Google play: Adding flavors to the taste of Android

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Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

We always need a complete package of all the media of entertainment with less efforts and more efficiency, which recreates our tired mind by providing us many options like music, movies, books and apps . And So here we go…… “Google Play”. It is a digital destination of entertainment on the web and on our Android phone or tablet where one can find, share, enjoy music, movies, eBooks, applications and much more. Basically, it is a service that combines the collection of Google Music, Movies, eBooks, and apps in one complete entertainment hub. It doesn’t  only facilitate the users to purchase music, movies, books, and applications at, but also to  store  in the cloud because it is cloud based. So it will not eat up the storage of  the computer, tablet or phone  of the users. The users will also be able to enjoy it on their Android phones or Tablet using the different application of Google play.

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

Also for non- Android users

It has got an important feature that any Google user can take its cloud-based content management  advantage by just having a Google account, even though Google Play is heavily marketed to Android users. So, users can upload and purchase music, rent movies, and buy books on one system but can access it all on any of the system such as laptop or desktop with its huge storage facility on its cloud which lacks in some cloud-based portals like apple store or

Android redefines

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

After the launch of Google Play, the market of Android, Google eBooks store and Google Music has become part of Google Play. The users of  Android phone or tablet, can upgrade the Android Market apps at the store of Google Play in fore coming days. The videos, music apps, movies and books will also be upgraded as Google play music, Google Play movies, Google play eBooks apps, which will be available to the users at Google Play only just by logging in with Google account. The Strategy of Google is to Emphasize  on the access of Google content on any computer with a latest compatible browser  and not only just on Android devices.

With Google Play we can…

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

Buy millions of new musical tracks and can Store up to 20,000 songs for free.

Watch thousands of our favorite movies by renting them, including latest  releases and High definition(HD) titles.

Access Google Play even if one is not an Android User.

Download just more than 450,000 games and  Android apps.

Browse and read the world’s largest collection and selection of eBooks

Store enormous data on the cloud, no need of the computer space.

Also enjoy the New Google Plus integration with Google Play( After some days).

Google play: Adding  flavors to the taste of Android

Previously, there was nothing about process of purchasing music, Skimming through eBooks, and renting movies which required a user interested to own a device of Android. After a long wait, finally Google has replenished Android with the exciting features of Google Play. This new step is definitely going to  take Android at  the pinnacle of the leading cyber and cell market.

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How Google search got redefined with the “search plus your world” concept

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How Google search got redefined with the “search plus your world” concept

Google has made itself a giant in the world of search engine. It is synonymous to online search. If you are looking for anything on the web you can look for it on Google. It is a search engine that delivers every time on anything and everything that you my even think of looking for on the web. If it is on web it is on Google. But all said Google has numerous things that the other search engines lack and are not able to deliver.

How Google search got redefined with the "search plus your world" concept

Still the good thing about Google and its founders are that they are not complacent thanks to the competition from other web mammoths such as Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. These sites are now fiercely competing to make things brighter for themselves. Google for long had strived to make its search engine a personalized application however it had failed since it lacked one huge and important stair case on its way to glory. That is a strong social networking website.

The Google Plus the newly launched Google’s social networking website has provided Google with that extra edge that the search engine giant was looking for over the years. Facebook has channelized the small searches that the users make and its algorithm has already made ripples across the internet.

Google did not want to get left behind in the race. Once it has established itself in the market of social networking with the help of Google plus it has now started targeting the search engine to take the next big step with the idea of personalized search. Search plus your world is the new

Google search feature that would aid the customers and users of the Google search engine to have search results oriented to their tastes. The personalized search has been there for Google for a good amount of time but the new feature of search plus your world has helped Google to take a leap further. It is as if someone there for you, knowing about your likings and displaying results for you that you are more likely to search.

The search would include personal search, profile search, people and pages. These searches revolve around your own persona which is the most important aspect. All these elements make the search plus your world.

