice to use which version to run is entirely of the user. But the server can disable any specific function for a specific user if required. At times website owners can password protect a part of their sites and can even deactivate an account sharing the same password.

White-Label Reseller Support

CPanel and WHM allows white-label resellers to sell accounts. The cPanel logo and the name server can be replaced by resellers according to their own convenience.

Web Developer Friendly

CPanel gives wide range of facilities to web developers but keeping in view that their task doesn’t affect other users on the server.

Winding up shortly, the cPanel and WHM software packages is not only reliable but also makes life easy for website owners, developers and servers. It performs essential tasks easily, fastly and most reliably giving full freedom and satisfaction to the users.

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The power of UNIX and Linux over other operating system

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The power of UNIX and Linux over other operating system

Linux and UNIX based operating systems have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. While Linux operating system is available under general public license and is available freely, the UNIX is the same as that of Linux but it is copyrighted name that only big companies can use. It has almost the same features as that of the Linux operating system and also shares the same advantages with it. The Linux kernel that first came up as a project work of a student in the early 1990’s has now become a worldwide success. The Linux kernel can be modified as and when required and all you need to know for this is any of the programming languages such as c, python etc.

The major advantages of Linux or UNIX over the other operating systems are the following


Linux or UNIX operating systems are much more stable than the others. Even if an application  in Linux crashes which is itself very rare, then generally no harm is done to the kernel itself and the problem can be solved just by re installing that particular application.

Free software

Linux kernel is available at complete free of cost and most of the applications that come with Linux are also available freely. Although UNIX is copyrights but still the applications are free here as well.

Runs on old hardware

Linux can run on any machine and it has minimum hardware requirements. It can run even on the old 386 or 486 machines because of its minimum RAM requirements.


Till date no virus threats have been reported that has affected the Linux or the UNIX kernel. There is no need of installing any antivirus programs and still remain protected while you use Linux or UNIX.

Open source software

Linux and UNIX are open source software whose code is available to all the users worldwide and you may choose to debug any problem that you may find out or add any module that is necessary to suit your specific needs.


Websites that you design on a UNIX or a Linux based platform can easily be hosted on other operating systems servers as well but the reverse is not always true.

Choice (freedom)

With a Linux running on your system you have the power to control each and every single thing on your computer right from the way it looks to the way it functions.

These are some of the basic advantages of a Linux or UNIX operating system. It gives the power in your hands to change around the working of your operating system according to your needs and demands. Due to this feature Linux which once started as a project work of a student has now attained great popularity among the users worldwide. If you are really ready to add on changes make modifications to your operating system, Linux is the best choice for you but for those who are happy with just basic computing needs, they can chose other operating systems which do not support modifications and still costs more than Linux or Unix.

The power of UNIX and Linux over other operating system

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Top five features of Google Docs

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Top five features of Google Docs

Google Docs are free web dependent spreadsheet, word processor, word processor, data storage and form services given by Google. It thus helps users for creating and editing documents online, by interacting with other users in real time mode. The feature of Google Docs combines the features of Spreadsheets and Writely with the help of another presentation program designed by the Tonic system for Google. Thus Google Docs are the best web based, free and simplified version of the Microsoft Office. Due to the online services which Google Docs offers, its advantage increased to further extent. Thus Google Docs is a very well known and popular web based software due to the various features it offers.

The basic screen of Google Docs

Top five features of Google Docs

Features of Google Docs

Web service

As Google Docs provides online services we can edit the existing documents or create new ones for any where we can find a network connection. Previously when any one wanted to use any document any where they usually saved it in the drafts, to access from anywhere, but now Google Docs provides an easier method to do so, because all the documents which we create on Google Docs are generally hosted by Google. So one can access those documents from anywhere, but the one thing which is needed is a network connection and a web browser.

Integrating with web

Top five features of Google Docs

Importing and exporting of Document

Another important and very useful feature of Google Docs is that one can import the existing documents it may be an Open Office or a word document to his or her Google Doc accounts. Thus this feature provides an effective tool to organize the documents as we can see all out documents as a single entity. In addition to importing of files one can also export files and documents in different formats like we can export Google documents to other formats like PDF or XML format.

