Advantage of Windows Web Hosting

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Advantage of Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting service has gained recent popularity over linux web hosting in the recent years. It has gained popularity because it was Microsoft who invented ASP and ASP.NET language, which has made the programming relatively easier. Here we don’t even have to worry if the server supports extensions as with an UNIX platform. We can skip the extra effort of learning a new language just to maintain our website as the windows based server makes the process much easier. The major advantages are as follows:

Ease of use of ASP applications

The use of active server pages or ASP for having a dynamically database driven website makes windows hosting much superior as compared to others. ASP makes the web pages much faster and robust than server side scripting.

Ease of use of VBscript

The ASP pages can be written using VBscript which makes them much easier to design and test for errors later on.

Access compatibility

If the website needs to access data from an access database, a windows server will be able to make integration much easier as it is able to integrate this database seamlessly.


If we plan to develop windows based applications on our site then it’s the best and the only choice left for us.

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