How should next generation email look like?

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How should next generation email look like?

Over the years, the concept of emails has taken a drastic change. There was a time when Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail used to be market leaders with a total of 2-4 MB email space. Interestingly, people were happy with the space provided, and everything was working out fine until Google entered the scenario with 1GB free space. It changed the whole scenario altogether and suddenly, everyone started using Gmail!

Apart from the huge mailbox size, what attracted people were the new user interface, the smooth operations and new innovations every now and then. Soon after, Google launched Google Talk, which is its Internet messaging service, and then quite intelligently, integrated it with the Google mail box. This ensured that people would not have to switch between windows to work on mail and chat.

While Google came up with extremely impressive innovations, what forced the world to revisit the concept of emailing altogether was the entry of social networking giants such as Facebook. Initially, it was just a sharing among friends, but with innovations within the social networking websites, the inevitable question came up if social networking feeds had the power to make the current emailing system obsolete in the near future?

At the first glance, it would seem to be a ridiculous idea as because mailing is predominant in the personal and corporate sphere, while social networking is present only in people’s personal domain. However, the core concept of both emailing and social sharing is the same – people propagate their message to intended recipients through mediums like text, images, videos and other formats. However, as one may argue, a mailbox provides a sense of security, which cannot be guaranteed by a open social networking feed.

However, looking at the bigger picture, what seems to be more likely that, emailing would have to replace a lot of its concepts by bringing in fresh concepts from the social networking feeds. The user interface is definitely going to be centred on the user’s social circle, rather than the current data-centric approach. Moreover, it should be easier to handle large amount of data – as social circles would help in efficient classification of data.

On the flip side, as pointed out earlier, there could be a few security tradeoffs that need to be worked out before we move on to the next version of email communication. Users should always have the control over what they receive and what they want to share with the rest of the world.

The need for a revolutionary version of email system is very much required as it can be observed that emails relating to one’s private life are now being replaced by social networking feeds. The forwarded mails containing several funny content are now being shared on Facebook rather than intruding people’s inbox. In one way, people may argue that it has taken off the unnecessary stuff out of the mailbox, but it also has dented the popularity of mailboxes to a large extent. Unless, emailing system are ready to embrace the latest Internet trends, it could face tough times ahead.

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The future of social networking

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The future of social networking

Social networking has evolved as a part of our life on the Internet – irrespective of the fact whether we are an active part of the world’s largest network. After years of hard-fought competition, Facebook and Twitter stand as undisputed leaders in the social networking industry. However, on the other hand, LinkedIn has created its own niche, while some other websites do keep coming up to capture our interest for short period of time. On the other hand, Google, the pioneers of Internet search and other Internet services have opted for a social networking product, which is slowly but surely creating a market for its own.

The interesting mix of ideas and innovations has led to the inevitable question: how would the whole phenomenon of social networking shape up in the near future. In order to gauge the future of social networking, we need to understand the direction which leading social networking websites are taking. The first trend that seems to be a clear winner is to collate usage data statistics into trends, so as to cash in on the content that is being discussed the most. While this enables users to stay updated with the latest buzz on the Internet, it also increases the probability of favourable content being shared further – a clear gain for the networking websites.

Although Facebook has been leading in terms of registered users, it is surprising how it has followed Google Plus in introducing features that has really transformed the social networking experience. The inclusion of video chatting, hot trends being part of the main stream and a better user experience are all features that were introduced by Google Plus.

However, the bigger picture is that social networking websites are now efficiently using content in order to influence its users into propagating them further. Thus, it can be easily predicted that content that we share are going to determine the quality of data or information around us.

The second factor that can be seen to be a future phenomenon for sure is the growth of niche social networking websites. While LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals, Twitter is a mini-blogging website in its own standard. Similarly, more such websites could be expected to enter the market. As one would argue, niche sites would not be able to attract mass users, but the unique selling point for such websites is the exclusivity that they offer. In fact, the initial popularity of Facebook can be attributed to the exclusivity of its registration eligibility.

The third fact that has already been implemented to a large extent is the integration with other services on the Internet. While Google has integrated most of its services with Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter has also integrated with each other, with Facebook collaborating with Microsoft Bing search as well. However, as per the current trend, one may perceive it as the tip of the iceberg. In fact, several such associations can be expected in future which would help shape up the Internet as a network of individuals creating their own social circle – much like the outer world!