How Google search got redefined with the "search plus your world" concept

The Google plus would be dynamically integrated with the search of Google. It would help the user to make a search and find things where the user himself or herself has a tag to his or her name. It is an exciting concept even when we think of it. But the users have to be logged on as a user of Google plus. This in a way helps Google to popularize its search and make it useful for the user. The users would find the search more centered around him that is why the system derives its name as the search your world. The results of your search would display things which would make the user as a central point. The person who is a Google plus user is more likely to share views post photos or get himself tagged in it. The search would be so designed that the search would revolve around such objects where the user is involved.

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What is new with Android 3.0

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What is new with Android 3.0

Android 3.0 or Honeycomb is the new and improved version of the Android platform with specific up gradation over the older android versions .It is equipped with many new features to be used for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. It is mainly a version which gives special reference to the content for interaction. Larger screen size makes the user easier to navigate .New up gradations like tabbed browsing, form auto-fill, syncing with Google chrome bookmarks, and specific mode for private browsing are available in this version. Android 3.0 features newer Google Maps 5 which is new mobile innovation with the provision for 3D interactions. It also allows access to large number of eBooks, and Google Talk, which now allows you to video and voice chat with any other enabled device (PC, tablet). The new android 3.0 version provides a truly virtual and holographic user interface and there is no hardware navigation button.


Action Bar and System Bar

Action bar contents are displayed on the top of the screen which contains the items and overflow dropdown menu for the access of the users frequently. At the bottom of the screen users have a quick access to system status, notification  and soft navigation button in a system bar and the users can use the new “lights  out mode”  to watch the video in full screen viewing. To engage the users in advanced ways it has got applications which uses extended set of UI objects, powerful graphics and media capabilities.




Customizable Home screen is another new feature, whereby the users can instantly access all parts of the system with the available five screens. Selection and manipulation of the home screen widgets, wall papers, and shortcut applications can be done by the user by using a particular visual lay out mode. Visual cues and drop shadows helps the users to adjust the lay outs of shortcuts and widgets by improving visibility.

Effective Multitasking

Multitasking is another key feature of Android 3.0. A user can launch various applications to undertake multiple tasks as well as they can use the Recent Apps list in the System Bar to visualize the tasks underway. It enables the user to quickly jump from one application context to another.

Soft Keyboard

The soft keyboard in Android 3.0 helps the user to enter the text fast and in an accurate manner. Some new keys, such as a Tab key are added to provide richer and more efficient text input. The touch-hold keys help the user to access menus with special characters.

Better connectivity option

New connectivity features are added for the convenience of the users. It has improved Wi-Fi connectivity, built in support for media / picture transfer protocol. This device lets the user to instantly synchronize media files with a USB connected camera.

Improved text selection like copy and paste options are more advanced here. Other new features include a new browser setting, camera and gallery applications etc. There is no significant difference between Smart phone and Android3.0 .

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The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

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The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Mobile phone industry is not only developing in its hardware sector but the mobile phone software sector is where the development is being concentrated these days and the most phenomenal progress is in the mobile phone operating systems development. The biggest software giants in the world are up and fighting against each other to get hold of one of the fastest growing areas in not only the marketing and sales field but in the software field as well. The companies are spending millions of dollars to get the best operating software for the mobile phones and it is a continuous process which also includes constant debugging and improvement in the operating system so that it never loses its worth.

