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With the introduction of Web 2.0 standards, websites are now completely different from what it used to be a few years ago. Each day, new ways of being interactive are being discovered and implemented with the help of a host of languages and APIs. Websites are now more collaborative, with users given the power to add content directly in the sites. Naturally, there have been a huge number of sites that offers video sharing and live streaming. Allowing video sharing makes it more engaging and interesting for the user to visit a site, which in turn gets converted into a huge traffic volume for the site.

The web admins of such video-sharing sites are now choosing FFmpeg hosting plans to meet their needs. FFmpeg is a free and open source software library containing tools and plug-ins that can convert video files from one format to the other, upload and stream video files. The use of this software library in the hosting server is termed as FFmpeg hosting. Most FFmpeg hosting providers have the software tools and plug-ins preinstalled in the servers. The servers should be fast and enhanced for video sharing purposes.

Video sharing websites take up a lot of bandwidth and also puts a lot of pressure on the server, so unless it is a new site with very less popularity, it is not wise to have a shared hosting plan. For a site, which is relatively famous, and has a good volume of visitors must go for an upgraded hosting plan. A virtual private server would actually help the cause for a high volume website.

There are few websites scripts that are required for enabling community video sharing. While a few of those scripts would be provided in the hosting plan, they have to be installed in the server to make use of them. This provides web admins with a great option, as the scripts can be installed and configured according to the desires of the admins. The scripts also enable admins to set such community websites with video-sharing capability in very short time. One such website script is PHP Motion, which is provided for free in most FFmpeg hosting plans.

There are lots of FFmpeg hosting providers who provide such services for a varied range of fees. Generally the amount lies between 50 US dollars to 250 US dollars. The additional service offered depends provider to provider, as some might offer automated installation of certain website scripts that enable video sharing.

The market of video sharing has just started moving towards its peak. There is a long way to go and in the future we are sure to see more and more sites coming with FFmpeg hosting.

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Hosting With ClipShare

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Hosting With ClipShare

Clipshare is an extremely useful and popular program that enables its users to share video clips across an operating system based on the cross platform standard. ClipShare is software that allows the users to build websites that are based around the process of posting, viewing, linking, sharing, and sending etc video clips across a mass medium. The ClipShare software is created using the MySQL database and it is built with the help of the computer writing and scripting language PHP.

The application comprises of libraries of software built using ffmpeg. This allows one to upload and manipulate video clips and audio signals in a variety of ways. One can use the application to record the sound and video bytes and also to transform it in a number of ways by adapting the settings, before streaming it across the platform.

You can use either the elementary ClipShare software that is easily available or the more recent version that is ClipShare 4.0 Pro which was released in the year 2008. Let us discuss the requirements for being able to use either of these applications on one’s computer system.

In order to be able to use ClipShare 4.0 Pro your computer system will need somewhat advanced facilities. These functions are needed along with those we will discuss further on for those are the basic necessary requirements for both Basic ClipShare and Clip Share 4.0 Pro.

One of the primary needs is access to CGI- Bin. You also need to enable the functioning of the Apache mod_rewrite. The settings regarding the configuration of PHP, the computer scripting language should be activated as well, at the specific level of register_argc_argv = On. Your computer system, in order to be able to use ClipShare 4.0 Pro should have the facilities required to be able to allow PHP to function using the CLI command line along with exec (). Background processes using exec should be allowed to run on the computer unhindered.

Now let us discuss some of the more fundamental prerequisites that are need for both the basic ClipShare and for Clip Share 4.0 Pro. One of the primary requirements in this category is a Linux Server. It is important to have a Linux server as it is the minimum level that is needed to be able to run ClipShare and servers that are older or less advanced than the Linux category tend to be unsuitable for using ClipShare as many of them are not designed to be able to support the software and this can lead to complications.

The next minimum requirement is an Apache web server as well as a MySQL programming which should be of the minimum level of version 4 +. The configuration enabling the use of the scripting language PHP should be adapted to turn off the safe mode settings and the version 4.3+ should be in use. The software application has not been tried with the PHP 5 version and hence the compatibility regarding the same has not been determined.

The GD Library 2 is the minimum requirement. Levels higher than number 2 can be used to but it is the base minimum.

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Bounceweb.Com Is Now Faster, Efficient And Greener Than Ever Before

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Bounceweb.Com Is Now Faster, Efficient And Greener Than Ever Before

Protecting this planet from extinction is everyone’s responsibility. With pollution and consumption of non-renewable resources on the high, it is high time to act. When eco-friendliness is adopted in every walks of life, why should be the web hosting left behind?, according to the professionals of bounceweb.com

TX, Date – “We have been providing reliable web hosting solution through all these years to a wide base of customers worldwide. With our FFmpeg Web Hosting that helps the users to create sites like youtube, we have gained huge popularity. FFmpeg Web Hosting is widely used worldwide today. Seeing the harsh changes in the environment that conventional web hosting creates, we have decided to become environmentally responsible because we know the fact that for all these years we were conquering the earth and now we are beating it to death. That is the reason why we have started this green initiative. We call this initiative as Green Web Hosting. This phrase may seem odd to you and so I will explain the initiative in detail soon. For the moment of truth, we are really very proud to be the first to start a Green Web Hosting program” says Mr. Joey Smith of bounceweb.com.

Speaking about the Green Web Hosting initiative in more detail, MR. Joey Smith said “The phrase ‘green energy web hosting’ just explains all about this initiative. The green energy web hosting reduces the impacts of web hosting in the environment. Many people have a misconception that web hosting has nothing to do with the environment. The true fact is that the conventional web hosting exploits the natures non-renewable resources and adds a great deal to environment pollution. Coming to the exploitation of non-renewable resources, the conventional web hosting makes use of huge electricity. If the conventional web hosting is used continuously for some more years to come, we will end up in energy crisis that we wouldn’t have even imagined. Another major impact that the conventional web hosting can make n the environment is leaving carbon footprints. The carbon emissions from the conventional web hosting methods contribute a lot to global warming. While several initiatives are started to control global warming, web hosting is left unattended. Foreseeing the future, our Green Web Hosting is the seed of solution to care the environment. This Green Web Hosting makes use of very less electricity when compared to the conventional ones. Moreover, the Green Web Hosting leaves zero carbon footprints.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Joey Smith said, “All our servers are upgraded atleast Intel Core2Quad 9550 with 8GB RAM and full RAID redundancy which allows FFmpeg hosting. For the convenience of the web developers, we have also added the much needed PHP settings, software like ffmpeg, flvtool2, mplayer, etc to our collection.”

“Good Planets are hard to find, don’t blow it” says Mr. Joey Smith.

About bounceweb.com

Bounceweb Web Hosting was formed in May of 1999 when the Internet was still small and relatively new. Today they are one of the popular Hospedagem de Sites.

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