Easily Publication of Documents on Web

It’s very easy to publish Google Doc documents on web. It can be done through a single mouse click. The documents published on the web are very much secured and privacy is also maintained it desired. The documents that are published on net can be accessed through its URL. Thus if we want our publications to be viewed some other person, and then one has to simply send this URL to that person. Also if any modification is done on the document made from Google Docs, then its automatically notified in that URL linked document. Thus we can use Google Docs as modified version of CMS (“Content Management System”)

Simple Interface

Though Google Docs offers so many features but still it its very friendly and is very easy to use. It offers a very attractive graphical user interface to access its various features like spell check, word count, different fonts and also tries to solve grammatical mistakes.


If anybody is a regular blog writer then that person will love to use Google Doc. This is because Google Doc is entirely integrated with the bloggers. One can write documents on Google Doc and can very easily integrate it with his or her blog.

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Five tips to ensure a green web

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Five tips to ensure a green web

Green web has given a new definition to today’s world of internet marketing strategies. Various online hubs for various companies have opened to promote their green web products. Just like other marketing strategies, launching green websites requires a proper planning for perfect execution, optimization and improvement of the site.

We all know that global warming is one of the major problems that our planet is facing. Due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels and growing industrialization the pollution level is increasing day by day.  Thus due to the green house effect the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day. It has been calculated that every year the temperature of the earth is increasing by 1%. This is a matter of great concern as this increase in temperature may led to melting of ice in the arctic region resulting in floods and other modes of destruction. Thus any site providing any information about the serious problem of environmental pollution is highly encouraged and comes under “green web hosting”. Thus green web aims at creating a pollution free environment.

Five tips to ensure a green web

1. Resource Optimization

Green web hosting may be used to ensures that the needs of the customers are met keeping in consideration the stock of the resources. It first analyzes the amount of resources needed via virtual simulation and then it offers resources to meet that necessary need not wasting any resource. Thus excess use of resources is prevented resulting in less pollution and also preserves the resource for future generation. Thus we should give more stress on Green Web Hosting.

2. Renewable Energy

Those resources which never get exhausted are called Renewable Energy. The main advantage of using Renewable Energy is that they create relatively less pollution compared to non- Renewable Energy like solar energy, hydro energy, and wind energy. Propane is also another Renewable source of Energy. Thus green web can be used to spread awareness among the people about the advantages of using Renewable source of energy.

3. Efficient Machines

We all know that data storing servers consumes relatively a very high amount of power thus resulting in more wastage of resources and creating more pollution. Thus green web prefers those machines which work at relatively lower power supply thus less amount of carbon dioxide and heat is produced. This helps us in two ways, first one is causes reduction in pollution and secondly it saves the energy.  It also focuses on well maintenance of the machine, so that it can be used for longer period of time.

4. Service Levels

The security levels of green web hosting are better that other hosting. The secured part of the site are not publicly visible to all, one has to go through all the security procedure to access those parts. Thus security and privacy of the green web are properly maintained.

5. Measuring performance and reliability

The performance and maintenance of green web is same as non green web hosting. It mainly aims at customer’s service to get their full satisfaction. Also minimum down payment is required for such sites without compromising any service.

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High availability of online transaction website

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High availability of online transaction website

With practically everything being available online many small-scale business websites has taken up the online transaction method. Not only can a customer now get information and the availability about the product but can also purchase it online and get it delivered to his/her door step.

High availability of online transaction website

It is only preferable for any businessman to avoid personal interaction with the customer and get everything done through the virtual web. This takes the business to a larger scale and the bigger it can grow.

Important considerations to be take before availing online transaction

The traffic expected to your official business website. This can be checked by admin of the website. If the website is bringing a lot of traffic and it is convenient to get orders online and complete the transactions then only the online transaction facility should be made available.

The costs involved. Many Internet Service Providers allow to build in your website for as less as 30$ per month. The traffic should compensate for these costs and give profits.

High availability of online transaction websiteAssuring Security to the customer

The websites should be made using professional domain names because unknown/complicated domain names tend to discourage the customers from sharing financial information to you website. Go Daddy, eNom, Net firms, etc offer domain names at affordable rates. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate should be purchased from the domain service provider. It provides a 256-bit encryption and keeps the customer payment data safe from hackers. All the above domain name providers offer SSL certificates at affordable rates. One must always take professional advice and get your website audited by an independent expert.

