Ways of Online Marketing via Social Network

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Ways of Online Marketing via Social Network

One of the ways of doing online marketing is through Social network websites. Many business houses prefer social networks for their marketing as it always results in success. Here without much effort and at a lower expense all the product and services can be marketed. To be successful in business one has to adopt online marketing via social networks. As social network sites cater to large number of users worldwide the marketing products and services reach a larger target group. Business people can be a member of these sites by opening an account where they can enlighten their potential customers about their services and product. They enhance the sale of their product. As the products reach the customers all over the world they can send the products by courier or posts to different countries without any extra cost of marketing. A person in India can get a product from US at his doorstep.


Here are few ways of marketing on social networking sites

Important social network marketing sites

Face book, Twitter, My space, LinkedIn are some of the approved  networking sites which   can be used directly to promote sales.

Selling of product by posting article

This is one of the cheaper methods of online marketing. This is done through writing articles on the product and services thereby attracting countless number of users.


Through blogging on social networking sites one has to post the information of the product which may not help initially in marketing but later on it results in a big business. In recent years marketing via blogs on social network has become a powerful tool in comparison to other tools. Apart from just marketing your business one can communicate with the other clients in case of any problem through blogs.

Sending of Emails

Another way of online marketing through social networking is sending of emails. Send email about your business to the internet users after collecting the addresses through networking web sites. The content of the mail should be impressive and effective to generate a response.

Video distribution

Social networking websites upload the videos of your products to the whole world. As a part of marketing one has to do a video of his services and send it to video distribution sites like You tube for promotion.

Search engine optimization

One can improve the marketing through social networking sites by increasing the traffic to the websites. The increase in traffic to website is better done by search engine optimization.


The present social networks allow the businessmen to have an affordable space for the period of time they need it to be exposed to the customers. In the computer savvy world many people use the social networking sites as a medium of communication. This becomes an advantage to expose your business to the people who use social networking sites. Customers can order a product by sitting at home or while on move and get it delivered at their doorstep. So business through social networking sites creates good relationship with customers.
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Ways to Publicize your Websites

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Ways to Publicize your Websites

With every passing day, as the world gets more dependent on the internet, every concept has metamorphosed into something revamped. Today, the website provides the primary introduction of a company or institution. A large percentage of a company’s success or failure can be attributed to things like how attractive and user friendly the company’s website is, how accessible it is to the masses and how much publicity it has gained. Publicizing one’s product, services, unique features and the like with the help of websites can prove to be fruitful only if the website has been optimized for search and has been properly advertised and publicized.


With superstars writing blogs to express their views it is now a common trend for the general people too. Advertisements linking the website can be made in these blog pages at a cheap rate.


There are many fan clubs, discussion and debate forums catering to a particular person or an idea of interest. Many people visit these forums to discuss their ideas. An advertisement made here may prove to be strategic.


Apart from these pop up advertisements, making good use of Google’s ad sense, other online classifieds and e-mail posts.   

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Mobile Devices that make emailing and browsing easier

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Mobile Devices that make emailing and browsing easier

The mobile market is now considered to be one of the fastest expanding and profitable markets in the world. With virtually everybody above the age of twelve possessing a mobile, there has been a rapid increase in the number and variety of mobile sets and connections available. With a wide array of smart phones hitting the market browsing the net is now just a swipe-of-the-finger away. The World Wide Web no longer rests on your desktop; it now cuddles on your palm.


Manufactured by Apple, this multi-touch screen phone is equipped with internet browsing and is multimedia enabled. Being 3G enabled it supports very high speed internet and smooth connectivity in addition to sporting a high resolution camera.

Nexus One

A smart phone manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation that uses the Google based Android Open Source Mobile Operating System the phone sports a sleek design in addition to supporting high speed internet browsing and fast data transfer.


Samsung and Nokia manufactures mobiles in a wide range starting from ordinary phones to those having state-of –the art internet browsing and downloading capabilities. Their high end models Samsung Omnia and N-97 has packed in a lot of features within a reasonable price and boasts of a large market share.

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Top security issues while accessing Internet over mobile devices

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Top security issues while accessing Internet over mobile devices

With a surge of smart phones in the ever expanding Mobile market it is time the world shifted from your desktop to the palm of your hand.  The conventional click is being replaced by a swipe of the hand. According to a recent survey more than 63 million urban users worldwide use their mobile for accessing the internet on a monthly basis. With the advent of 3G networks and better wireless connectivity, accessing the internet via mobile is becoming increasingly popular. However, internet access using mobile always involves a few risks.

Owing to the absence of well developed anti-virus software for mobiles they are always prone to spam, viruses and other malicious content. Such infection is usually characterised by the following abnormalities:

Abnormal Phone Bill

A large unexpected increase in the phone bill would mean that the phone account is being misused.

Freezing of handset

Sudden hanging, malfunctioning or restarting of the mobile phone indicates presence of virus in the handset

Unauthorised usage of email accounts

Unidentified e-mails and messages in the ‘sent’ folder would mean that the phone email account has been hacked.

Changes in configuration

Uncalled for changes in the user interface, background, wallpapers and color settings could either mean virus attack or remote access to the device.

However, with many new mobile operating systems up for the launch a solution to these problems should not be very far.

Top five web-based mail clients

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Top five web-based mail clients

We all know about GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail as most of us have been using it for our email requirements. However, there exists other email clients which are specially optimized for web hosting packages. Here are the top five:

1. Neomail

Neomail is a web based email system which allows us to read, send and respond to incoming emails from any internet connection. The only pre requisites are an internet connection and a web browser. It is extremely useful when one is travelling, as one can view the mails using any browser.

2. Squirrelmail

Squirrelmail is a standards-based web mail provider which has been written using PHP. It includes in-built pure PHP support for both IMAP and SMTP, with no need for javascript as all pages are rendered in pure HTML 4.0, thus making it compatible across almost all web browsers..

