SEO webhosting admiring search engines

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SEO webhosting admiring search engines

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

SEO stands for Search engine optimization which is combinations of text for webpage marketing which accentuates skillful manipulation of  the word of the pages  so that it can be placed among the very first results in the search list of a user and that is what essentially applied on the SEO web hosting.

It is the art and technique of hosting the marketing attempts across many IP ranges using multiple server names, which ensures the true success of any online corporate.

The SEO hosting enables the webmasters for hosting websites from a single control panel and assigning a specific, but personal different class C IP address to each account.

It uses both conventional and non-conventional processes to improve the website optimization, by increasing the sales and traffic. It can comprise the generation of various genuine web pages text and content, multi-websites on various IPs, or other SEO scheme. SEO hosting takes a lot for optimizing any website for the search engines, that’s why it’s important.

How is it different from the traditional hosting methods

In the traditional web hosting a user generally share IP address or the user can access to only few IP addresses, but through SEO webhosting a user can explore its boundaries to many IP addresses.


SEO webhosting admiring search engines

If a user requires specific customization and some certain technical network setup’s such as tunneling IP’s or colo’ing a server, many normal methods do not provide such type of service or specification for the user.

Unlike the traditional one, with the dedicated server of SEO, the website of user looks more unique in the search engine spiders’ eyes, as it is hosted with the provided dedicated Class C IP address, which is the apple of the spiders’ eyes.

 Multiple IPs facilities packages

As we see, the reputed  search engines provides better internet search rankings to the related websites when an individual links to another by means of  a different Class C IP address, through which links between the sites owned by that particular individual or company seems to be from disconnected sites.

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

Some web hosts offer a branded private name servers on disjoined Class C IP addresses. Thus, Webmasters can host many different  sites through the same server as well as on the same web host, but theoretically, search engine spiders would not be able to distinguish between the websites which are hosted or owned together.

Advantages of SEO hosting

With a SEO hosting a user gets the dedicated IP addresses, that makes the difference equivalent to owning a home  on the other hand renting a house.

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

With SEO hosting user gets a very Unique Class C IP addresses, that conveys the best way of hosting the website with the support of SEO marketing campaign.

With SEO hosting a user is shielded from connectivity and downtime  problems and his/her website  optimizes very expeditiously  to have a larger Internet presence gain.

But some cons generally exist everywhere, so same as here, it is typically costs more than the basic hosting options which is provided by most service providers and the expense flies high with the no. of IPs and platform, VPS, dedicated server, making the costs its biggest disadvantage.


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Evergreen SEO Tips

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Evergreen SEO Tips

Hosting a website on the Internet is not enough to promote one’s agenda online. The simple reason behind it is that there are millions of websites on the Internet which would be available on the same category. Therefore, it is equally important to promote your website in order to get visitors for your website.

We are all aware of how search engine results redirect users to different websites based on the search keywords entered by the user. Therefore, a website owner must always aim that his/her website features among the top search results. This can be ensured only if the website is optimized for good search engine results – thus bringing the concept of search engine optimization (SEO).

In layman terms, SEO can be referred to as a technique that enhances the probability of a website to be among the first few results for keywords related to the website category. However, implementing SEO to a website is not easy and requires the website owner to be extremely meticulous about the complete procedure. It has been observed over the years that website ranking algorithm has changed tremendously over the years, resulting in many SEO techniques becoming obsolete. Here, we discuss few SEO tips and techniques that have stood the test of time and would play an important role in SEO building irrespective of the ranking algorithm in use:

  1. Content is king: There is no alternative to good content. While SEO is all about keywords and their proper placement, people often confuse it to make their website content a collage of stuffed keywords. On the contrary, one needs to ensure that the website content is of the highest quality and at the same time has optimum inclusion of keywords.
  2. Backlinks always help: The idea of SEO is to make the website links popular. One way to do so is to ensure that the website links are backtracked from several other sources. Thus, blogs, comment and social networking websites can always be easily used to ensure popularity of the link.
  3. Spamming spoils the mix: When the concept of promoting through content is taken too literally, people start spamming before realizing what they are doing. However, one must always ensure that they should promote their website with decency and in places which do not intrude on the target’s private space. Moreover, it would also impact the brand image of a website if it is considered to be spamming.
  4. Creating content out of content: A good content can always help you to generate more content on its lines. The content of your website needs to be propagated through effective mediums, and should be open to comments from users – so as to enable creation of more content around the core one. This not only increases the value of your content, but also enhances your loyal user base. However, one should always be aware about spams which may fill up comment boxes.
  5. Differentiating good from the bad: A thorough knowledge of search engine algorithms is required to understand what would be treated as a good content and what would not be. Therefore, one must always strive to keep the good content while reducing content that do not help them with search engine results.

