Clustering of web application

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Web Application Clustering- Networking Made Easy

Clustering of web application is necessary when continuously available, high-performance and secure web application is the main concern of a business. When several parallel servers are required, clustering is done to run an application. This is technically called cluster nodes. The vital advantage of clustering web applications is that when the load is distributed among different servers, then even if there is a server failure, the application would be still available via other nodes of the cluster. This clustering process finds its maximum application in scalable enterprises, where the performance can be further improved by adding more nodes to the cluster. Several servers provide this clustering process. One of the most famous is the JBoss Application Server (AS) and Sun Secure Application Switch, which supports clustering out of the box.

For simple clustering, encryption and failover, web servers include Software load-balancing and Encryption plug-in, to place it on a web proxy server. In large-scale deployments, load-balancers and hardware accelerators are necessary for firewalls and encryption. But complexity arises because the hardware used is from different vendors. Also reliability, correctness and interoperability may endure huge costs and waste time. This gives way to alternative method of web clustering, which combines failover, load-balancing, encryption services, into one single device.

Clustering of web application

The above fig shows the clusters and server nodes.

The 2 vital benefits of clustering of web applications are

Virtualization of Switch

In this application, a multiple and virtualized load-balancer and security domains are created in a single switch. Device resources may be partitioned into multiple virtual switches, each with application of switching, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) acceleration, load-balancing and management policies and quotas. The main advantage of creating virtual switch is to obtain healthy isolation of traffic in networking which otherwise requires firewalls and complex access-control rules.

VLANs and L4 and L7 load-balancing

This runs parallel with virtual switching. The strong virtualization consolidates multiple web infrastructure networks into a single device.

A Sample Application and Its Deployment Architecture

Clustering of web application

The above figure shows Deploying a Single Application-Server Cluster where the configuration of content delivery portals or large intranets. The sample application like ‘clusterjsp’ shows the process of load-balancing and failover function.

Creating Server Cluster Application

Simply a cluster can be created with 2 server instances running on 2 distinct hosts (machines) or one can complete the process by running the 2 instances on the same host on different ports.

Clustering of web application

The cluster can be simulated in two ways

By using Project Glassfish, application-server of Java platform, Enterprise Edition 5 and Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 9 can be implemented. This whole process will take only 30 minutes.

Another way is to adopt this option using administrator privileges on the test systems and evaluate the advanced management, high availability and monitoring capabilities.

Configuration of Application Switch

3 ways to configure Application Switch is possible-

HTTPs Web Interface.

Secure Shell (SSH).

Telnet-accessible command-line interface (CLI).

Connection To Application Switch

One can connect to the Application Switch from the Administrator Console.

After this final testing of the sample is done for allowing it to be used as a cluster network of Web Applications.

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Relevance of PHP in the world of Web 2.0

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Relevance of PHP in the world of Web 2.0

Relevance of php in the world of web 2.0

This era is considered to be a digital age and everything is related to the cyber territory. Whenever we consider our daily works, more or less 90% works are related with web that means 90% of our works are done in web like banking, job, reservation, chat, social networking, education, selling and what not. So, the web is totally covered the lives of human beings. Here comes the need of web interface to interact with the end users. And that is why the web programming languages comes into being.

Web Programming Languages

As the web is advancing forward, the web programming languages are being developed day by day with advanced characteristics. There exist many web programming languages like PHP, ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JAVA, PYTHON etc. But amongst the aforesaid programming languages, the web territory in programming language, the PHP holds a large space. PHP was initially developed as Web Programming Language and later on PHP can be used in any case like Desktop Application Development. This web enveloped world is totally configured using Web Programming languages and PHP does this using its sophisticated advanced classes of syntax.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is totally a weird term to be explained. Initially web interface is developed with a minimal interaction signal events and later on, now web interface can be used for any work and now it includes many function abilities. This is called Web v2 or Web Version 2. And now-a-days it is seen that amongst all other web programming languages, PHP is wide-spread.