Here are the top 5 popular mobile phone operating systems in the world:



The most popular mobile operating system though not by a very large margin but a very convincing one, iOS has always been the favorite of mobile phone lovers and the gadget geeks. iOS has been an operating system which has never went out of the market, even for a single day. Apple has been updating the world’s most popular OS ever since it launched it and has always been successful in grabbing eyeballs. It still continues to rule the market even after years since its inception.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever


Android is the newest kid in the block which has taken the whole world by surprise. It has risen to a position in such a short span of time which is unprecedented in the mobile phone operating systems market. This OS by one of the biggest software companies in the world has truly stood by its brand name. Google proved once again why it is one of the best when it comes to software development and has brought the mobile phone operating system which has straightaway given way to one of the greatest tech wars ever-  iOS vs Android.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Research in Motion (RIM)

This operating system by Blackberry has always been the first choice of executives and people for whom internet is what they live with and live by. Blackberry has made a position for itself which has made it a separate device people love to possess apart from other mobile phones. It’s the continuous work of their software developers that has made a mark.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Windows for mobile phones

Microsoft is not only ruling the PC world but also has invaded the mobile phone operating systems and has made a mark for itself and is one of the most popularly used mobile phone operating devices from among the many in the market today. It has striven hard and has developed a very good platform for mobile phone users.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Symbian 60

Nokia’s phones are one of the most selling phones in the world and it has one of the most used mobile operating systems. It is not only Nokia that uses symbian OS but almost every mobile phone manufacturer has models which have Symbian OS. Out of the many Symbian OS produced, Symbian 60 is the most sought after. It has ruled the market for a long time and still is one of the most sought after by people looking for simple OS.

The most popular Operating Systems on your handheld devices ever

Mobile phone operating systems provide a lot to choose from and it is the user and his or her needs that define which mobile phone operating system they want to use and it is not that a single OS is ever going to satisfy the needs of all the users and so the variety in the market of business and technology is a much needed one.

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How are Samsung’s Bada OS and Nokia’s Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

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How are Samsung’s Bada OS and Nokia’s Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

The future of operating systems and internet lies with the small gadgets which are compact and yet efficient. There are numerous open-source Operating systems available in the market for the computers. But the mobile phones are becoming smarter day by day. So in order to pave the path of prosperity for such devices, companies such as Google, Nokia and Samsung have taken the lead. The competition for the operating systems market of smart phones is really heating up. Nokia’s Symbian OS is finding it tough to compete with the Google’s Android Operating System and Apple’s iOS designed for the iPhones. Samsung has recently launched its all new open source smart phone OS named Bada which is specifically designed to compete with Android.

How are Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

Strictly speaking Android has got a major hold on market share because of which the other operating systems are playing the catching up game. Due to the popularity of Android other operating Systems have to reinvent their technologies. Firstly Nokia is in dire need of new injection of applications to sustain with its Symbian operating system. It is gradually losing its foothold in the market. The Android is proving to be more than a handful for Nokia. Still Symbian with its new range of Smart phones such as E7 and N8 is trying really hard to give a tough fight to the comparatively new Operating systems such as Android and iOS that have arrived in the market.

How are Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

If we take a look at the Samsung Bada OS that has been launched recently by the South Korea based company we would find that it has a much improved performance in comparison to the age old Nokia Symbian OS. However the Samsung Wave is working absolutely fine with Bada and is perhaps outperforming some major smart phones designed across the globe.

Smart phones are a high end market and therefore the opportunities are also limited to a certain extent. In spite of such major disadvantages that the market faces Google Android has virtually gripped every such smart phone user’s imagination. Android does eat up the battery a bit too much in comparison to the other operating systems yet it provides the widest list of widgets and other functionalities that is unimaginable in other smart other smart phone OS.  Android and iOS of Apple has a vital lead over Symbian since it is an open source OS. Because of this many smart devices are trying to get a hold on the Android and incorporate them in their devices.

How are Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

The first look and the best possible experience of BADA can be generated on the Samsung Wave. Yet after you spend a good bit of time with Bada you would still miss the Android somewhere if you have explored Android fully.

How are Samsung's Bada OS and Nokia's Symbian OS competing with Android and iOS?

There is always room for improvement for both Bada and Symbian. Bada and Symbian OS can take heart from the fact that the developer support for such non-Android operating systems has increased vastly in comparison to the past few years. For instance Apple iOS has increased the application store for its devices. Bada being a new OS compared to Symbian it is finding it hard to merge seamlessly with other phones apart from Samsung. But it’s sure that if the OS can present itself in the best possible way then it can easily take on Symbian and Android one at a time. There are a handful of phones that are using Bada as their operating system so time would tell if Samsung is really able to compete in the highly competitive market of smart phone OS.