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Decoding the new Google Plus Look

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Decoding the new Google Plus Look

Google Plus is a social networking site launched by Google on June 28th, 2011 and now has over 170 million users. The Google+ user base is expected to increase more now with the new look. Competing with the social networking kings Facebook and Twitter, Google+ received a setback as it wasn’t able to capture the market as desired. However, to meet the user demand, Google+ is constantly adding new features since the beta launch. The new up-gradation of Google+ has rectified some of its flaws to attract new users. Though it has still got some blemishes, Google Plus seems to be a potential contender to be at the social networking world’s pinnacle.

Some of the changes brought in Google+ are:

Integration with Picasa: The integration of Google+ with Picasa Photo Editor makes it much easier to add pictures and edit them as required. The photo viewer is also better and the pictures can be easily shared with friends and families.

Explore: The new Explore page keeps you updated with what’s new in Google+.

Video Hangouts: Starting video hangouts or free video conferences with up to 10 people in a hangout is a lot easier now. The hangout section is expanded and has added several new features along with the list constantly updated of all the hangout invites.

Editing: Google+ now allows the users to edit the ribbon. Now it is possible for the users to place their favorite services at the top for easy access to them. You can similarly drop the applications or services not used by you to the “More” box at the bottom-right as you won’t be using them.

Easy Access to Actions: When you are hovering over an application, a set of actions for quick access will be presented. For example: hovering over the photos application will give you options for adding new images from an online album or your phone.

Activity Drawer: An activity drawer is a sliding out box displaying the +1s and the no. of shares of the post.

Google+ Vocabulary: A “Card” is a box containing all the posts and the related comments, +1s and shares. It has made scanning and joining discussions easier.

Customizing Circle Feeds: Using a slider that has now been provided with each of the circles you have created, it is now possible to determine the amount of message feeds of the circles to be displayed in the main all circles feed of your page.

Profile Pictures: The size of profile pictures has been increased.

More Space: The different icons have been shifted for providing more space for the posts.

All these feature upgrades have made Google+ more user-friendly and expects to attract more joining. However some flaws still remain. Comments in a post are displayed in white and light gray making it difficult to read. Also the new look has not been implemented for mobile and Smartphone versions. Also the “Whitespace” between the online list of friends and the news feed is very disturbing. Google+ needs to rectify these flaws to be able to capture the market.

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Social Networking Sites – A Brief History

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Social Networking Sites – A Brief History

Social Networking Sites – A Brief History

Social networking is an online service focusing on reflecting and building of social networks or relations among people sharing same interests, activities or backgrounds. These services or sites allow the user to create a virtual representation or profile showcasing one’s likes, dislikes, interests, activities etc and also providing some additional services.  Most of these services are internet based thus providing the users to interact with other fellow users easily. In 1994 the first social networking site was developed and the AOL messenger service was amongst the first popular instant messaging services evolved in 1997. These social networking sites have evolved and now have become extremely popular worldwide. Some of the popular networking sites are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, Hyves etc.

A brief history of the evolution and popularization of social networking among the masses is summarized as follows:

Geocities was the first web-based social networking site developed in 1994. It allowed the users to create their own websites.

In 1995 THEGLOBE.COM emerged allowing users to publish their content and interact with the other users sharing similar interests.

It recorded an IPO of $850m but fell substantially to $4m in 3yrs.

In 1997 AOL INSTANT MESSENGER was launched which popularized the concept of instant messaging.

Social Networking Sites – A Brief History

SIXDEGREES.COM was also launched in the same year which allowed users to create their individual profiles and listing friends.

Friendster was the real breakthrough in the field of social networking. Launched in 2002, Friendster was the pioneer of using the concept of online networking between real-world friends. The user base of Friendster grew to 3 million users.

Social Networking Sites – A Brief HistoryIn 2003 MYSPACE was launched which though was a Friendster clone at the beginning but was developed in the following years and is still popular.

Social Networking Sites – A Brief History

Many other social networking sites like LINKEDIN, JAIKU, TRIBE.NET, CLASSMATES.COM etc were launched in the following years.

In 2004 FACEBOOK was launched at Harvard University as a way of connecting all the U.S. college students.

Social Networking Sites – A Brief History

In 2006 Twitter was launched which has been a huge success with 300 million users presently.

Social Networking Sites – A Brief History

 In 2008 Facebook overtook MySpace to become the leader among the social networking sites. Presently Facebook has a user-base of more than 845 million!

