Basic Functions of MySQL

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Basic Functions of MySQL

Basic Functions of mySQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is a standardized query language, which is used to access information from a database. The request for information which is written in SQL is called a query. It was initially designed by the IBM in 1975s, and later introduced in the commercial market by Oracle Corporation. SQL utilizes distributed databases, which means that the databases are spread over several machines. That is why it is gradually gaining popularity among LAN network users. MySQL is a Relational Database Management System which is used to provide access to multiple databases for multiple users, as the situation requires.

Some basic functions of MySQL are,

Connect function

This is one of the most easiest and fundamental functions of my SQL. Here, the function is added, and the user data is stored in constants, so no variable needs to be specified while calling the function. An example code of the Connect function is provided below

function connectDb() {
// connect and set the working db
if (mysql_connect( DBHOST, DBUSER, DBPWD ) && mysql_select_db( DBNAME ))
return true;
return false;

Repair Table and Optimize Table

This command is used to scan all the tables which are present in a database, and then perform repair and optimization in each table. An example code is provided below for the Repair and Optimize Table function.

function fixTables($dbname) {
// search for all the tables of a db and run repair and optimize
// note: this can take a lot of time if you have big/many tables.
$result = mysql_list_tables($dbname) or die(mysql_error());
while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) {
mysql_query(“REPAIR TABLE $row[0]”);
mysql_query(“OPTIMIZE TABLE $row[0]”);

Converting a Recordset to HTML Table

This code receives a recordset from a mysql_query output, and then prints it in the usual HTML format. Using css can improve the code functionality. A small example of this code is provided below.

function getHtmlTable($result)
// receive a record set and print it into an html table
$out = ‘<table>’;
for($i = 0; $i < mysql_num_fields($result); $i++){
$aux = mysql_field_name($result, $i);
$out .= “<th>”.$aux.”</th>”;
while ($linea = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
$out .= “<tr>”;
foreach ($linea as $valor_col) $out .= ‘<td>’.$valor_col.'</td>’;
$out .= “</tr>”;
$out .= “</table>”;
return $out;

Returning the values of a row in a comma separated format

It helps the user to get all the values in the first row of the table, in a comma separated format. The code below is an example of the same:

function getCommaValues($sql) {
// execute a $sql query and return all the first value of the rows in a comma separated string
$out = “”;
$rs = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error().$sql);
while($r=mysql_fetch_row($rs)) $out.=($out?”,”:””).$r[0];
return $out;

To get the first value after running a query

One of the most commonly used functions, this code, as explained by the topic header, helps to execute the code and then provides the first output of the executed code. We always need to extract a singular value or row, so this code often comes in handy.

function getScalar($sql,$def=””) {
// execute a $sql query and return the first value, or, if none, the $def value
$rs = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error().$sql);
if (mysql_num_rows($rs)) {
$r = mysql_fetch_row($rs);
return $r[0];
return $def;

To get the first row after running the query

Once again, as the topic name explains, the ensuing code will help to get the first row after executing a code

function getRow($sql) {
// execute a $sql query and return the first row, or, if none, return an empty string
$rs = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error().$sql);
if (mysql_num_rows($rs)) {
$r = mysql_fetch_array($rs);
return $r;
return “”;

To duplicate a specific row

This function is used to insert into any table, after duplicating any specified row, which is defined using the primaryID field and the values which have been specified in the parameters itself.

function duplicateRow($table,$primaryField,$primaryIDvalue) {
// duplicate one record in a table and return the id
$fields = getCommaFields($table,$primaryField);
$sql = “insert into $table ($fields) select $fields from $table where $primaryField='”.mysql_real_escape($primaryIDvalue).”‘ limit 0,1″;
mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error().$sql);
return mysql_insert_id();

These are some of the many fundamental functions provided by SQL for developing queries for databases.

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Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

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Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

A content management system (CMS) is a specialized software package that can manage the contents of a website. Content of a website refers to almost everything that one can see on a website- photos, text files, music, video, etc. The principal advantage that comes with a CMS is the effortless management of the website without the requirement of detailed technical know-how. Since almost all CMS packages have a relatively simple and interactive console, it can be easily operated by individuals without extensive technical skill.