How to build a transaction website

Before buying the domain name and the SSL certificate you must create an attractive website for your business which is easy to navigate and place orders. You can take professional help by website designers or recruit a web developer.

High availability of online transaction website

To receive the payments from the customers you can use the payment services provided by PayPal or World Pay. Transactions are charged like 1.4%-3.5% for each transaction which is less than many known credit card suppliers. Using reputed service providers like PayPal or World Pay will make your customers comfortable in sharing their credit card details.

High availability of online transaction websiteAlso another way of receiving payments is to set up a merchant account with a credit card provider. This will be done by opening an account and obtaining bank references. Here too you need to pay a % for each transaction (Varies depending on your business). These however, attract a higher risk due to high risk of card details theft. Few credit card merchant services are; American Express, Streamline, CCAvenue etc.

Furthermore, the marketing of the product should be proper and elegant on the websites. Inclusion of photos, graphics, and specifications attract more customers.

The Pros

The biggest advantage of online transaction is that you get the payment at the time of order, thus improving your cash flow. You can focus more on sales and marketing as online transactions are easy to manage. This gives more exposure to your product.

The Cons

The only disadvantage with this system is the risk involved. If you put in sufficient effort with respect to the security of your website then online transaction proves to be another way to make more money.

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A look at the services provided by Amazon web services

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A look at the services provided by Amazon web services

As we hear the name AMAZON what come into our mind are the greatest river of South America and the large marshy rain forest by the side of the river. But no, we are not talking about that rain forest. Here we are going to discuss about the Multinational Electronics company which has its headquarters in Seattle USA. Its real name is AMAZON Inc. But here we are going to talk about it’s the online portal of the company wherein consumers get to buy things online.

A look at the services provided by Amazon web services


AMAZON was founded by Bezos in the year 1994. The company started as an online book store. The idea behind this store was that one of the largest bookstores like BRICK-AND-MORTAR and others could offer at the maximum of 200,000 books at a time while an online bookstore can offer many more. He wanted to tap the money from the internet gold rush which was in its initial stages of development.

The company started in July 1995 after being incorporated in the state of Washington. Later it again incorporated in Delaware. The first book sold by was Douglas Hofstadter’s Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought.

Amazon got itself enlisted on NASDAQ and on May 15, 1997 it declared its Initial Public Offering (IPO) at a rate of $18.00 per share. With booming of the internet world its profit started increasing by leaps and bounds. By the fourth quarter of 2001 its profit grew up to $ 5million on the revenue of about $ 1billion.

A look at the services provided by Amazon web services

Products and Services

Amazon started trading in various goods and services after its initial success in field of online book stores. Its product line contains large varieties of various items which include CDs, Video tapes, DVDs, Consumer Electronic goods, kitchen items, lawn and garden items, sporting kits, baby products apparel and the list goes on and on.

Some more Product lines are as follows:

  • March 1999 saw AMAZON launching a web auction service.
  • By August 2005 AMAZON started selling products under the name “PINZON” which was its own trademark. The trademark made it clear that AMAZON was going to trade in textiles, utensils and other household goods all by itself.
  • By March 2007 Company decided to expand its trademark in order to have a trading market share on a large variety of items.
  • 25 September 2007 saw the launching of its own music online music store by the name AMAZON MP3.
  • Moreover August 2007 saw the launching of AMAZON FRESH wherein the company was to trade in various PERISHABLE and NON-PERISHABLE items especially grocery items.
  • Then there came a big leap in its wide variety of products and services. It started producing films. In 2008 AMAZON in collaboration with 20th Century Fox produced the movie THE STOLEN CHILD. has become a giant in online trading. There are very few people on this planet who use online services for their daily needs and are not aware of the site. It has made life very easy and comfortable. The credit goes to visionary BEZOS who founded it.

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What cloud computing stores for us in future

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What cloud computing stores for us in future

Cloud Computing is the most advanced and intellectual technology associated with internet. It is simple means “INTERNET BASED COMPUTING”. Under this concept there is sharing of software, resources and other important information to a computer or other networking devices which is on demand, just like electricity grid. Cloud computing comprise of paradigm shift, which is followed from mainframe shift to client server shift since 1980. The internal details are hidden from the normal user who has nothing to do with the internal integrities of the software. Thus implementing, data abstraction. Also cloud computing sets a new consumption and the delivery model to modify the IT services on Internet.