PHP Web Programming

PHP as a web programming language holds top place for web application development to interact with the end users. PHP is wide-spread as it contains many inbuilt functions to take the load off the web programmer and eventually it also includes many external advanced framework classes and extensions to work with the web 2.0 much better. PHP mainly uses extensions and modules. Extension and modules are extended libraries and classes to extend the programming interface to greater extent. For web application development, many frameworks are needed for security measures and even for socket connection; we need some extended modules or extension to work on sockets or protocols. For these, PHP can be easily used in large extend after loading the extensions. Even if we consider, social networking arena, PHP holds the top place as Facebook is totally developed using PHP. Even network programming can also be done using PHP. But for web 2.0, network programming or socket programming is not needed too much. We only need extended frameworks to work with the web 2.0 to better understand the relevance of PHP in this arena. Now-days, 99% websites are developed using PHP Frameworks like Joomla, Drupal, XOOPS, Froggy loops, phpBB, SMF and many more. These are extended version of php that includes many classes of their own to configure the web 2.0 according to the MVC design patterns.

PHP is largely used now-a-days but other web programming languages like python can also be used in large extent but not comparable to PHP as Orkut is made using Google-Python API, the Twitter is also made using Twitter-python API. Though if we consider in Toto, then PHP takes the top notch place in web 2.0 for interacting with the end users.

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Joomla! Forums

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Joomla! Forums

The Internet has developed to become one of the leading mediums through which like-minded individuals can catch up with each other, irrespective of their location and time zones, and discuss about the subjects and topics of their choice. And these discussions are best carried out in online forums, which are specifically built for this purpose. An online forum is generally a platform where members of the forum can start threads on topics and discuss on the topic in subsequent threads. Such forums also serve the purpose of efficiently sharing links or files relevant to the topic being discussed by the members, thus serving as a medium of dissemination of information. In the recent years, such forums have mushroomed over the Internet, ranging from technical and academic forums for discussing relevant topics, to forums on networking sites which aim to just provide a common platform for everyday chitchat among virtual friends.

Joomla! Forums

Building a forum related website can be a complicated task, because it requires access to several databases, for example, the database containing the list of the members of the website, and their permission levels to determine who can modify what. However, Joomla can serve as a relatively simple and efficient forum building platform, due to the fact that its open source platform allows the addition of virtually any kind of extensions or plug-ins. And the fact that the Joomla community is huge and spread throughout the world is an obvious support in case you need some kind of help.

Joomla! Forums

Extensions like the JomSocial set of components is designed to build on the basic platform according to the needs of the user. Though it is basically a package which is used to build social networking websites, with a bit of tweaking, it can be used to create forums as well, because forums do form an integral part of social networking sites. The level of complication in case of Joomla add-ons is very low, and so it is possible to create a forum related websites using Joomla.

Joomla! Forums

Advantages of using forums with Joomla!

As always, the forums can be easily administered and maintained by the owner, without having to resort to professional help from webmasters

Joomla can be efficiently used to connect to the databases required for the forums with minimal complications, as opposed to some other CMSes which require a host of complicated issues to be sorted out.

Joomla! Based forum sites can be easily used to maintain member lists and modify permissions. With Joomla, the access permissions for the members can be easily changed according to the requirements of the owner without much hassle

Joomla menus are real time, which means that the source code can be changed on any text editor, like the notepad, and then pasted onto the Joomla editor. The resulting changes will immediately be imposed on all the WebPages.

There is minimal danger of virus or malware attacks to damage the software. As the core platform is open source, it can be downloaded from the Internet and substituted.

Last, but not the least, the software is available free-of-cost.

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AJAX and jQuery

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AJAX and jQuery


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or AJAX, allows the client side of an application to communicate with the server side of the application. Before AJAX was introduced, there was no other communicating channel, through which the client party of any web application could directly communicate with the server. Instead, page loads would have to be used. However, with the development of AJAX, the client and the server can communicate swiftly and easily with each other. JQuery is a library for developing AJAX based applications which allows programmers to be simple and concise while developing JavaScript. JQuery can also be used to handle events and develop animations, while at the same time seamlessly adding AJAX support to web applications.