Joomla is a free, open source CMS package which can be used to provide the website with its basic structure and navigator controls. Features and add-ons can be easily installed onto the basic platform by the end-users as well, due to the open-source platform which helps them to develop their own additions on the existing platform rather than having to start from the very beginning. The Joomla advantage also includes the fact that now business owners, with very basic technical knowledge, can easily maintain their websites instead of having to outsource it to webmasters. They can edit and modify their content according to their requirements, instead of depending on the webmasters.

Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

The impact of social networks on the lives of Internet users cannot be denied. Through social networks, we can virtually connect to hundreds and thousands of people, from all over the globe. As such, it is imperative that these networking sites have emerged as potential publicity mediums for products and services. Through these websites, it is possible to reach out to a specific target audience all over the world. In this age of social networking, Joomla has become another indispensible adage in the arsenal of the web developers.  That is because Joomla provides the capability to connect any news feeds, videos, RSS updates, or virtually anything to your favourite networking site, or your blog, be it Twitter, Facebook, WordPress or MySpace, just with the click of a button. Small but useful widgets like the share button, Facebook Like button, the Tweet button are now standard issues on almost all websites as more and more web developers warm up towards the idea of the power of publicity through networking sites. Other plugins help to keep you connected to your network profile even while surfing. You can now see what your friends have shared or commented, what your favourite celebrity has quoted, how your favourite soccer team has fared and so on. And as with everything else in Joomla, these widgets and plugins are really easy to install, requiring just a few clicks at most.

Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

The advantages of using Joomla to remain connected to social networking sites are enormous –

Joomla extensions are easily available and can be installed easily at the click of a button. They don’t require detailed technical know-how to manage, and can be easily maintained by almost anyone.

Joomla being an open source package, these plug-ins and widgets are available free of charge

In case of business pages, sharing business updates about products and services on networking sites ensures that individuals interested in them can regularly follow these updates

Sharing links and videos with your virtual friends gets much easier and simpler

Connecting to Networking Sites through Joomla

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Integrating social networking with joomla

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Integrating social networking with joomla

Integrating social networking with joomla

Joomla is the best web based content management system available on the internet. The core components are mainly based on PHP and database management on MySql. It supports a wide variety of plug-ins both free and commercial. There is also a good community support associated with the joomla package. The features include news flashes, blogs, polls, page cashing, search, RSS feeds etc. Social networking sites with joomla are quite easy with the right application. Some are described below.


It is a community builder for social networking component in joomla. It is user friendly for building and maintaining online communities. It has 4 different login/registration processes. The administrators can get specific information details from the users without their authorization. There are many modules and packages. Custom photo, video, ads sharing etc are available. Members are also able to send private messages, edit photos, edit profile etc.


It is yet another social network site creator and maybe the best around. Its structure is very modular consisting of Jomcomment, MyBlog, JomSocial network and NiceTalk. It has many in-built features like customised profiles, manage and join groups, communicate with friends via private messages, share and upload photos and videos, integrate 3rd party components with the robust API. The interface to photos and videos and the site as a whole is awesome and there is also an opportunity for showcasing the recent events. It is very secure and can be easily integrated with sites like Facebook. There is also an event management system along with an activity stream. The open APIs allow the developers to create a myriad of plug-in to extend the functionalities further. The thousands of customisation is possible because of its core platform – joomla.

Integrating social networking with joomla


it became dormant for some time but has again been unleashed with a greater potential. It has some key features. It allows its users to moderate and form their own groups which are integrated into the very networking site. It is a very important tool for the web designers. It is also free and open to use by anyone. It provides various templates for the creation of the websites.

Integrating social networking with joomla

Community builder

it is an alternative to the popular joomla based networking site plug-in. It also has numerous features. Extended registration form is used to gather more information about a person before their registration. Additional user fields are provided to group community members based on certain parameters. Moderators can be created in communities to ease the work of an owner. The members have access to high level of customisations in their profiles. Language and CSS customisations are also available. The websites created with community builder are extremely stable and can be used where the traffic is very large.

Integrating social networking with joomla

Integration of social networking is easy in joomla. Web developers should give it a try!!

Various media extensions are also available to extend the site developed on joomla. It is very flexible along with the millions of customisations it is very good for both the beginner as well as the advanced users.

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Joomla Geo-Tagging Extensions

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Joomla Geo-Tagging Extensions

joomla Geotagging Extensions

Content Management System (CMS) is the web application software which is used to keep track of the various contents running or stored in a website. The different contents it can work upon can vary from text documents, videos, music files or pictures.

