Five reasons why you should go for Linux based web hosting!

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Five reasons why you should go for Linux based web hosting!

In most cases, the criteria for choosing a good web hosting service is based on the space it provides, the speed, uptime guarantee and number of mailboxes. However, what most of us miss is what operating system is used by the web hosting server. This decision generally differs from website to website, depending on the requirements. The most popular of them is however the Linux based web hosting, due to its reliability and flawless security!

Here, we give you five most irresistible reasons why you should opt for Linux based hosting

It’s a free and open source product

There is no licensing fees, or fears of copyright issues. You can download files, use them and modify them according to your requirements.

Linux is stable and secure

It is compact file system would never let you down and most Linux-based servers run without any server glitches.

It is compatible with most databases, scripting softwares

Web scripting languages like PHP, Python and Perl; and databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and mSQL are supported by Linux.

Linux gives you unmatched flexibility and interoperability

There is always a possibility of communicating with servers that do not operate on Linux. Even in those cases, Linux throws up no issues.

It is extremely cost-effective

It is available free of cost, so are most of the application programs required for server maintenance. Therefore, the total cost of running a web hosting service is severely reduced.

BounceWeb provides extremely reliable Linux based Web hosting.

Education 2.0 – what it means for web hosting?

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Education 2.0 – what it means for web hosting?

Soon after the term “Web 2.0” was coined by Tim O’Reilly at a conference, a host of other 2.0 terms came into existence, one of them being Education 2.0. The main idea behind the term is revolutionizing the methods of learning by incorporating concepts like e-learning and sharing of knowledge through the internet.

What comprises of Education 2.0?

Like Web 2.0, it encourages collaboration and thus most e-learning websites have user-created content. Wikis have come up as a major tool for the purpose, where information about a concept, or updates on a project can be easily shared.

Better means of communicating

Boring text has been replaced by crisp yet informative slides, videos and online classrooms. These are not only more effective in communicating the message but leaves a scope for interaction with the audience.

The change in web hosting needs

The changing environment of e-learning has an impact on the web hosting requirements as well. Such sites require more bandwidth, more space for videos to be uploaded and played on a real-time basis. Online classrooms are basically multi-user multi-tasking software programs, and need extremely robust servers to handle the huge number of users and amount of data.

BounceWeb provides reliable and efficient Web hosting.

Impact of Web 2.0 on web hosting

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Impact of Web 2.0 on web hosting

There has been a vast change in the way websites are designed in the era of Web 2.0. Simple images and text, arranged in columnar fashion is a thing of the past, as web designers find and innovate ways of user collaboration and interaction. With great tools that support Web 2.0, the Internet is undergoing a rapid evolution every day, and the need for a larger hosting space is also increasing.

Perfect hosting for Web 2.0

With services like video and audio uploading on websites, there is practically no bound to the hosting space requirement, and thus in order to efficiently store the rapidly increasing data, they need a group of interconnected servers running simultaneously!

What needs to be done?

A dedicated web hosting is the only way to tackle large volumes of data, along with a dedicated team of web server professionals, as it is impossible for a single person to handle a large infrastructure.

Security threats

There is always a risk of serious security attacks on the servers, and thus Web 2.0 hosting needs to be well equipped with mechanisms that can fight such threats and keep the server running on a 24/7 basis.

BounceWeb provides efficient, reliable and affordable web hosting.

Why opt for FFmpeg hosting?

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Why opt for FFmpeg hosting?

There are hundreds of websites that facilitate online video streaming for user uploads. It is amusing to see how different users upload videos of different format, and yet the video gets streamed in the same way. This is because most of these websites opt for FFmpeg hosting.

Features of FFmpeg hosting

1. Converts any video format

It can convert any video format (generally uploaded by the user from their local machines) to the web-optimized flv format so that they can be streamed on the website.

2. Collection of all necessary plug-ins

FFmpeg hosting contains all the necessary files, modules and plug-ins required for streaming of video, and thus no other software is required.

3. Easy to use modular approach

All the scripts and features are in form of modules that can be installed or deactivated easily without affecting other independent modules.

4. Porting external scripts is easy

Although FFmpeg hosting provides a lot of video scripts, more advanced video scripts obtained externally can be easily ported into the existing Ffmpeg hosting.

5. It is free

FFmpeg is a open source GPL licensed software and thus there would be no license or copyright issues, and can be modified as per the website requirements.

FFmpeg is the best option which lets website admins do a lot without getting into the intricacies or the technical details.

BounceWeb provides affortable and efficient FFmpeg hosting service.