Uses of AJAX

AJAX scripts are usually activated by a mouse click on the side of the user, after which a request is sent to the server-side script (like PHP, ASP), using XML. The server side script accepts the input from JavaScript accesses the database and processes the requisite data. This data is then sent back to the client side of the application using XML. A JavaScript function called the callback function caches the data and updates the web page.


AJAX also finds use in networking sites, where instead of going to a login page and then moving to the page you originally wanted to go to, AJAX allows you to enter your login credentials directly in the original page, from where a request is sent to the server to log the user in. The sever lets the browser know that the user is logged in, and the current page is then updated as required.


AJAX is also used by some popular sites to decide the content of the sites through voting.

AJAX and jQuery

Search suggestion and Auto Fill

Google was one of the first heavyweights to implement AJAX in their search suggestion tool, as well as auto-complete applications, which used AJAX to search and suggest for possible results after every keystroke.

AJAX and jQuery

AJAX is also used for several other purposes like light boxes, which have replaced conventional and irritating pop-ups. AJAX also finds use in chat servers, where two main AJAX processors work as the “eyes” and the “ears” of the server.


As far as the advantages of jQuery are concerned, one of the principal reasons why it is so popular among website developers is the fact that it is much more lightweight, easy to use and relatively faster than other commonly used libraries. Using jQuery, it is possible to develop concise scripts as compared to other libraries, which make it further possible to develop to perform a large array of functions using lesser complicated and extensive coding. Another advantage that jQuery has over other libraries is that it is compatible with all browsers, which eliminates the necessity to develop separate client side codes for different browsers. JQuery’s principal advantage is its ability to develop lightweight AJAX applications in ASP.Net using JSON support, thus bulky ASP.Net codes can be avoided. The functionality which is provided by the jQuery library can also be extended, and using jQuery also makes it possible to incorporate several templates freely available on the Internet.

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Top Five Sides of PHP Scripts

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Top Five Sides of PHP Scripts

Top Five Sides For PHP Scripts

We know that this era is a digital on the basis of everything. Everything is digitally signature. Even we can’t say anything which does not relate the cyber territory. So, here comes the point of thinking about how the digital signatures are made. Here comes the word “PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE”. A programming language digitally signatures a digital equipment. There are different kinds of programming languages which are used now-a-days.

Different Kinds of Programming Languages

Mainly programming languages are same if we consider the concepts. Though there exist different kinds of programming languages like C, C++, VB (Visual basic), ASP (Active Server Pages), ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, JAVA, Server Side JavaScript, Python etc. These all are same according to their concepts. They differ in the sense of their usage in syntax. Some of these programming languages are grouped according to the ease of access. Like ASP, PHP are considered to be in the Web Programming Language Group. Python is in software development group. VB is also in software development group. Though software can also be made using the web programming languages also.

PHP in Different Aspects

PHP is considered now-a-days to be a web programming language though everything can be done using PHP. By d way PHP is evolved formerly as a web programming language but now-a-days PHP 6 is considered to be the all in one Programming Language. Everything can be done using PHP. But it requires some extended classes and library functions and somehow extensions and modules.

PHP Frameworks

This is the most widely used term for PHP. PHP Frameworks are totally developed in PHP and developers created some extended classes and libraries to take PHP to the ultimate level. If we consider design patterns (Software Design Patterns) like MVC (Model-View-Controller), UML Diagram etc., and then these patterns can be implemented in the web application development field. And if we consider for software development, then the PHP-GTK is widely used. PHP-GTK (Gimp Tool Kit) is an extended PHP extension for software development as well as desktop application development. Even there are many frameworks like Joomla, Drupal, XOOPS, phpBB, WordPress etc. But these are on base of web application development. These require the knowledge of Object oriented programming in PHP.