Joomla is a CMS which is required to build applications in a website. Some of its features

Its free and an open source system.

Its web script is written in PHP and stores all its data in MySQL.

It is very easy to use and very flexible which makes it one of the most important CMS to be ever made.

It doesn’t require a person to know its technical issues, and can still use this.

It has got a list of extensions and modules that can manage all the applications on its own.

Geo-Tagging Extensions

Geo-tagging is the method to add geographical data associated to identification of locations in different mediums like pictures or videos. The data can be anything from geographical co-ordinates to detailed information on the specific location.

Joomla uses a wide range of geo-tagging modules. Some of them are


joomla Geotagging Extensions

It is a free module that can be integrated into Joomla.

It is a powerful geo-tagging and targeting tool.

It can detect the IP address of a visitor in a particular website, and change the content of the website to that particular location automatically.

This can help to change the details in a site dynamically like the local stores available, or currency or additional features available to a place.

It has been built specially to allow many more features than any other geo-tagging modules that were used earlier.

Currently it can geo-tag different modules, various contents and sections.

Geo content

joomla Geotagging Extensions

It is a module that integrates Google Maps into a website.

It is a free module but only available in the commercial bundle pack of Joomla plug-ins.

It allows tagging on Google Maps and the modules are grouped into different layers.

It displays the overview maps with a set of lines or points or polygon where all of them can be represented simultaneously.

It is integrated with advanced control options, so than an expert in web designing can take control of the advanced features that it offers.

It is fully configurable and customizable.


joomla Geotagging Extensions

It is another widely used geo-tagging plug-in available in Joomla.

It embeds Google Map in a website and allows geo-tagging different places and landmarks in it.

It allows content marker on a place in the maps, and can also manage multiple tags on the same map simultaneously.

It allows using the embedded map as a link to visit all the web pages associated with the tagged locations.

It allows Google Street View and Google Terrain Maps as its advanced options.

It’s very easy to install and use.

Geocode Factory

joomla Geotagging Extensions

It allows adding geocode tags and details in Google Maps.

Allows multiple markers to be on the same map.

Allows styles texts to be added on the map, and hence modifies the user profiles accordingly.

It can integrate unlimited number of Google Maps, each with their own set of controls to zoom and locate.

It also allows detailed profile fields such as a profile picture and can store other detailed information.

Automatic updating and manipulation of profiles.

Store Locator

joomla Geotagging Extensions

It tags the stores, and allows people to see them on map.

This is an efficient module that can easily locate the dealers, stores, and ATM and customer locations on the map.

It allows unlimited store tags to be shown on the same map.

It can automatically calculate the distance between two stores on the map.

Automatic tagging of previously marked locations and display of location details like position co-ordinates.

Open source, and easy to use.

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Best e-commerce applications on Joomla

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Best e-commerce applications on joomla

Joomla is an open source content management system. It is developed for publishing various contents on the intranet and World Wide Web. It also includes MVC (model view controller) framework. The core software was created in PHP and databases are maintained in MySQL. This feature rich software includes RSS feeds, news flashes, polls, blogs, search, page cashing, printer friendly view of pages, language support and many more. Over 5000 plug-ins including free and commercial ones are available.

The numerous core features and plug-ins provide an excellent platform for developing ecommerce applications. A good support from the communities and forums available online is also available. The most important are as follows

jStore & jMarket

It is a good application based on joomla. It boasts of various features. Offline payment provides an alternative solution for customers to check out their bills. The home page is highly customisable along with the customer vendor forms. There is also a provision for unregistered visitors to register after purchasing. Only specific product modules can also be displayed if required. The new check-out feature has a quick compact view of the whole buying process.

Virtue Mart

It is the open source solution to e-commerce. It is a full e-commerce engine having many unique features.

It supports full 128 bit secure socket layer (ssl) encryption -128 bit.

Tax calculation based on the zone (city or state of a particular country).

Alternative currencies can be used like PayPal or internet banking etc.

It has a JavaScript powered web administration interface.

Quick search of products along with various notifications like out of stock or special offer or product delivery time and date etc.

Multiple images and files per product can be added.

On the fly currency conversion is also supported. Besides, there is also a flexible notification display.

Different prices of the same product based on the customer groups.

