Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

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Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

The only solution to allow digital streaming of video and audio which can also be recorded and converted is an FFmpeg hosting site. This means that anyone can upload normal video formats to the server and perform a conversion to the flv or flash video format, which is essential to stream videos online. Many try to create a good video hosting site based on normal web hosting platforms, but it is very difficult to set up and loses the flexibility. With the help of an FFmpeg hosting site it is very easy to create and setup a private web page that includes streaming and online editing of video and audio.

Creating up a website with FFmpeg capabilities is not very difficult. Anyone with knowledge in webhosting can easily set up one.


Choosing a web host

The first important thing to look for is the features available in various hosting sites. Many hosting sites give a large amount of web space, others give more bandwidth, and some have many more capabilities than just simple hosting some static web pages. So according to the requirements, good choices should be made to get a good site.

FFmpeg capabilities

This is the next most important part to have a video and audio streaming website. There are many variations to what might be done with an FFmpeg web host. There are many popular libraries available like Mencoder, Mplayer,  Libvorbis, Libogg and Lamne MP3 encoder. PHP versions 4 or 5 may also be required to make dynamic scripts and give a good amount of functionality to the website.

Support for popular scripts used in video web hosting sites

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

Many popular scripts are available. These include clone scripts of Youtube, Clipshare, Vidiscript, Rayazz, vShare, Phpmotion etc. the web hosting server should be compatible with these scripts because these enable the webmaster to easily edit, modify and create video and audio files from any other file formats.

Other features

Many web hosts also feature many other extended capabilities like flash web builder, c-panel interface for easy administration of the web server, and other utility software. Though much of these may be unnecessary for an advanced user, but it would be very helpful for a beginner. For a beginner to know everything to setup a simple video hosting site is a waste of time and energy. Better it is, if the web hosts provide the services for easy setup of the site.

Reliability of the web host

This is one of the most important criteria for a good video hosting site. Since the videos are reviewed over tens and hundreds of times so reliability of the server is must for a good service.

Create YouTube-like website with FFmpeg hosting

For an inexperienced person it is very important that they pay attention to every detail and not take the things casually if they want it to be successful. This is because beginners cannot perform complex tasks or write scripts themselves, which makes them largely dependent on available codes to do their work. Hence, making the right choices will get a video hosting site up and running in a few hours.

Bounceweb provides cheap and reliable video hosting with FFmpeg hosting.

CPanel and FTP: File sharing and Website hosting

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CPanel and FTP: File sharing and Website hosting

Internet access is something which is taken for granted, and most individuals depend on the Internet for sharing their files, be it music, videos or documents, with their co-workers, friends, relatives and family. However, as the Internet gets more and more cluttered and congested each day, gradually sharing and moving files will become more problematic. Even though there are a host of service providers who provide free file sharing and storage in the form of e-mail accounts, where files can be shared by attaching them with e-mails, the principal problem here is that there is a limitation on the size of the file that can be attached. Similarly, there is a restriction on the total storage space available per account.

cPanel and FTP -File sharing and Website hosting

FTP Hosting

FTP hosting is one of the easiest solutions to the limitations of online storage and transfer that are imposed by free service providers. Online FTP site hosting is a cost effective way to sending large files via e-mail, and has a large number of other benefits as well. The main advantage that FTP hosting has to offer is the fact that there is a separate bandwidth and storage space for downloading and uploading files from the web. As such, you will not have to expend your main bandwidth or storage space for downloading files; it is left for website traffic. Using the main website bandwidth for downloading would expend the available bandwidth at a rapid rate, which is undesirable. FTP hosting sites also provide a greater storage space, which can be used to store your files. Even though it is a paid service, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Advantages of FTP hosting

Fast and secure means to transfer and share files over the Internet

Greater storage capacity and files can be accessed from anywhere

Access to all files and folders are password protected. Access permissions can be modified

Extremely cost-effective

cPanel and FTP -File sharing and Website hosting

All FTP hosting services come with a control panel, which can be used for controlling the applications on the front page. One of the most popular control panels is cPanel, which is used in several websites.