Global Utilization

Now-a-days in the global market two sectors are grown in wide large range. They are Application development and web related field. And PHP covers this range. Even if we consider the network programming as well as socket programming, then PHP takes its hand up for attending. Even networking protocols can also be designed using PHP. But it requires socket extension support. Even if we consider the social networking aspect in this world like Facebook, hi5, MySpace then PHP takes the opportunity to say that it leads. But PHP is a server side scripting language and so every script must run in the server and then result will be displayed to the client. So, how can it be possible to develop desktop application? Here comes the concept of client side scripting property of PHP. PHP-GTK is considered to be the client side programming language.

In Brief, the TOP 5 Sides:

Web Application Framework based on application design patterns

Network or Socket Programming

Web Application Development

PHP comprises many in-built functions to take the load off the programmer

Desktop Application Development in the concept of Client Side Scripting.

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CPanel software- making life easy for web hosts

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CPanel software- making life easy for web hosts

cpanel software

CPanel has evolved as an organization winning loyality of its customers by providing them applications full of new and dependable features. Panel organizations are backed with a team of technical engineers, program developers and quality experts to provide excellent support and customer service. CPanel provides Multilevel of administrations which include reseller, end user, admin and email based interfaces. The advantage of cPanel lies in the fact that the multilevel provide easy usage, security, and flexibility to every user i.e. from server administrator to mail account users. Cpanel software can be purchased online or from any stores and can be installed worldwide on any server.

CPanel along with WHM (WebHost Manager) provides an interface to allow website owners manage their site efficiently. They help in management of websites by simplifying complex assignments and providing the novices power to manage their accounts. The lovely combination of cPanel with WHM provides the following facilities to fulfill the needs of hosting customers.

CPanel software


CPanel interface provides faster understanding and provides video tutorials to help users onscreen. This provides customers to manage their account efficiently without help from customer care staffs.


CPanel with WHM provides virus protection, root kit detection, and other tools for locking the server. It not only keeps the server safe but also protects against new threats like-XSRF and XSS attacks.


The service of cPanel is quite reliable as if it detects a failed service, it automatically logout and restarts the service. New improvised version which includes DNS Clustering system provides healthy and hassle-free performance.


A variety of APIs are available for extending the functionality of this software. Many functions like creating and modifying of accounts are done using the combo of cPanel and WHM. A variety of new tasks which allows users to insert their own maintenance script while cPanel performs its own task like- changing the password of a user or update of MySQL. These tasks are possible by introducing the new XML and JSON API applications.


CPanel software automatically updates itself as well as the server’s software too. Fine control over automatic updates, allowing to disable it too if required is provided by the cPanel softwares.

Control of Server

Using cPanel a user is in full control of the server. The choice to use which version to run is entirely of the user. But the server can disable any specific function for a specific user if required. At times website owners can password protect a part of their sites and can even deactivate an account sharing the same password.

White-Label Reseller Support

CPanel and WHM allows white-label resellers to sell accounts. The cPanel logo and the name server can be replaced by resellers according to their own convenience.

Web Developer Friendly

CPanel gives wide range of facilities to web developers but keeping in view that their task doesn’t affect other users on the server.

Winding up shortly, the cPanel and WHM software packages is not only reliable but also makes life easy for website owners, developers and servers. It performs essential tasks easily, fastly and most reliably giving full freedom and satisfaction to the users.

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Features of CPanel- Fantastico

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Features of CPanel- Fantastico

“Fantastico De Luxe” is a third party add-on which can be used with cPanel interface. It is used to install a variety of web applications and scripts. It supports mostly open source programs. The installed application is ready in minutes. There is also a provision to check for the latest version of installed application. It is required when developing a website for the first time. Even novices can use this tool without much prior knowledge. It is mostly used to create databases, adjust permission, install software, manage configuration files etc.

features of cpanel fantastico

Numerous scripts are available, that can be utilised according to the needs of the user. Some of them are

Discussion boards

These are very popular discussion forum or a bulletin board. Various websites use these to make their own forums alongside their main site. SMF is full featured form of the application, but phpBB2 is the most popular choice.


This has gained huge popularity over the last few years because of its simplicity of implementation and ease of use. eCommerce websites can be accessed right from our homes with the help of internet. We do not have to go to the market to do shopping. Because of its huge success every organisation tries to have their own eCommerce website and thousands of eCommerce sites have popped up by now, and the number is growing exponentially. Cube Cart and Zen Cart quite popular open source eCommerce sites. osCommerce is a little difficult to manage but highly powerful and configurable.