Product types classification is also available to better arrange the products.

Capable of live processing of credit cards along with alternative currencies like PayPal, 2Checkout, etc.

Shipping modules include various shipping carrier options along with conversion rates. The main carriers include USPS, FedEx, Canada Post and InterShipper. Extension of the shipping modules can be done with shipping APIs.

This makes Virtue Mart the most preferred online store application. It works out of the box. High customisation is available for professional companies. It is surely the best application of its kind around.

Best e-commerce applications on joomla

Joomla Ecommerce edition

it is an extended version of the original joomla available. It has an inbuilt version of VirtueMart along with some other ecommerce development plug-ins. It is very good for beginners who do not have a proper knowledge of setting up ecommerce sites. The other tools for ecommerce also help out. This is actually the best ecommerce bundle available now.

E commerce is no doubt quite easy when you are using joomla and easier when using applications like VirtueMart. For those with a professional knowledge- it is the all powerful, and still the best also for beginners!!

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Design the web according to your choice

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Design the web according to your choice

Whenever one thinks of driving a company or any business, he or she initially thinks of making his business popular. There are many who don’t know about any web programming language like PHP, ASP.NET, and VB.NET etc. There is a replacement for them who can develop their own sites to make their business popular and that is “Joomla”.

Joomla – Ease of Access

Joomla is totally a user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) enabled framework where end user can easily create websites according to their own will. Even one doesn’t need to know any programming language for using Joomla. Joomla is a web framework which is totally developed upon PHP and Joomla core developers made it so powerful and handy that a child can handle also.

Joomla GUI

Joomla GUI is totally developed upon PHP as I said earlier and it is of 3 versions.

Joomla 1.0.x

Joomla 1.5.x

Joomla 1.6.x

Joomla 1.6.x is the newest version though it is in beta development. Most popular versions are in Joomla 1.5.x category.

Design the web according to your choice

This is the GUI of Joomla 1.5.x and it has a great option for implementing different things or activities to one’s site to make a site vivid. They are as follows:




These are in total called “Extensions” and after implementing these, the site takes a vivid look.

Joomla Components

Joomla’s important section in extension is “Components”. Component is also a PHP Application Interface which can be implemented in Joomla easily and can control the usage of that component easily. Suppose one can want to implement a form for restaurant room rent. So, he or she can implement form components to Joomla to build a customized form graphically and can implement that form to his or her site. If anyone submits the form from his or her website, the owner of the site can easily observer the submissions. This is the rough idea of what a component is.

Mainly component is a PHP Framework API morsel which can be implemented throughout any page of Joomla’s website. There are different types of components to fill one’s need.

Joomla Modules

This is also a part of Joomla extension type but modules are applied in page layout positions. It is not implemented throughout any page of Joomla site like Component. It can stay with components but it is located in different positions of Joomla template layout.

Joomla Plugins

It is also a core extension like component, modules but it is not a graphical type extension. It is for joomla website integration to the World Wide Web to fulfil the site owner’s need. Suppose one need to embed YouTube videos to the articles of his or her joomla website, and then he or she needs plugin for implementing YouTube videos to the articles.

Design the web according to your choice

Joomla Templates

This is not categorised as an Extension of Joomla though one must know templating system in Joomla as an extended version in Joomla extension. One can easily implement website templates to the Joomla website.

Joomla Language

It is also an extended version of Joomla Extension for making one’s website multilingual.

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Create simple applications with help of Android

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Create simple applications with help of Android

Android is actually a Linux dependent Open Sourced Operation System. It operating system is JAVA enabled which makes is more popular as various JAVA based mobile applications can be made here. Though Google has taken the major imitative in developing Android but it’s not the only owner of this software. There is an “Open Handset Alliance” consisting of a set of sixty five technologies, mobile companies and operators, handset manufacturers, semiconductor companies and many software companies. Google combining with this “Open Handset Alliance” forms the entire owner list of this software and they all contributed a lot in the development and commercialization of this operating system Android.

Android operating system has been released in three different versions; they are Android 1.6, Android 2.0/2.1 and Android 1.5. As already stated Android is an Open Sourced Software, so its source code is visible to all, thus any one can use this software and can even rebuilt the source code to make it more useful. Android operating system has an application known as “android application developers” which is very much useful for creating various applications for publishing and feedback purpose. Android is very flexible software, so those applications made from “android application developers” can easily execute on other platform like any version of Mac OS, Linux or Windows. Thus this application software is very common and is used for making various applications.