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Peek into the all new Google Chromebook

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Peek into the all new Google Chromebook

The Google Chromebook that is being manufactured by Samsung and Acer in two variants is the all new product from the house of Google. The Samsung notebook or rather Chromebook would have a thickness lesser than an inch. This would be known as the Samsung series 9. The main feature that a Chromebook would posses would be the Chrome Operating System. The chrome operating system loaded in the machine would be vastly different and a class apart in comparison to other commercially available operating systems in the market. The real essence behind the Chromebook is its integral connectivity with the internet.

Peek into the all new Google Chromebook

You would never get a good view of the Chromebook if you do not possess good strong internet connectivity. Google has forecasted that the world of computing lies in cloud computing. Thus in order to take a step ahead Google has laid its interests in this new form of operating system that relies solely on internet connectivity.

Peek into the all new Google Chromebook

The Google Chromebook brings some new features that can surprise you. Chromebook has devised the system in such a way that you can restore every details of your machine even if you lose it, on another machine. This Operating system is able to automatically update its security feature daily which virtually eliminates the requirement of Anti-Virus.

Peek into the all new Google Chromebook

Truly speaking the Google Chrome cr-48 is the ideal notebook that you would like to have that has the Google Chrome Operating system. Google has diversified its business from just mere search engines to rather a wide and prospective field. The machine was a part of the pilot program undertaken by Google. Chromebook focuses on mobile computing platform that is being built in such a way that is structured on Cloud Computing. This is a software based system that is formed mainly on Chrome Web browser. The concept is novel and new. Because of this reason Chrome Operating system was incorporated in the cr-48 machine that was a raw structured format. It was actually a test model.

The Chromebook has been designed keeping in mind that the world of web would seamlessly integrate with your system.  Due to this reason the system may look a lot different than the contemporary operating systems that are available in the market. Most of the operating systems are offline OS that is not perfectly suitable for you to gain a fine web experience. The Chromebook on the contrary would be able to connect on numerous devices and would be easily able to merge your offline activity with the world.

The setup of the system is most awesome part of the Chromebook. It is as easy as creation of an account on web. You just need to create an account of yours against the name of the machine. The Google account credentials would be easily merged with the OS during the setup. The machine starts up briskly and syncs all the applications of your machine with the web. This helps you to have an experience of the internet that you might have never experienced before. The caps lock key has been removed in the Chromebook and instead it has replaced the search key. These are some modifications that may demand some time from the new users. The F keys would be missing from the Chromebook. All the applications that would be housed in the system would be actually in a cloud environment. The security of the system’s documents and settings has been assured by Google.

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What does Google Labs have in store for Gmail Users

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What does Google Labs have in store for Gmail Users

For the Gmail users Google has introduced a new labs section. This labs section offers its users a lot of new features which are already in the experimental stage and are liked by its users. Depending upon the user’s feedback they will be incorporated. In the Gmail settings, it is available in the form of a tab with all the new features available and explanations attached to it. A green flask icon appears when the users enable a lab on the upper right corner of the Gmail window allowing users to edit his/her lab setting quickly with a click. Apart from providing Gmail lab for individual users, Google also offers separate Gmail lab section for large enterprises and business houses. Here below are some of the key features of G-mail labs.

What does Google Labs have in store for G-mail Users

Offline Gmail

With this option one can have access to his/her old mails even when he/she is not online. This it can be used like any other mail client where all messages would be downloaded onto the user’s computer.

Canned Responses

One can save the standard email templates under this feature on mails. This can be used later by highlighting the menu and selecting the item from the drop-down menu.

What does Google Labs have in store for G-mail Users

Undo send

This option the give you time to retrieve and edit the just send messages before resending.