Benefits of using cPanel with Fantastico

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Benefits of using cPanel with Fantastico

Hi all,

If you have a website, and actively participated in its development and hosting, then there are high chances that you came across the magic software application called cPanel. cPanel is the control panel of your web hosting space, and it generally covers every customization option that you can probably think of with your site! There are certain basic features of cPanel such as the web based and FTP servers that help in uploading, and other manipulation operations associated with web based files. One can also change the setting of the applications used to develop the site.

However, in order to have the applications installed in the system without any fuss, cPanel has a magic solution: Fantastico. Like the name suggests, it is a fantastic script library containing nearly most of the scripts required to install applications in the website. So, if you are looking forward to install a blog application or a picture gallery to your website, look no further! CPanel along with Fantastico can do it in minutes. So, what are the benefits that one can get while using cPanel with Fantastico? Well, it is a win-win situation for both the viewers and the site developer, as it helps in making the website more efficient and interactive, and without stressing the developer!

cPanel and Fantastico Scripts

A few applications that make it worth to have a Fantastico enabled cPanel are:

a. Blogs – This is the latest mouthpiece of the netizens. Be it views or information sharing or just a glimpse of a new idea, all people do is blog about it. So, for website owners, its great to have a blogging application in their site! Though most blogging applications come embedded in Content Management Systems (CMS), we can also add standalone blogging applications through Fantastico scripts.

b. Content Management System (CMS) – This magic application can help you create a site in hours! Moreover, there are several options like changing, deleting, uploading etc that makes it more convenient. Therefore, most cPanels have options for installing a CMS to work upon. However, installing a CMS on a server is generally a highly complex process. With Fantastico, it is just a matter of couple of minutes!

c. Image gallery – Websites without images are unthinkable today, unless the website is highly content specific, and is required to be like that. Therefore, in most cases, we either need to provide a image tour or a tutorial to enhance the viewer experience. Coding and designing an image gallery on our own would be much more difficult than installing a third-party software application. If you choose to go by the easy path, then there’s Fantastico with its fantastic scripts.

d. Email lists – Websites need to be interactive. While forms can help, there are times when one needs to mail. It could be newsletters, confidential information or even user-generated messages. In case of mailing lists, if you are a member, then you can send and receive mails to other subscribed members in the last month. Fantastico has a few scripts that look after email lists and other mailing applications.

While cPanel provides all the functions that is necessary to build a website, the whole installation process is made easy by Fantastico scripts!

BounceWeb provides Fantastico Hosting with all of our Shared Web Hosting Plans!

New features in MySQL 6

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New features in MySQL 6

Hi all,

For normal users, identifying with MySQL is not very common. A HTML file or even a PHP file could be understood to be something related to web pages, but however, MySQL doesn’t ring a bell in the minds of most people. For developers, the scenario is completely different. MySQL happens to be one of the best things that could happen to the World Wide Web, and developers know it very well! The database software is the backend of most web applications, thus accounting for its unfamiliarity with normal web users.

Databases are used with the purpose of storing user information and other data in the server and are useful for maintaining the application. Server-side scripting languages like PHP and Perl can access data from the database and represent them in web pages for public display. However, the storage and the communication with the database are not very simple. Databases need to be very secure applications themselves, and under no circumstances should data be modified or deleted without proper authorization. The fact that MySQL is used as the database application for over 30 million web applications puts an end to all questions over its integrity and efficiency.

Sun Microsystems, the owner of MySQL software, does a good job in adding new features to the core package, and publish it as a new edition. The latest version family under release is the MySQL 6.x. There are some extremely promising features in the latest package that has the potential to redefine the way web applications are made. Here, we will discuss some of the features that have been newly introduced in MySQL 6.x.

MySQL 6 Features

1. Supplementary Characters: MySQL has always been a supporting different improvement of Unicode character set. Previously in its older editions, it has supported two character sets of Unicode: utf-8 and ucs-2. These are good enough till the Unicode version 3.0 where the code values range from 0 to 65535 and are encoded with a maximum of 24 bits. However, in the latest version 5.0 there are 99089 characters that are defined. All these characters cannot possibly fit into the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) as in version 3.0. Hence the additional characters are called supplementary characters. MySQL 6.x has taken a step ahead to support these supplementary characters, along with supporting utf-8, utf-16 and utf-32 too. The other reason why the change has been inevitable because Windows Vista, the latest operating system by Microsoft supports supplementary characters.

2. Online backup – Backup is an important aspect of any database software. Data cannot be lost under any circumstances, and thus backups come in handy in case some unforeseen incidents happen with the original database. The online backup database can read one or more databases into a backup image file. Similarly, the image file can also be written on to one or more databases. Therefore, in case a database is lost, all one needs to do is to make use of the backup database. However, the word “online” does not refer to the fact that the backup image resides on a web server, but only means that there would be “no blocking” during the backup process.

BounceWeb offers the latest MySQL Hosting and once MySQL 6 comes out, our Shared Hosting Plans will have it available.