These social networking sites are being developed ever since and have now exploded to become one of the biggest industries. These sites in order to remain at the top of social networking continuously add new features and applications to make it more user-friendly. Chatting and video calling has made it easier for the users to keep in contact with their friends. Sites like Facebook have added many games and applications thus attracting users making it a means of killing their free time. While Twitter, a micro-blogging site allows the users to constantly update their daily activities. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc are the sites currently dominating the field of social networking but it requires implementation of new concept to create the gravity around these sites else its user-base can fall drastically and their market share can dwindle in no time as it happened in case of Orkut. Nevertheless social networking sites have been a great boon in our lives helping people to remain connected.

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Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

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Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

The social life and activity of people has been affected enormously by Facebook. It allows people to continuously stay in touch with their relatives, colleagues and other acquaintances even if they are anywhere in the world. It provides gaming applications for the users which makes Facebook more spicy and delightful using it. Facebook’s prominence as a platform of gaming and video sports rocketed in 2009 and 2010, and now more than 60% of registered Facebook users play the games provided. Day by day, social gaming is going entertaining for people and great business for the social networking companies. Some of the popular gaming application provided by Facebook are:

Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

Farmville (about 30 millions daily players)

Mafia wars

Angry birds

City Ville

Gardens of time

Doubledown casino

Castle ville

Indiana jones

Empires and allies

Slotomania- slot machines

Diamond dash

Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

Fun, Addiction or both?

Facebook gaming is a sort of addiction besides fun.  Here people play games against the real persons in the social network and also they swash their achievements  to the friends by sharing the scores. Taking an example of the game Farmville, which has about 30 million registered users on daily basis, the mania of gaming among their users can be justified clearly. The duration of the use of application was average 6 to 7 hours daily, which gives a shadow of the idea how addictive the game is. Although, many other people hates the Facebook gaming also, little strange for Facebook gaming fans.

Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs

Acts as Bridge of communication

It is a good source of networking and communication. Most of the time, people generally play with the unknown people online on Facebook, which makes a sense of familiarity between the players even though they are from different countries and never met before. Hence, these also act as a river bridge of  interaction for those users who believe in being frogs of well.

Used as business branding purpose

Some companies use the gaming application of Facebook as a publicity token. Let us take an instance of NBA Legend Facebook game application, an official game in Facebook of the NBA( National Basketball association), which is in collaboration with Lionside, a social developer of games and applications. It was launched on feb’11 and has been played by more than 1 million monthly registered users. And getting 4.8 out of 5 rating by the users would surely help any company to enhance their business branding and publicity(with some appreciable shares for the Lionside game developer) .


Facebook : A playground for social cyber maniacs


Market: Growing together with the popularity

Today Facebook has more than over 700 million users worldwide and exponentially increasing day by day, and hence the users of Facebook gaming application. Zynga, which is one of the leading social gaming companies, approximates the profit of $630 million in 2011-12( $1.8 million of revenue).

Finally concluding , Extreme of anything can be harmful, and it is also applicable on the Facebook gaming.

Game owning companies are expecting their own profits and advantages, so people must also aware of the use and overuse of these games and applications. They are good for Entertainment and networking until they become an addiction.

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Social Advertising: The Concept behind it

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Social Advertising: The Concept behind it

Gone are the days where some big brand names with their handful of products used to dominate the market because of their reach which exceeded others. But now there has arrived a new player in the game which is favouring all the small scale businesses as well for selling their product. This is known as Social Advertising. Basically it is the concoction of advertising via any social network or media that any customer might be related to or influenced by. Nowadays most of the companies, even the established ones, are planning schemes so that they can dominate the arena of social advertising and ensure their sales don’t take a dip.


Rise of Social Advertising: Social Advertising has been present for some time now where friends and family or any other acquaintances of any person prescribe or influence the taste of some other person by virtue of word of mouth. This ploy has been proven to be very effective as here not only the person is getting to know about the benefits of the product but he is getting to know about it from someone he trusts. So basically it is advertising on a more personal level. But before the 2000’s Social Advertising was very much in its incipient stages with some sporadic successes all that changed with the rise of internet and mostly the social networks.

Social Networks: Social Networks, mostly Facebook, have been the pioneers in being the harbinger of Social Advertising at its present stage today and it is a fact that presently companies are spending more on social advertising than anything else. Before people used to see movie stars or sport persons vouching for some product which they vaguely trusted but now as they can see their snooty aunt use it, they obviously think it is the way to go.