Message translation

Labs tab allows the messages in one language to be translated to another language which is selected by the user.

Preview features

By clicking this option under the labs tab one can preview the photos, videos and reviews on YOU Tube/ Picasa / Flickr/ and Yelp right inside the email.

Stops users from sending message to wrong people

This new feature in Google labs is called “Don’t forget Bob” and “Got the wrong Bob? It will prevent the users from making some common mistakes like emailing the wrong person or forgetting to email someone. Suggestions are given as alert messages so that one can correct it.

Themes lab

More than thirty options are available to personalize the look and feel of your g-mail account by visiting themes lab. Every day one can search for different themes.


While you are in the g-mail you can track your small tasks. Look for your task link when you turn on the lab feature.

What does Google Labs have in store for G-mail Users

With the above important lab features some other features like Google calendar, Docs and gadgets and advanced IMAP control etc. are also available. These lab features have been made available to the g-mail users recently. It was in beta for the past four years. The features which are included in this are exposed to the public after a thorough internal check by Google labs. Anyway they have got the ability to disable them through a separate designated URL. While handling the lab feature if someone gets any problem he can disable it by appending /? Labs=0 to the URL after the domain name. For all Google applications G-mail labs are available but the option to disable the labs feature is available only for Google application meant for education and business.

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How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter?

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How to create online presence of your business on Facebook and Twitter?

For anyone with a small or medium sized business and wants to develop an internet presence, there are some simple steps to follow. Many business owners do not know how to use online business presence to leverage their business opportunities at a very low investment. Facebook and twitter are two of the most visited social sites in the world and making a social online presence there could be of great help as it can target the audience at a low price.

Setup a website

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

This is the starting element of any business which wants to be known through the internet. Choosing a good domain name is necessary. It gives the first impression to the visitor. A lot of web designers are available and for a small to medium sized business, the site should take less than two weeks. The cost of development varies and many a times, free simple web builders are also available for personal use. The content of the website should be crisp, clear and eye-catching. A good communication with the developer is also necessary as the website needs to be updated regularly for new content.

Few things to consider are:

  • The website should be simple enough. Abundance of content confuses the customer.
  • User-friendliness is also very crucial to a successful web presence as people finding it difficult will switch over to other places.
  • Quality of the content should also be taken care of. Websites lacking in quality is missing everything.


Registering the website in general directories

Many online directories exist where people regularly go searching for their specific needs. So registering in directories like yellow pages and other local directories is also very necessary for a fast growth in business. The details should be specific and easily findable.


Create a Face book and twitter page

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

A personal Facebook page for your business will give a boost to the growth. It is because of the millions of viewers of both Facebook and twitter. These are places where people can follow the particular pages and thus get updates easily of any new upcoming product or offer. These sites also spread the news very quickly through the help of social networking. A twitter page works almost similarly as a Facebook page and the status update can be used to promote newly launched products. These provide a very good two way communication channel, which is also very fast and self-advertising.

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

Get the business located

Along with a twitter and Facebook account, Google maps can also be used to draw attention of the customers. By getting the exact location of the business, customers easily build up trust in the business.

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

The whole procedure should not take more than three weeks. Once setup perfectly, there is not much work left to do. Regular updates and quick offers increase the interest of the customers. You can also easily monitor the growth through “like” and “recommend” feature in Facebook. In short it is the cheapest and fastest way to develop a web presence.

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Advantages of using Ajax in your website

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Advantages of using Ajax in your website

These days Web development has become one of the emerging fields where one can apply their individual innovative skills and technological knowledge to develop many interesting and useful applications with an ability to drag the attention of millions of people. Hence, web development is emerging very rapidly and is generating thousands of jobs every year. But to develop any kind of software application we need we need base software on which the application is to be developed, and AJAX is one such web development software. The expanded form of AJAX is asynchronous JavaScript and XML. With the introduction of AJAX the entire virtual World Wide Web got revolutionized into a new dimension and as a result development of web application became much easier, standardized and much better than before.