3. AIM Mail

AIM Mail, which is AOL’s free email service, provides one of the best facilities for web mail providers, with unlimited online storage, very good spam protection and a very user friendly interface.

4. Care2 E-mail

Care2 E-mail service provides all the normal functionalities of a free email service provider, with a charitable purpose thrown in too.

5. GMX mail

GMX mail is a free mail provider with a good spam and virus filter, 5 GB of online storage and a rich web interface.

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How to use the sendmail option on PHP

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How to use the sendmail option on PHP

Websites often need to send mail to certain user accounts for purposes like email-id verification, sending newsletters and updates, or sending account details. The PHP programming language has the mail() function to send mail to any Email address. It uses the SMTP protocol for sending mail.

Syntax of the sendmail function

    bool mail ( string $to , string $subject , string $message [, string $additional_headers [, string $additional_parameters ]] )

The variables explained

The variable $to signifies the email address to which the mail is being sent. Some examples are:

The variable $subject supplies the subject of the email sent .

The string $message contains the entire body of the message.

$additional_headers is used to supply additional headers with the mail, for example the from header, or the Reply-To header. The headers are seperated with CRLF ( carriage-return linefeed ) sequences.


An example use of the sendmail function –

$to = ”abc@example.com”;

$subject = ”testing”;

$message = “hello world!”;

$headers = “From: webmaster@example.com” . “\r\n” . “Reply-To: webmaster@example.com”;


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Why more and more people use mail forms on their website

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Why more and more people use mail forms on their website
Almost every website has a contact button, although I’m not sure if the CIA does (would be cool if they had a call-back button…’Yeah, who’s this? It’s the CIA!’ but I’m sidetracking). A couple of years ago, when you clicked on a contact button, you would have gotten a page with an address, a phone number, some information and an e-mail address. The address and the phone number are still there most of the time, but the e-mail address has been replaced by a form.

That may sound nice, but sometimes it’s a curse. Not all mail forms work well, and most of the time they don’t support attachments. So much for sending them your resume. Annoying as it may be, there really is a good reason for replacing the e-mail address with a form, and that reason is spam. Maybe you’re afraid of spiders, but the ones you really should be afraid of, are the spiders of hackers (not to be confused with those of search engines). These spiders crawl through millions of web pages, with just one mission: gathering e-mail addresses. To spammers, every e-mail address means money, so they’re pretty keen on gathering them. That’s bad, but hey, if there’s no e-mail address to be found on the website, there’s nothing to gather.

This is why more and more people use a form in stead of an address displaying on the page, simply to limit the number of spam e-mails. However, it’s not an airtight system. More advanced bots know how to recognize an e-mail form, fill it out and send it. Also very annoying, but at least they don’t know the address they’re sending it to, so they can’t steal your address and spread it. The way to limit form spam, is to install a protection system like captcha (http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captcha). This system requires people to enter a code, before being able to submit the form. So now you know, all the terrible annoyances on the web are cause by one thing: spam! Time to become a vegetarian.

Create an online newsletter using Constant Contact

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Creating a newsletter is difficult for two important reasons. First of all, writing is a craft in itself and second, you need to be able to create a nice html thing. Oh and there’s actually a third: recipient management. If Mrs Saunders from the Dentist Office complaints that she doesn’t want to receive your e-mails anymore, you have to remove her from the list. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a system that did all that for you? Luckily there is, it’s called constant contact. Of course you still need to write the newsletter yourself, but that’s just about it.

  1. Go to www.constantcontact.com
  2. Click on Free Trial (yep, sadly this isn’t free)
  3. Fill in the details that are required
  4. Your account will be activated. Click on Build or Import your contact list.
  5. Create a contact list and import your recipients
  6. Now click on Create an Email
  7. Give your email a name.
  8. Choose the template that fits your needs the best (you c an design your own one, but id you could you wouldn’t need this service for that)
  9. Click Next
  10. Fill in the E-mail settings (subject, name, extra options etc.)
  11. Click Next
  12. Now you’re in your template. Just add text and upload pictures to format your newsletter the way you want it.
  13. Click save and Continue.
  14. Now decide if you want to send your e-mail now or if you want to schedule it for a delivery on another moment, and confirm.
  15. That’s it, you’ve designed your first newsletter, composed it, and sent it. Good job!

Of course you’re not supposed to enter all the contacts manually, there’s a system for that ( I just love to say system). Create a signup box for your website on the CC website, and place the code on your site. Now people can sign up through your site. It’s brilliant, apart from the fact that you’re going to pay when your recipient count surpasses 30. But the fact that this service takes a lot of work out of your hands, makes up for it all!

Mozilla Thunderbird – Free Windows Email Client

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Mozilla Thunderbird is a Free Windows Email Client for everyone who wants to use it. I highly recommend it for anyone who uses personal email, and wants to keep everything organized, without much fuss.

It has a slew of features such as:

  • Easy to organize all your email in folders.
  • Tag and color code your email messages.
  • Show message history, so you can view the e-mail that went back and forth like a conversation.
  • Search quickly and easily throughout all your emails with powerful in email and search within all of your folders.
  • Saved your searches so you can find what you already found quickly and easily.
  • Phishing protection and privacy protection.
  • Powerful spam filtering system.
  • Automated updates that keeps everything up to date automatically.
  • Open source so there is a community working on it all the time.
  • RSS feed reader built in.

Wow what a list. I mean, when you consider the price tag of $0, what more could you ask for? Honestly! I couldn’t ask for much more than that. This isn’t just a low end freebie people, this is a full featured email client that you can’t go wrong with. To add to all the excitement look at their great logo:

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

Thanks for reading. Until next time.