Banner Burst: Before the predominance of Social Advertising there was this huge banner mania where people were always looking to buy stuff from big names even if that meant paying a little extra. This was because they were the ones who actually did some direct advertising through TV or put up their own website for customers to see. But now people can check social networks for a peek at all the latest designs and products of unknown brands which are good and yet cheap. So, the banner bubble has truly burst.


The Truth: Many people think that what they see or hear on Facebook for example about any product is absolutely true and unembellished. Is that so? Not quite so. As it goes, major companies have become clever and are employing thousands of employees just to keep a tab on what you are saying to your friend about a product and do their best to influence anyone’s interest towards their own product. That is another form of Social Advertising.


Popular Media: Now let’s take a look at the most popular social arena today for Social Advertising. As expected Facebook holds the top spot with almost 93% of deployed campaigns and is closely followed by Twitter and YouTube. Other media in the list are MySpace, LinkedIn and Zynga.


Social Advertising is still growing as more and more brands realize its effectiveness and deploy their own campaigns over the internet. But the actual reason behind social advertising i.e. to let the users know about the best product from an unbiased source is getting lost day by day because the brands are taking every measure possible to overturn any competition in the market. Only time will tell whether social advertising would actually cure people of brand blindness or not.

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How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter?

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How to create online presence of your business on Facebook and Twitter?

For anyone with a small or medium sized business and wants to develop an internet presence, there are some simple steps to follow. Many business owners do not know how to use online business presence to leverage their business opportunities at a very low investment. Facebook and twitter are two of the most visited social sites in the world and making a social online presence there could be of great help as it can target the audience at a low price.

Setup a website

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

This is the starting element of any business which wants to be known through the internet. Choosing a good domain name is necessary. It gives the first impression to the visitor. A lot of web designers are available and for a small to medium sized business, the site should take less than two weeks. The cost of development varies and many a times, free simple web builders are also available for personal use. The content of the website should be crisp, clear and eye-catching. A good communication with the developer is also necessary as the website needs to be updated regularly for new content.

Few things to consider are:

  • The website should be simple enough. Abundance of content confuses the customer.
  • User-friendliness is also very crucial to a successful web presence as people finding it difficult will switch over to other places.
  • Quality of the content should also be taken care of. Websites lacking in quality is missing everything.


Registering the website in general directories

Many online directories exist where people regularly go searching for their specific needs. So registering in directories like yellow pages and other local directories is also very necessary for a fast growth in business. The details should be specific and easily findable.


Create a Face book and twitter page

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

A personal Facebook page for your business will give a boost to the growth. It is because of the millions of viewers of both Facebook and twitter. These are places where people can follow the particular pages and thus get updates easily of any new upcoming product or offer. These sites also spread the news very quickly through the help of social networking. A twitter page works almost similarly as a Facebook page and the status update can be used to promote newly launched products. These provide a very good two way communication channel, which is also very fast and self-advertising.

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

Get the business located

Along with a twitter and Facebook account, Google maps can also be used to draw attention of the customers. By getting the exact location of the business, customers easily build up trust in the business.

How to create online presence of your business in Facebook and Twitter

The whole procedure should not take more than three weeks. Once setup perfectly, there is not much work left to do. Regular updates and quick offers increase the interest of the customers. You can also easily monitor the growth through “like” and “recommend” feature in Facebook. In short it is the cheapest and fastest way to develop a web presence.

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Use Facebook API To Create Applications

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Use Facebook API To Create Applications

Facebook API is a great way to create applications and share them with your friends and family. Usually, you will come across a large number of apps on Facebook, and hardly half of them are officially built. Someone creates them using their coding knowledge, and bundles them within the Facebook interface so that people throughout the world can use them. Building these applications gives an opportunity to get a totally new experience and lets you integrate them with social plug-ins and once it’s made available once at least 10 of your friends start using it. Creating applications requires you to have a prior knowledge of Java, PHP, and Python or C#.

The steps involved in making a Facebook application are as follows –


Start off

Use Facebook API To Create Applications

First of all, you will need to create a new application page. For this, you will need to go to and choose the option “Setup new application”. Give an appropriate name in the space provided. Read the Facebook terms before continuing in the given link to ensure that you are not violating any of their rules.