Green Web hosting

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Green Web hosting

Hi all,

In today’s world, green is the way to go if you are looking for global recognition. People are now concerned about the environment and are taking adequate steps in order to protect it, and prevent further damage. The world of Information Technology, especially web hosting is also a part of it.

We have often heard people say that there is no end of information. And, with the trend of digitizing each and every information in various formats, the need to store them has led us to run servers with huge memory space and fast processors. However, such servers consume a lot of power, and thus have a direct impact on the environment. In case of website hosting, servers are known to be use up a lot of power. Thus, the concept of green web hosting grew!

Green web hosting is a new concept wherein web-hosting companies would take up their social responsibility of conserving energy. Generally servers are kept in fireproof, flood-proof, electrically insulated environments, which happen to consume a lot of energy. Thus, the process of website hosting has a great impact on the environmental resources! However, with this new concept, now we will have sustainable websites run on servers that would take initiatives in carbon offsetting, and specifically use renewable sources of energy to satisfy its needs.

Some web servers are already known to run on solar as well as wind powers, and according to the statistics, they have been working as efficiently as they used to when conventional sources of energy were used. These web-hosting techniques are committed to the social change, and thus help in making the web world a sustainable place! There are other ways to address the environmental concerns. Even if it is not possible to make the web-hosting technique completely carbon-free, its effect can be neutralized by planting trees for each website that is hosted. This might seem simple, but it helps in denting future impacts on the environment.

Another aspect that most green web hosting companies take care of is reduction of the environmental footprint. Certain simple measures can be taken in order to serve the purpose.

1. Web-hosting companies can use servers that are energy-efficient. Energy saved is as good as energy produced. Thus, green web-hosting companies should look for energy-saving servers only.

2. Generators are used to provide backup to servers. Generally, diesel generators are used everywhere. However, green companies who promise to provide sustainable websites should be using propane gas generators instead.

3. Such companies should also be able to recycle their resources. A green web-hosting company should ideally generate its own energy through renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind energy. Even the offices of such companies must run on solar energy too.

Green Web-hosting is the new direction of future web hosting. With more and more people joining the World Wide Web, the need to store more information will increase exponentially. Unless, all web-hosting companies own such green business techniques, it is difficult to provide such huge amount of energy!

BounceWeb is proud to say we are a Green Web Host with great Green Web Hosting. We take the enviroment very seriously and run our servers on 100% solar and wind power.

Drupal Hosting: How good is it?

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Hi all,

If you are looking to create a web site of your own in a jiffy, loaded with cool features and lots of functionalities, a content management system is the thing for you! And, just going by the popularity scale, Drupal comes first into the mind.

So, what exactly is a content management system or CMS? A content management system is basically an application that helps normal users with no or very little knowledge of programming, to create, store, control and manipulate web content and create web applications easily. You would probably find hundreds of such content management systems in the Internet providing such services. However, Drupal seems to be the best of the lot, as most people generally prefer to use it.

So, the question remains: How good is it actually? Or rather, what makes Drupal such a successful project? Well, read on and we will soon discover.

Drupal’s main strength lies in its vast and widespread community that includes developers, testers and general users. Being an Open Source product written in PHP scripting language, anyone can download, use, distribute, modify and redistribute the modified version without any fear of getting into any copyright issues. It is licensed to the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL) and is therefore available for free with extensive customization features.

The other big reason behind its popularity is certainly its support for multiple platforms. Be it the free Apache servers or Microsoft’s IIS; Drupal runs on them perfectly. If you are apprehensive whether your Drupal would be compatible with your operating system, then you can be rest assured that it supports most operating systems including Unix, Linux, BSD, Sun Solaris, MS Windows and Apple’s Macintosh OS. Drupal also provides quite a few options for storing your web content, and presently supports the mostly used MySQL and PostgreSQL.

That’s not it! For people who are looking forward to adding cool stuffs to their websites, Drupal has a huge list of such feature-rich applications to choose from. With its modular approach, you can select your desired application module and add it to the main Drupal core (the main Drupal package). You can create polls on your site, simply by installing a poll module in your system, and then probably you can allow users to create polls in your site.

If designing means a lot to you, then Drupal gives you enough reasons to fall in love with it! Drupal segregates the content from the design, so you can probably manipulate the look of your site and also, you get to choose from a massive list of themes, already available on the Drupal site, courtesy the community contributions.

If you are still hungry for more, then Drupal has it for you! Drupal provides an application interface for creating weblogs with the help of a rich editing environment. If your site encourages discussion through comments, Drupal suits your needs perfectly, as its threaded comments model enables presentation of comments in a hierarchical manner. Drupal also has a powerful news aggregator that helps you publish news and articles from external sites. On the other hand, your content can be available to others in RSS format with the help of its Content syndication feature.