Portal sites

These are actually link sites that present information in a much unified style on a single web page from various other web sources. They make getting updates about popular events, news columns and articles very easy. “Mambo” and “Joomla!”are very popular dynamic web-management system holding pages up to several thousands. “Drupal”, “PHP-Nuke”, “phpWebSite” are good modular portal site builders with high modular integrity.

Blog sites and image galleries

These are blog sites for simple information sharing or image sharing. Blog sites and image galleries can be made personal or for a company. “WordPress”, “Nucleus” are very good blog sites. Among image galleries are “4images Gallery”, “Coppermine Photo Gallery” etc.

Website Builders

These are web applications that help the novice site builders with a web interface through a normal web browser. This is the reason it has gained huge popularity and it is the defacto standard for numerous web hosting sites both free and paid. Notable among these are “Templates Express”.

Wiki sites

These are wiki style sites that can be hyperlinked with many pages of the same site. The pages can also be directly edited without the need of authentication and through the easy interface of a web browser. “Tiki Wiki” is a good wiki-style site with everything including image galleries, forums, blogs, tracker, newsletter and many more.

There are numerous other varieties of scripts for auction sites, customer support desk, survey and poll sites etc. This makes “Fantastico De Luxe” a dynamic, fast, powerful and easily manageable web development tool.

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How to set up Linux users group

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How to set up Linux users group

Linux is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel which is developed as well as distributed freely under the general public license. Linux operating system has many advantages such as adaptability, robustness, functionality and it is also available freely. One of the main features of Linux is the Linux users group also known as LUG. It forms the base of the Linux structure where people in a particular region can keep in touch with each other and discuss methods of improving the kernel and adding modifications that might help many. It also serves as a platform to every user to share their knowledge on Linux. New users can learn more with the help of the members of Linux users group. It is like virtually being a part of a community that makes your operating system more familiar to you and makes it run in a better way.

Almost all localities already have a Linux user’s group but in case you land up in an area where there is no Linux users group then setting up a Linux user’s group is very easy. These are some basic steps that you should follow to set up a basic framework for your group which includes the following

Create a website

You should have a website or a group page that acts a lot like social networking. For this purpose you can visit which allows you to set up your own personalized page where other members can join and keep a track of the recent updates or also post some content related to Linux kernel.

Chose a suitable domain name

You should also chose a reasonable name for your website so that it can be easily found out when searched for in popular websites. For this reason the website name should generally be the same as that of the Linux users group.

Make use of a mailing list

There should be a place where each and every member should be able to post their views and opinions or ask questions and exchange information between them. This can be easily done with the help of a simple mailing list through which you can manage your group members or coordinate them.

Decide upon meeting place and time

You should have a regular meeting place for your group and also a regular time. The meeting place should be chosen in such a way that it is easily accessible and the meeting time should be such that each and every one should be comfortable with it.

Give directions

Include maps and events for any event to help people find out the place easily. It can be easily done with Google maps.

Many of the Linux user groups just started out as a small sub group within friends but once it is started it won’t take much time to gain popularity. Each and every member of the group should try out their level best to increase the popularity of the group within their own friends. All the factors mentioned above are just the framework that you would need to start off with a LUG but one important thing that should be kept in mind is that having all of the above is not sufficient, you should also have dedicated members who are ready to work selflessly for the group’s purpose.

How to set up Linux users group

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Five tips to ensure a green web

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Five tips to ensure a green web

Green web has given a new definition to today’s world of internet marketing strategies. Various online hubs for various companies have opened to promote their green web products. Just like other marketing strategies, launching green websites requires a proper planning for perfect execution, optimization and improvement of the site.