Things to be done by Android Application

Create simple applications with help of Android

Android’s Application Development

Android’s Application Development has given a new definition to the mobile technology. Android’s Application Development has given us various tools for developing dynamic and innovative applications for mobile phones.

Various important tools given by Android for developing dynamic and innovative mobile applications are

Android is compatible with various  advanced technologies like EDGE, GSM, CDMA, WI-FI, Bluetooth, EV-DO, UMTS  which is very much required for sending and receiving data via mobile network.

Android’s Application Development software also had various comprehensive libraries to incorporate 2D and 3D graphics in various applications.

Playing audio and video files and viewing high definition images are the necessary requirements for any modern mobile. So Android includes all types of audio and video file formats like MPEG4, H.264, WAV , MP3 , MP4, AMR-WB, 3GP and many others. It also supports all types of image format like JPG, BITMAP and GIF.

These days camera is another important crazy feature in mobile phones. Android gives this feature too in various modes of camera starting from VGA camera to high definition camera.

Touch screen, accelerometer, GPS and accelerometer are the other important features in modern mobile phones and Android are capable providing all these features.

Mobile application developed through Android

Create simple applications with help of Android

Four basic components of Android’s Application Development


This includes those applications running on the display screen, this the most active application running at that moment.

Broadcast Receiver

It is the ultimate reaction of some event like while calling, the phone starts ringing and vibrating.


This includes those applications running in background.

Content Provider

This shares data with other services and activities.

Interaction of Android with the application programmed

Create simple applications with help of Android

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The Craze behind Podcasts and Hosting It on Your Website

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The Craze behind Podcasts and Hosting It on Your Website

Podcast are actual non streaming webcasts, mainly series of various digital files which may either be a video or audio format. These Podcast are often released episodically which could be easily downloaded with the help of web syndication. Podcast hosting has gained mass popularity in these recent days due to growing demand of innovation web feeds and iPods. Thus a podcast is an ultimate digital media for video or audio files which are episodic in nature, programme-driven, downloadable and very convenient to use. They are mainly used as automated feed with the computer software as “client application software”.

Statistics of podcast usage is given below

The craze behind podcasts and hosting it on your website

Delivery modes

The delivering mode of podcasting is unique and this differentiates it from other different types of accessing modes of media files through Internet like streamed webcasting or direct downloading. The list of various video and audio files which gets associated with some given series gets maintained centrally over the server of the distributer as web feeds. The viewers and listeners employs special “client application software” to access that web feed, for checking updates and also for downloading new recent files of that series. This software is known as podcatcher.  This entire process can also be automated, and then the recent uploaded files can be downloaded automatically from the server without any intervention of the user. Mostly the files get stored temporarily on the computer of the user. But there are other devices for reading files in offline modes too. Thus, gives a convenient and   simple access to the episodic contents. These are mostly used for audios which have formats like MP3 or Ogg Vorbis.

Common web feed logo for podcast

The craze behind podcasts and hosting it on your website

Podcast’s importance in the field of education

Podcast helps teachers and students to share lot of information through network connection server. If a particular student is unable to visit any lecture due to some unnatural circumstances then he or she can easily use Podcast to get the previously missed lecture. Teachers may also use Podcast to help students in preparing their lessons. It is also a very effective tool for the administrators and teachers to communicate for assignment, curriculum and various other interactions with community and parents for various purposes. Teachers can also record the book talks, foreign language learning session, vocabulary, music performance, debates and interviews. Podcasting also helps in publishing tools which helps students a lot in oral presentation. Another important learning media is also gaining mass popularity that is through video conferencing with the help of Video podcasts.

Podcast’s contribution in the field of Mobile Learning

Podcasting has also contributed a lot in the field of Mobile technology. Podcasting is categorized as M-learning mode of learning and teaching.  With the help of this technology one can even download videos on mobile and voice chatting through WAP or GPRS is another important contribution.

Thus we see that podcast has various contributions on various fields starting with the most important field the education field. Thus every web server is very much interested to host the podcast in their website to make their site popular among the common people, as this technology is very much useful for them.