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How Google ranks websites?

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How Google ranks websites?

The Google search engine uses an algorithm called PageRank, developed by Larry Page at Stanford University to rank websites. PageRank is basically a link analysis algorithm that is based on the webgraph, created by denoting all WWW (World Wide Web) pages as nodes and hyperlinks as edges, that measures the relative importance of a hyperlinked set of documents by assigning a numerical weighting to each elements of the set. The numerical weight assigned to a given element E is the PageRank of element E; generally represented as PR(E). This rank value determines the popularity and importance of the page while the hyperlinks from another page indicate as vote of support. This algorithm is applicable to all set of entities having reciprocal quotations and references. PageRank is the trademark of Google but the process is patented and assigned to Stanford University while Google has exclusive license right for the patent.

How Google PageRank algorithm works?

Google PageRank instead of expressing in percentage uses a logarithmic scale to determine the page ranks. The PageRank depends on the total number of incoming links and is defined recursively. Hence, it is obvious that a page linked to maximum pages gets a high rank; but it is not the sole criteria. If a Page C has fewer links compared to a Page E, yet if C gets a link from an important page having high PageRank, C will eventually have a high PageRank. Hence, a page linked to several pages with high PageRank gets itself a high rank while the one having no links has no support.

How to improve PageRank?

Google PageRank can be scaled down to two important factors: Keywords in the page and number of hyperlinks from high quality pages. For example, suppose you have your own blog that is less popular since it lacks links from other pages. On the other hand, your competitors keep their pages updated. So each time they update, it gets you down on the rank list, pushing you at the bottom in google search results. To improve this, try adding more keywords and constantly updating your blog by posting new relevant contents that will keep the viewers engaged and optimizes your position in the search results, hence making your site popular.

Why is a high PageRank desired?

A high PageRank indicates the popularity of your page. It gets you on top of the search results increasing the page traffic quantity. Also it helps getting linked up with high quality webpages that also improves the page quality and the incoming links from large websites helps you earn a high PageRank.

Other Tactics

Since it’s important for a blog to get a high rank value, there are certain tactics that can help improve the rank. Some of them are:

  1. Name your pages properly
  2. Use plenty yet relevant keywords
  3. Exchange links with other relevant sites having high rank
  4. Social networking sites like Digg and are a good way to promote your site.
  5. Try making the search friendly graphics and good, popular design for your blog
  6. Finally, try incorporating your blog to a website.

Google is undoubtedly the most popular and widely-used search engine with maximum number of hits per day. For a business website, the top position in Google search results is highly desired since it can be a lead generating machine. It gets you lots of free traffic flow, viewers and sales.

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Using Keywords effectively for better SEO

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Using Keywords effectively for better SEO

Words and phrases that is content in the web and which helps the people to search the site is known as SEO keywords. You should be very specific about the services and the products you are offering so that they can found your website easily, so it is very important in SEO to develop or choose the right keywords that suits your site the most.

Choosing the Correct Keywords for Your Website

However, many depend on some tools for the keywords but it is always suggested that the correct and efficient keywords can be obtained from their own websites only.


Public tools may not suit you because its might not be profitable for you, the data’s provided are generalized, maybe there are keywords which are of high volume and they maybe be highly competitive, so it might affect the ranking of your website in SEO.


On the contrary keywords that  are private has many advantage because they are of high relevance to you, because they contents the real words that you need for your website, the competition is also high because all this keywords are private to you.

Way to Get Best Keywords

There is a way to get to get the keywords from your website itself, which will suit you the best is through WORDSTREAM.

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How Meta Descriptors help in SEO of your Website

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How Meta Descriptors help in SEO of your Website

In today’s world, your online profile often accounts for your first impression. In the case of companies and other professionals who maintain a website of their own, their success or failure depends largely on how many people go through their website. With hundreds of companies and groups catering the same services, a lot depends on how accessible a website is to the masses. This is where the concept of Meta tags comes in…

Dependence in today’s world

Google and Yahoo dominate the scenario of web searching primarily. One must therefore resort to making their web pages easily searchable in order to succeed in the corporate world.

Providing structured data

Usually placed in the head tag of an HTML or XHTML document they are responsible for providing structured data about a web page.

Securing a high rank

A correct choice of Meta tags can be instrumental in securing a high rank for your website in regards to a search engine or in other words-create search engine optimization.

A detailed study of user and browser preferences and search engine data is required for the intelligent selection of keyword attributes and Meta tags for attracting more visitors and implementing business strategies.