Advantages of using Ajax in your website

Easy customization

AJAX software is a boon for those private organizations that develop their own web applications for their dedicated company. The numerous features and tools provided by AJAX web developer allow the designer to customize the software very easily as per the requirements.


The main advantage of using AJAX is that the web applications that are developed through this software are very stable and do not crash easily. Even if the page is heavily loaded the application runs smoothly until some external application interferes in its working like some kind of fictitious spam applications which gets attached to the application when hosted on net.

Fast buffering of data

Also the reloading and refreshing of the page is generally very fast as compared to normal applications. This fast reloading feature is due to a very advanced slotted buffering technique, which is implemented in AJAX applications. Here the data is buffered from server to client machine through various pipes of data flow each of which is assigned a definite start and end point. After each pipe has finished the piping of the entire data assigned to it the data is assembled and then the application is finally executed. So the buffering speed increases tenfold than normal buffering.

Secured transaction

Another essential feature of AJAX which makes it popular for using it in any kind of web transaction applications is that JAX provides a single one-one interface between server and client. This not only increases the security of data but also increases the efficiency.

Advantages of using Ajax in your website


The most important feature of AJAX which makes it more popular among the people is that it is open source application developer software. This means anybody can modify the code of AJAX to implement more features and can assimilate that updated version to be used by all for completely free of cost. This increases the flexibility of the software and makes it more popular among the people, as it is always being updated according to the growing needs. Google the well known open source company uses AJAX for most of its vital applications starting from Google map, Gmail, g-talk and many others. Thus AJAX is a boon to today’s web development market.

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How The Competition Between Microsoft And Google Is Good For Website Owners

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How The Competition Between Microsoft And Google Is Good For Website Owners

Today the most two important words that we commonly come across are computer and internet. They have totally revolutionized the entire world and are also helping towards manifold increase in the pace of development of technology.  But the company which remained in the picture from the very beginning is Microsoft and is still continuing to hold that important position in the field of computer science.

Bill gates, the chairman of Microsoft first introduced the concept of multimedia computers and also imposed patents. So, till date money from the computers that are sold in each and every corner of the world, a handsome percentage of it goes to Microsoft. And to destroy this monopoly of Microsoft many new companies emerged but they all lost direction except the one named Google.

The company Google which is an open source company was started by a group of Harvard students. They first came up with the most advanced search engine to search for web pages over internet and named it as Google. Then, slowly and steadily this company started capturing the global field of internet to eradicate the monopoly of Microsoft.


How The Competition Between Microsoft And Google Is Good For Website Owners

Today both Microsoft and Google are well established companies and they are always competing against each other. As we all know when ever there is a competition between two companies it’s the customers who gets benefited. Same is the scenario here as website owners gain from the battle of the technology giants.

How The Competition Between Microsoft And Google Is Good For Website Owners

As we know, the main revenue that can be generated is from the advertisements that are generated on pages like Google and Microsoft. However, as the competition has heated up, the organizations have come up with innovative ways to attract advertisers. Thus, what would have cost a fortune for any new web host to promote his web business, is now a matter of following certain easy registration steps.

The Google AdSense, for example has been a rage among internet marketers and has created a lot of revenues for both the users and Google. On the other hand, Microsoft has come up with great products and server operating systems which have made the job of website owners very easy. Three years ago, it used to be a very tough job to control the system administration of your website server. However, with tools and applications from Microsoft, it is just like a walk in the park.

Google is not far behind either, as it has targeted the developers in the open source community. So far, it has been able to provide a platform to many developers building their applications on Google APIs.  These applications are well customized to generate high revenues due to the compatibility with Adsense as well.


How The Competition Between Microsoft And Google Is Good For Website Owners

All in all, if you are a website owner, there is no better time to be in the business and reap the benefits of a tight competition.

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