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How to generate real time applications on your website

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How to generate real time applications on your website

In today’s world no one can imagine life without net. When one buys a computer it seems lifeless until it gets its net connection. Actually since its advent the internet has revolutionised the way we work, the way we think. It had made our lives easier and more comfortable. Anything we want or any service we want to use, in today’s world it’s just a click of a mouse button away from us.

How to generate real time scorecards or tickers on your website

Internet: A Part and Parcel of our life

We have become so used to the internet that we cannot think of doing anything which does not involve the use of internet.

Today we want to work on some projects; we get all the necessary information on the net. If we want to communicate with someone staying very far from us we make the use of internet. It has revolutionised the mode of communication. It has rendered postal communication system through letters obsolete. It has lowered the cost of communication. People spend a lot of money on long distance telephony. But today’s chat rooms available made it very cheap for a person to have interaction with others at a very low cost. Moreover video conferencing and voice chatting at very low costs are also boons in the system of communication as it has helped the world to turn into a global village without putting much load on common men’s pocket.

Online tuitions have revolutionised the whole idea and system of education. One can have any course in any subject through online tutorials available in the market. Online lecture videos available are other boons to the students as they can receive best quality teachings available in the world. Moreover online exams and counselling and admission process has made it very easy for students to apply for the institutes of their choice from any part of the world. E-books available on the net are also very helpful as they help people to read books at very low costs than they would have been spending while buying the original book.

News portals, news tickers available on the net are one of the many boons of the internet. We can receive news of desired category as and when needed. We can be updated to the latest happenings around the world.

Internet has also revolutionised the health care facilities also. Various health care facilities can be availed through internet.

Man is a social animal and he has to be social and internet helps them to do so. Social networking sites are today’s trend and very popular amongst not only teenagers but also with the grownups of the society. They help people to be in touch, wherever they go whatever they do.

Ticket booking, payment of bills, transaction of money, booking hotels and many more for which once people had to go places and spend lot of time can now be done by simply sitting at home by using internet. All these and many more facilities can be enjoyed by today’s man at just snap of a finger. People can have the whole world in their hand.

How to generate real time scorecards or tickers on your website

Internet is a great gift of modern technology. It may be a boon or a bane; it’s just a matter of perspective for the way we use it.

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Top four popular web servers used today

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Top five popular web servers used today

A web server is a program that acts like a computer or a virtual machine that hosts the web pages over the World Wide Web. The main function of a web server is to deliver the html documents to the clients. The html documents may involve text, images, videos, audio etc. The common features of all the web servers are virtual hosting, bandwidth throttling, large file support, server side scripting. Depending on how the above features are handled by a web server, some web servers are rated superior than the others.

Some of the highly rated web servers are Apache, lighttpd, IBM Lotus, Microsoft IIS. The most popular web server is Apache and accounts for almost 54 percent of the total share of the web sites which are hosted. Some of the major advantages of using an Apache web server are the following

Apache Server

An Apache server has a modular structure and hence it can be customized very easily. It is also an open software whcih means that you can add your own modules to the server as and when required and make modifications that suit your specific needs. It is more stable than the other web servers and is easier to solve administration related issues and make changes to settings or some features. Moreover, it can installed successfully in multiple platforms.

Microsoft IIS Server

Microsoft IIS has all the above features of an Apache server except of the fact that unlike the above case it doesn’t belong to the open source software category and hence personal modules cannot be added easily and modification becomes a little difficult. It is developed and maintained by Microsoft and thus works with all the Windows operating system platforms.

IBM Lotus

The Lotus servers, maintained by IBM has most of the features of Apache, apart from some of its own.

Real offline access

You can also work offline with an IBM Lotus server and prepare presentations, data offline as well.

Real time integration

This allows users to chat and also integrate their systems with other web conferences.


Apart from these, Lighttpd has gained a lot of popularity, mostly due to its special features.

Lighttpd is very small and hence it has minimum memory and processor requirements but all this comes at a cost of reduction in the flexibility like an Apache server.

Hence while you choose among the various web servers for hosting you should have a clear idea of what you want. For example if you want minimum memory and processor requirements then you can go for lighttpd or else if you want flexibility then you can opt for Apache. In case you want offline access to your server then you can go for IBM Lotus. One thing that you must remember that all the web servers are unique in one or the other feature hence you must decide clearly upon which feature is most important for you and then choose the appropriate web server to suit your requirements.

Top Five Popular web servers

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