CPanel packages usually offer Fantastico scripts which can be added over your existing domain name easily and swiftly. These applications can then be utilized by visitors to your website. Some common applications offered include wiki software, discussion forums and photo galleries. These applications can also be updated depending on the requirement. With cPanel, it becomes much easier to set up your website. The domain is automatically linked to the database, and application installation is simple and easy, quite unlike traditional hosting services which require everything to be done manually, leading to several complications.

cPanel and FTP -File sharing and Website hosting

cPanel and FTP -File sharing and Website hosting

CPanel hosting

CPanel hosting usually acts as a control panel for the website, a panel which has the controls to the applications which have been installed into the website. This makes it easier to access and modify the website content as and when required by the owner, without having to depend on a webmaster’s services. The file manager is easy to operate and allows easy access to the files stored with the host domain. This makes it simple to add new features in the website for the benefit of the site visitors. Using cPanel, it is possible to set up email accounts associated with the current domain. Additional sub domains and FTP protocols can also be created easily for ease of file transfer and sharing, especially when the files are large. Users will also find it simpler to execute Perl scripts, or use the Sendmail option for automatic emailing. Thus, it is easy to see why cPanel is the most popular platform when it comes to web hosting.

Use cPanel Hosting with Bounceweb to get all the latest features at the best price!

What Sets CPanel Apart from Other Web Control Panels

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What Sets cPanel Apart from Other Web Control Panels

Web Hosting Control panels are generally a set of tools and interfaces designated for maintaining and monitoring  hosting account on WWW. These are mainly meant for monitoring server logs, quotas usage, web statistics, FTP accounts, databases, domains, add-on etc.

Webhosting cPanel is the most popular and used control panel worldwide due to its attractive features and easy usability. Day by day the no of users is increasing and cPanel is becoming more popular among common public. So if some problem arises while working with cPanel we can easily get a solution to that problem through different posts available on net.

Client Server Interface

CPanel offers a very friendly client server interface that makes it extremely easy for the user to interact with the software.


Various add-ons are available for this software and it’s very easy to attach these add-ons with cPanel. These add-ons are also frequently updated according to the growing requirements of the people.

Cheap cost and easy available updates

CPanel releases updates to their software quite often. CPanel allows us to get low-cost licenses for their dedicated server clients.

Bounceweb offers great deals on cPanel web hosting.

What makes a good web hosting service?

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What makes a good web hosting service?

There are plenty of web hosting services available in the market in different packages. While some of them offer free service, others need you to pay fees for their web hosting service. However, one needs to zero-in on one of these service providers based on a few criteria. But, what criteria can decide a good hosting service from a bad one? Here are some of the points that a good host should fulfill

It should provide reliability and have maximum uptime

Uptime is the percentage of total hours the server is accessible in the Internet. It indicates the performance of the hosting server.

Compatibility with most web components

Scripting languages like PHP, Perl; databases like MySQL, mSQL and framework like Ruby-on-Rails must be supported by the hosting server.

Interface for managing the server and database

An easy-to-use interface that helps in accessing, modifying and viewing of server files and database, like cPanel should be provided.

Excellent customer-support

They should provide support to their customers 24 x 7, and be competent to handle all kinds of issues.

Support for content management systems (CMS)

Modern content management systems like Drupal and Joomla should be supported in order to facilitate users who are comfortable in using them.

BounceWeb provides web hosting service that meets all the above criteria.

Five things you can do with cPanel

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Five things you can do with cPanel

Cpanel or the control panel is an integral part of the web hosting service as it offers a lot of features that makes it easy for admins and owners to handle the technical aspects of web hosting without getting into the details. There are several reasons why cPanel is indispensable for fast and efficient maintenance of a website, and some of these are discussed below:

It gives you more flexibility in handling web files

There are provisions for uploading, editing, deleting, renaming web files instantly, and changes are updated on the website in a real-time basis. Moreover, features like uploading a zip file and unzipping it in the server makes website building an easier process.