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The Importance of Domain Named on SEO of a Website

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The Importance of Domain Named on SEO of a


The domain name of site on internet plays an integral part in proper working of the search engine. The rank of a website on search engine result depends matching of the keywords of the site name with the sentence being searched. Thus we must always give foremost importance to SEO while buying the domain name of the site. Then we can use the domain name of our site accordingly to increase the ranking of our website on search engine page.

Planning While Purchasing Domain Name

You must be careful of the keyword. Carefully choose those keywords and phrases which have right traffic and the competition among the other sites should be low. The name of the domain should be related to the sites and can be seen in the name.

Important Feature of SEO

Old domain names can create big differences in the ranking between top and bottom. Google created a logic SANDBOX which means new sites will not have good ranking to prevent spamming. Old site are more advantageous, so always try to get links from old sites names.

How to Get Higher Page Ranking Utilizing SEO

In spite of many arguments, links coming from the educational websites will give you a probability of getting higher ranking using SEO technique.

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The Relationship between Web Hosting and SEO Results

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The Relationship between Web Hosting and SEO Results

The reliability and dependability of the web host is a significant attribute in the industry while determining how successful a website is.

Downtime and Crawlers

Search engines use crawlers to index the entire web, including your site. If the site is down when these crawlers visit it, the search engine cannot index any changes which you have made recently. As such, any optimization efforts made recently will not produce any results.

Server speed

You also need a host that has competent servers, and provides you with a  plan that allows you to utilize all the server resources to keep your website functioning smoothly, even if a lot of content has been uploaded to the site. Google rates the sites depending on how long someone stays at your webpage. So if people get annoyed due to slow loading and leave early, it will mean a drop in page rank.

IP Address

In case you are using a shared IP address with another website, and that site de-indexes itself from the search engine results, your site will suffer the same fate. As such, it is important to choose a host which allows you your own unique IP address.

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SEO Article writing and its effectiveness

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SEO Article writing and its effectiveness

Most of the SEO articles in the web are not well composed, but somehow filled with keywords that would lead search engines to the site, to boost its ranking. However, while including articles into your SEO campaign, the most important factors which need to be considered are

  • Providing correct information
  • Popularizing the link
  • Boost search engine rankings.

However, these objectives cannot be composed when the articles are badly composed with only keywords stuffed in them.

Articles are a powerful means of enhancing SEO efforts

However, articles with only optimized content, but failing to deliver in terms of valuable information, is not what the readers want. Such an article may increase the site rank, and even bring in traffic, but will never encourage visitors to explore the site. Poorly composed articles also fail when it comes to link popularizing, as they are not accepted for publishing.

Writing Search Engine specific articles

Writing search engine specific articles only comes in handy when you do not sacrifice quality of article for higher rankings by stuffing keywords or repetitions in the article.

Understand your target audience

Understanding the target audience, as focusing specifically on their needs and including quality content will help you develop as an article writer.

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Top five Joomla extensions

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Top five Joomla extensions

There is no denying the fact that the modular approach of Joomla has made it one of the most popular of its kind, as both users and developers have made the most out of it. There are several extensions available in Joomla, courtesy the huge community of developers. We pick some of the best and most popular of the extensions, chosen on the basis of user feedback!


This is a better version of the default FTP client, with lots of enhanced features and functions. One can view, edit, upload, and download files easily with this extension.


The web server is always vulnerable to attacks that can put it down for hours and can even result in loss of data. This extension helps in taking backup of the data and also helps in restoration of the backup data.

RSS Factory

This extension is a great SEO tool as it generates meaningful keywords for your websites and helps you get more visitors.

Security Images

This secures the registration process for Joomla sites, as it adds the functionality where users need to type in the text written in a distorted image.


This is for all website owners who require e-commerce software enabled for online transactions. This extension has great features and is extremely secure too!

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How search engines and back links work?

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How search engines and back links work?

The main motive of all website owners is to attract visitors to their website. Apart from the offline methods of popularizing the website, it can be publicized through the World Wide Web as well. This is where search engines become extremely important as it can redirect a lot of its visitors to your website. However, in order for to happen, a few techniques must be implemented, one of which is back links.

How does search engines work?

Search engines have a very simple philosophy: everything on the Internet is comprised of tags and keywords. It crawls through every website and extracts the keywords, and whenever the user searches based on a keyword, it presents the results based on the keywords and ranks the results according to the popularity or most unique clicks.

What are back links?

Back links are basically links of your website that is put in other web pages, such as blogs, other websites, etc. Mostly they are in the form of anchor text, where the link resides in a text, and users are redirected to the website when they click on the text.

How do back links help?

Back links brings you users from different sources, and increases the popularity of your website in the search engine ranking system. This has a two-way advantage, as it brings direct customers to your website, and facilitates more visitors through a better web ranking.

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