Fill in details

Use Facebook API To Create Applications

In the edit details page, you can choose to give a description to your application so that people can know what it is about. Provide all the required details. You will be automatically selected as the administrator for this application.

Facebook integration form

Use Facebook API To Create Applications

All the apps are loaded onto the canvas page which will be responsible for running it. You will have to put an appropriate canvas page URL for your application. Suppose you name your app as “My App”, then the canvas URL should look like Fill in the form, and remember to use ‘https’ when asked for a secure canvas link. Also provide the link where you’ll be hosting your files.

Uploading library files

Use Facebook API To Create Applications

Here we are assuming you have already used your programming skills to develop the application. Now you will need to upload the source files so they can be integrated. Create a folder in your site and extract the library files.


Use Facebook API To Create Applications

To make the experience personalized, you will need the application to access the personal information. For this, you will need to redirect to following URL –


Social feed

Use Facebook API To Create Applications

To update your app status on people’s news feed, you have to include the piece of code provided.

Use Facebook API To Create Applications


Use Facebook API To Create Applications

This is required to send requests to friends to help in completing work, or to promote the application. For this, you will have to include another piece of code as provided.

Use Facebook API To Create Applications

You can create a variety of applications. It can be a game or retrieving your friend’s profile pictures and turn them into a yearbook to remember your precious moments. You have to apply your own imagination to create your own app in order to make it unique, and to make sure that people enjoy using it. Facebook Graph API provides further advanced modes of creating applications, and it completely exploits the platform provided by Facebook. You can use those features to create real time apps, with providing updates from time to time. Once you start creating apps, you will find it very interesting and you might want to venture into the depths of it.


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Ways of Online Marketing via Social Network

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Ways of Online Marketing via Social Network

One of the ways of doing online marketing is through Social network websites. Many business houses prefer social networks for their marketing as it always results in success. Here without much effort and at a lower expense all the product and services can be marketed. To be successful in business one has to adopt online marketing via social networks. As social network sites cater to large number of users worldwide the marketing products and services reach a larger target group. Business people can be a member of these sites by opening an account where they can enlighten their potential customers about their services and product. They enhance the sale of their product. As the products reach the customers all over the world they can send the products by courier or posts to different countries without any extra cost of marketing. A person in India can get a product from US at his doorstep.


Here are few ways of marketing on social networking sites

Important social network marketing sites

Face book, Twitter, My space, LinkedIn are some of the approved  networking sites which   can be used directly to promote sales.

Selling of product by posting article

This is one of the cheaper methods of online marketing. This is done through writing articles on the product and services thereby attracting countless number of users.


Through blogging on social networking sites one has to post the information of the product which may not help initially in marketing but later on it results in a big business. In recent years marketing via blogs on social network has become a powerful tool in comparison to other tools. Apart from just marketing your business one can communicate with the other clients in case of any problem through blogs.

Sending of Emails

Another way of online marketing through social networking is sending of emails. Send email about your business to the internet users after collecting the addresses through networking web sites. The content of the mail should be impressive and effective to generate a response.

Video distribution

Social networking websites upload the videos of your products to the whole world. As a part of marketing one has to do a video of his services and send it to video distribution sites like You tube for promotion.

Search engine optimization

One can improve the marketing through social networking sites by increasing the traffic to the websites. The increase in traffic to website is better done by search engine optimization.


The present social networks allow the businessmen to have an affordable space for the period of time they need it to be exposed to the customers. In the computer savvy world many people use the social networking sites as a medium of communication. This becomes an advantage to expose your business to the people who use social networking sites. Customers can order a product by sitting at home or while on move and get it delivered at their doorstep. So business through social networking sites creates good relationship with customers.
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Hackers in Facebook are on the loose

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Yes, it’s true that hackers worldwide are on the loose to invade Facebook, but take note that their intentions are to find a bug for the popular networking site in the world.

How does it work?

Facebook, has released a program called the Bug Bounty. The company will pay professional hackers or programmers to try to find the vulnerability in their system. It was also reported that Facebook pays $500 per bug but will shell out more money for exceptional issues. The reward will increase on how serious the bug is, and only one bounty per security bug will be awarded to the person.

The following bugs aren’t eligible for a bounty (and we don’t recommend testing for these):

Security bugs in third-party applications (e.g.,[app_name])
Security bugs in third-party websites that integrate with Facebook
Security bugs in Facebook’s corporate infrastructure
Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
Spam or Social Engineering techniques

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