Cpanel lets you use Content Management Systems (CMS)

The popular CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress are generally available in cPanel, and anybody willing to use them to create their website can use it without much hassle.

It employs efficient methods for handling mailboxes

Managing email addresses and mailboxes become extremely easy on cPanel due to the large number of applications that help in setting up and maintaining mailboxes.

Cpanel maintains your website statistics

There are features and application, which help in monitoring the performance of a website.

BounceWeb provides cPanel with its web hosting.

Benefits of using cPanel with Fantastico

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Benefits of using cPanel with Fantastico

Hi all,

If you have a website, and actively participated in its development and hosting, then there are high chances that you came across the magic software application called cPanel. cPanel is the control panel of your web hosting space, and it generally covers every customization option that you can probably think of with your site! There are certain basic features of cPanel such as the web based and FTP servers that help in uploading, and other manipulation operations associated with web based files. One can also change the setting of the applications used to develop the site.

However, in order to have the applications installed in the system without any fuss, cPanel has a magic solution: Fantastico. Like the name suggests, it is a fantastic script library containing nearly most of the scripts required to install applications in the website. So, if you are looking forward to install a blog application or a picture gallery to your website, look no further! CPanel along with Fantastico can do it in minutes. So, what are the benefits that one can get while using cPanel with Fantastico? Well, it is a win-win situation for both the viewers and the site developer, as it helps in making the website more efficient and interactive, and without stressing the developer!

cPanel and Fantastico Scripts

A few applications that make it worth to have a Fantastico enabled cPanel are:

a. Blogs – This is the latest mouthpiece of the netizens. Be it views or information sharing or just a glimpse of a new idea, all people do is blog about it. So, for website owners, its great to have a blogging application in their site! Though most blogging applications come embedded in Content Management Systems (CMS), we can also add standalone blogging applications through Fantastico scripts.

b. Content Management System (CMS) – This magic application can help you create a site in hours! Moreover, there are several options like changing, deleting, uploading etc that makes it more convenient. Therefore, most cPanels have options for installing a CMS to work upon. However, installing a CMS on a server is generally a highly complex process. With Fantastico, it is just a matter of couple of minutes!

c. Image gallery – Websites without images are unthinkable today, unless the website is highly content specific, and is required to be like that. Therefore, in most cases, we either need to provide a image tour or a tutorial to enhance the viewer experience. Coding and designing an image gallery on our own would be much more difficult than installing a third-party software application. If you choose to go by the easy path, then there’s Fantastico with its fantastic scripts.

d. Email lists – Websites need to be interactive. While forms can help, there are times when one needs to mail. It could be newsletters, confidential information or even user-generated messages. In case of mailing lists, if you are a member, then you can send and receive mails to other subscribed members in the last month. Fantastico has a few scripts that look after email lists and other mailing applications.

While cPanel provides all the functions that is necessary to build a website, the whole installation process is made easy by Fantastico scripts!

BounceWeb provides Fantastico Hosting with all of our Shared Web Hosting Plans!

Fantastic Features of Fantastico

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Fantastic Features of Fantastico

Hi all,

Ever wondered how your favorite web applications get added to the website so easily? Well, there’s a commercial script library, known as Fantastico that executes script from the control panel of the website. According to the official website of Fantastico, it is operating on over ten thousand servers and is used by a million users all over the world.

One may add several popular and useful systems with the help of Fantastico scripts and it includes shopping cart software, wiki sites, blogs and photo sharing applications. So, what is it that makes Fantastico so fantastic? Read on, and we will discover.

The vast range of software applications that Fantastico scripts support is a big argument for its popularity. We’ll discuss some of the scripts available in Fantastico that make it so indispensable for website control panels.

Fantastic Fantastico Features

i. Blogs – Blogs have become an integral part of any community-based websites, especially after the advent of Web 2.0. Writing blogs or even commenting is a sign of collaborative approach towards the Web content creation, which happens to be the essence of Web 2.0. There are certain blog applications that are supported by Fantastico scripts.