Well, Drupal has lots more than what can be discussed here. With so many features, and so much freedom to customize, its immense popularity over the Internet is completely justified.

BounceWeb offer the Best Drupal Hosting

The main features that helps you to host your site through Zen Cart

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The main features that helps you to host your site through Zen Cart

Simply keep your catalog/products simplified – no ‘HTML’ coding needed to modify, delete and add products.

A Popular combination of MySQL and PHP technologies

Safe – no one except your organizational personnel can get your catalog/customer data.

Simple to set up – our useful installation program directs you easily during the installation process.

User front-end is authorized to ‘XHTML 1.0 Transitional’.

Improved template method using images and style sheets

Any ‘PHP’ coding adjustments can be guarded throughout the upgrades by utilizing the integrated override security system. Changing from one set up model to an additional is as easy as a duo of clicks in the ‘Admin’.

Merchandise cost options – multiple and single objects could be put on auction. Sale choices comprise percentage off, permanent amount off, fresh value, etc. Auction can exclude or include product features. You can exclude or add a price cut from a unique choice. You can also put an entire type or the complete shop on auction.

Maximum and minimum units or quantities – you can advertise one per purchaser, or want at least 4 & in two multiples. You can position needs on a product basis.

Product features can be included, either as checkboxes, radio buttons, drop down lists, file uploads, text boxes, folder downloads, & more. Attribute choices can raise the cost of an object & an object can comprise its cost completely managed by features.

Attributes also hold up text costs, namely ‘price-per-letter’ or ‘price-per-word’ for personalizing. They can also show color/image swatches.

Sort commands of products are easily managed in the ‘Admin’ area.

Combine with PHPBB in order that your holds up meeting login passwords go well with your ‘Zen Cart’ shop.

If you want your site to be offline, due to maintenance, you can perform it very easily by redistributing advance notes, in addition to a friendly ‘Down for Maintenance’ page which is also a explore engine friendly.  Web designer and Web Master can indicate Internet Protocol addresses to ignore maintenance & still use the website for testing.

Promoting banners – show data about your company colleagues & follow banner link action. Banners can unwrap in fresh windows in order that clients never in reality go away your website.

Shipping estimator permits your purchaser to obtain a suggestion of their transport prices earlier to checkout.

Search options permits you to hunt for products supported on description, metatags, name, price, & more.

Gift certificates and Coupons can be easily managed by both administrators and    customers.

Product and newsletter notification systems

Customers can write down the reviews of the products (approvals to be needed by a manager).

For developers – Easy customization via style sheets

Developer’s toolkit aids quickly find a text string or setting to be personalized.

Scalable from tiny shops to well-built shops with thousands of products

Trace who’s online constantly.

Multiple verbal communication support

Multiple money support

Tight protection on passwords, logout/login, & more

‘HTML’ method email supported.



Some of the great services offered by Phpnuke Hosting

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Some of the great services offered by Phpnuke Hosting

Services offered by PHP-Nuke Hosting System are

-PHP-Nuke Hosting System allows you to design your own Website

-E-mail delivery system is really amazing

-To your existing account, you can add websites and domains

-Here in PHP-Nuke Hosting System, you can manage t he information sites and interactive portals.

The above services offered by the Phpnuke Hosting is provided by these features mentioned below

-This PHP-Nuke Hosting System is created in order to support the CMS (Content Management System) and also a sum of several total instruments that will be used to generate an information portal.

-one of the main objective of this PHP-Nuke Hosting System is just to help and support the automated Website to circulate the articles and news among all the users.

The software that is written in this PHP-Nuke Hosting System is 100% in PHP and it requires the Web Server which will support the extension of PHP, servers such as Apache HTTP Server or an SQL Database such as Interbase, Sybase, ODBC and mSQL. Such support will make the fully controlled management system using the Web based user interface.

This PHP-Nuke Hosting System just started its career as fork in the Thatware News Portal System. When this PHP-Nuke Hosting System got public and emerged as the full scale software, it got released as the free software under the guidelines of GNU (general public license) and it can be downloaded freely from the website of PHP-Nuke Hosting System. If you want to have the latest versions of PHP-Nuke Hosting System, you have can get it.

Some of the other features that help to offer the services are

Option for editing and deleting stories
Option to delete the elements
Reviews system

Moderation system

Categorized articles, Newsletter and Multilingual content management
This PHP-Nuke Hosting System supports around 33 languages

PHP-Nuke Hosting System is very much strong in the relational databases that are used for some of the dynamic contents, e-commerce applications and product catalogues. PHP-Nuke Hosting System is popularly known for its precision, flexibility and for reliability. So these advantages have made this PHP-Nuke Hosting System the more preferred alternative.

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