Proper meaning of Cloud Computing

In cloud computing, cloud is symbolic metaphor for Internet. On the basis of this cloud drawing telephone networks were represented in the past. Later when the concept of internet came, this concept was used in designing the network diagram for inter-connecting the computers over internet. Thus Cloud computing givers provides online business applications accessed from other software or web servers like Web Browser, but the data and the software are stored on the main server. Almost all cloud computing servers deliver services through inbuilt servers and common centers. Thus cloud computing is meant for giving quality services to customers. The most popular cloud computing providers includes Google, Amazon and Sales force.

What cloud computing stores for us in future

Future applications of Cloud computing

Today the major application of cloud computing is in the region of storage and this is expected to increase further in the next five years, but after that period the concept of cloud computing will reach further limits and the practical application of this concept will increase further. According to Tom Clark an IBM engineer thought application of cloud computing in storage management will increase but various other applications on network management will also gather momentum like servers for file transfer, databases and many others. Thus cloud computing concept is not simply meant for storage but for various other applications and this massage will get globalized in each and every corner of the world.

What cloud computing stores for us in future

Future applications of cloud computing

Mobile Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the future of the modern web technology. But it is not simply restricted to computers, clients and storage but it will get further extended mobile platform and will a heavy impact on mobile technology, according to the analysis of ABI Research. The exact meaning of this term refers to the wonderful infrastructure in which data storage and data processing takes place simultaneously outside the device. The most common application of mobile cloud computing today includes Google Maps, mobile Gmail and various other navigation applications.

Miscellaneous applications

The concept of cloud computing is not restricted to a specific field but its spreading in every direction on the networking sector. Various applications include real time data application, social networking, GPS system and many others to meet the growing needs of the people.

Thus the introduction of cloud computing technology in the world of networking has revolutionized the entire world but the major portion of this development still remains in the hands of the future. Thus cloud computing will play a very vital role in fulfilling our future needs.

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What web promises on the field of healthcare

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What web promises on the field of healthcare

In today’s world INTERNET plays a very important role in our daily life. It has become a part and parcel of our daily routine. Be it pizza, be it entertainment or any information, whatever we want are now available online just only a “click” of our mouse away. Everything we do, everything we want, from hair pin to health care services are available on the net.

What web promises on the field of healthcare

21st Century Health Care: Boons of Internet

Men of today’s era have higher standards of living, more money in the pocket than before, more exposed to globalization and modernization. One thing which is very closely embedded in all these is computer. Now people have more access to the internet. Owing to all this modern health care facilities are now available online.

Now people can locate hospitals and what are the services available there, just by simply sitting at home and surfing the net. Now people can communicate with their doctors simply via emails at very low costs. Consumers can also know about the drugs and medicines available in the market and can know about the substitute of a particular prescribed drug in case of its unavailability.

It not only helped the patients or in terms of economics the consumers but also helped the doctors. It helped the doctors to keep in touch with their patients through emails. Moreover they can monitor their patients even when they are away by simply getting their reports online. Not only these but a doctor can also go for a video conferencing even during surgeries to consult with other and more experienced doctors who are very far away. Internet has almost become successful in turning world into a global village.

What web promises on the field of healthcare

21st Century Health Care: Banes of Internet

With all the good things follow some bad thing, just like darkness following light. People searching for medicines online for particular illness are flooded with choices and they do not know which one to take. Moreover a doctor can diagnose a disease better when he is physically near the patient. Online reception medical reports and diagnosing a disease based on it reduces the efficiency of the doctor. Again consulting a doctor from very far away through internet may result into confusion. For example he may prescribe some medicines which are available in the region of his work but unavailable at the patients’ end and he might not know the substitutes which are available at the patients’ end.


Though there are many difficulties and drawbacks in using the medical services online, but in near future it will prove to be very cheap and effective medium of communication between the patient and the doctor. It will be possible for the near and dear ones of a patient to monitor him at the hospital by simply sitting at home. With advent of newer and better technology a patient can easily communicate with the doctor via video conferencing which though available today but not widespread among the common masses. To conclude with one thing can be said that is the internet is growing by leaps and bounds, it is affecting all the aspects of our lives and so the health care system can’t be left out.

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