We all know that global warming is one of the major problems that our planet is facing. Due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels and growing industrialization the pollution level is increasing day by day.  Thus due to the green house effect the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day. It has been calculated that every year the temperature of the earth is increasing by 1%. This is a matter of great concern as this increase in temperature may led to melting of ice in the arctic region resulting in floods and other modes of destruction. Thus any site providing any information about the serious problem of environmental pollution is highly encouraged and comes under “green web hosting”. Thus green web aims at creating a pollution free environment.

Five tips to ensure a green web

1. Resource Optimization

Green web hosting may be used to ensures that the needs of the customers are met keeping in consideration the stock of the resources. It first analyzes the amount of resources needed via virtual simulation and then it offers resources to meet that necessary need not wasting any resource. Thus excess use of resources is prevented resulting in less pollution and also preserves the resource for future generation. Thus we should give more stress on Green Web Hosting.

2. Renewable Energy

Those resources which never get exhausted are called Renewable Energy. The main advantage of using Renewable Energy is that they create relatively less pollution compared to non- Renewable Energy like solar energy, hydro energy, and wind energy. Propane is also another Renewable source of Energy. Thus green web can be used to spread awareness among the people about the advantages of using Renewable source of energy.

3. Efficient Machines

We all know that data storing servers consumes relatively a very high amount of power thus resulting in more wastage of resources and creating more pollution. Thus green web prefers those machines which work at relatively lower power supply thus less amount of carbon dioxide and heat is produced. This helps us in two ways, first one is causes reduction in pollution and secondly it saves the energy.  It also focuses on well maintenance of the machine, so that it can be used for longer period of time.

4. Service Levels

The security levels of green web hosting are better that other hosting. The secured part of the site are not publicly visible to all, one has to go through all the security procedure to access those parts. Thus security and privacy of the green web are properly maintained.

5. Measuring performance and reliability

The performance and maintenance of green web is same as non green web hosting. It mainly aims at customer’s service to get their full satisfaction. Also minimum down payment is required for such sites without compromising any service.

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The Best 3 B2evolution Tips

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The Best 3 B2evolution Tips


If you are the one who is looking out for a tool that is very much suitable to host a blog site, then you will not get a better option other than B2evolution software. This B2evolution software goes beyond the traditional blogging tool and offers you wide range of unusual features that add up to the uniqueness of your blogging site. This B2evolution software will support multiple author/multilingual/multiple users. First of all, this software supports the multi-author and multi-user set up.


If you install this B2evolution software for once, it will help you to organize your blogs in such a way that each and every blog has its own set or group of member users. By making this way, you will have the advantage of taking the decision on who has to write the particular blog. In this B2evolution software there is another advanced level, which curtails the blog readers the access to some of the particular posts. 

The most important features of B2evolution are:


B2evolution RSS feed enabled


In today’s blogging behavior, Content Syndication is one of the important features. This Content syndication is a process of sharing the articles among many sites that are related to that particular site. Circulating full article is not essential. Through the help of RSS Feed, you will be able to get the title and also the source of the articles. The source of the article that you see will take you to the original article. B2evolution has also got the support of built-in RSS Feed. This also has got Atom Feeds for both comments and posts. This is how the readers will be able to see your RSS Feeds and thus they subscribe to your site.


You will be able to assign individual feeds for each and every individual blog on your site with the help of B2evolution. It is also possible to get a Feed that contains all the blogs on your site just by subscribing to the RSS Feed called “Blog All RSS Feed”.




The other blog culture that has been recently involved is “Digging” of the articles. Using the plug in called “AstonishMe Digg Plugin” it is very much possible to add the Digg buttons on  to your posts by just simply checking out a box in Write Tab. Thus helps you and your readers to dig out the stories.

Advanced categorization

This is another feature of B2evolution that helps in advanced blogging that relates to the complex categorization of the contents. This Advanced Categorization feature will help in categorizing and also for sub-categorizing of the news/posts items by themes or by subject. With this feature, the B2evolution is possible to assign the multiple categories to each of the posts.  

Some of the additional features of this B2eolution software include:

Integrated skinning system

Integrated XHTML validator,

Cross posting

Supports recursive subcategories


With the help of B2evolution, you will be able to run your blog without any problem and thus can enhance your blog site.

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