While some applications provide features like multiple blog support, advanced search options and search engine friendly links, others provide future post option, bookmarks and many more. WordPress arguably the most popular blog application also provides password-protected posts, cross-blog tools, multiple author facility and many more.

ii. Content Management Systems – Content Management Systems or CMS is the future of web development. People no longer write codes from the scratch to make websites. CMS provides in-built templates for adding content and customizing the features. With plug-ins, modules and extension, developers can also add new features.

A few CMS that are supported by Fantastico generally have the features of search engine friendly URLs, online help, rich text editors, user-made templates, third-party applications and many more. The script library of Fantastico also supports Drupal, the most popular CMS.

iii. E-commerce – This is becoming an important part of the World Wide Web with each passing day. People are now shedding their inhibitions and transacting online for purchasing or even managing financial accounts. E-commerce comes with the added benefits of real-time transactions, dealing from your comfort point, etc.

E-commerce applications supported by Fantastico include shopping carts where one can add unlimited products and categories and many payment gateways with easily modifiable designs. These shopping cart applications also come with a certain modules that can be installed for enhanced functionality.

iv. Image sharing applications – The web is the newest place to share things ranging from documents to images to videos. With higher bandwidth available, people are now more eager to upload images on to the WWW, so that others can view and appreciate them.

Fantastico features a host of scripts for applications dealing with Image galleries. Most of these applications allow both web-based and FTP uploads, along with unlimited uploads, search features, thumbnailing pictures and other specific customization options.

Fantastico scripts do a lot more than what is mentioned above. However, one would argue in Fantastico’s favor that it makes adding web content a lot easier, and thus the whole web designing process truly becomes fantastic!

BounceWeb offers High Quality Fantastico Hosting with all of our Shared Web Hosting plans!

cPanel shared hosting

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Advantages of cPanel shared hosting

There are several advantage in cPanel shared hosting services and these advantages are the things that has helped to make the cPanel shared hosting as the popular shared hosting with the low budget web hosting users and also for the people who would wish put on a small website. One of the important advantages of using the cPanel shared hosting is that it has the same price that you would pay for the package of average shared web hosting. You will be able to find the hosting services that will offer the services where the services will not be efficient and also will not provide you the service for the money that you will pay for.

The advantages of cPanel shared hosting


Though the packages of shared hosting are pretty cheap, you will surely find that it is pretty easy to get better value for the money that you pay forth company. Hosting with the cPanel shared hosting is pretty much different when compared with the other companies. You can compare the prices of other companies with the price of cPanel shared hosting. Along with the better service, the cPanel shared hosting also provides you with great features as well.


With the cPanel shared hosting service, you will be provided with large number of extra features on top of the of generous resource assignments and you will also have the accessibility to the high quality web hosting support where most of the other web hosters will not be able to provide you with so many features for their customers. Some of the features include sitebuilders and script installers. With the help of cPanel shared hosting services, you will be able to promote your website as well.

-Resource assignments

CPanel shared hosting services offer the resource assignments where you package will normally be enough for the people who will require the shared web hosting services. In the cPanel shared hosting services you will be getting enough of disk space, bandwidth and also you will be able to purchase the extra account resource or you would be able to upgrade your cPanel shared hosting services so that you will have larger assignments surrounding you.

BounceWeb provides great cPanel Shared Hosting for your web site needs!

Linux Hosting cPanel

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Advantages of Linux Hosting cPanel

Linux hosting cPanel is one of the hosting automation control panels driven by the technology and is dedicated to provide the most important features, practical applications and easy to use. Cpanel is really committed to hosting community and is also playing as the market leader.

The use of Linux hosting cPanel allows the domain owners to perform some tasks that would usually not be possible. Owners of the domain will be able to create e-mail accounts, directories to protect passwords, install software, upload files and much more. All these are done without using command line.

Linux hosting cPanel will allow the owners to monitor and manage their own websites. This has the easy to use interface which is packed with full of useful features that will surely help you. Inside the Linux hosting cPanel domain owners will be able to manage the ftp and e-mail accounts, manage the addon and also parked domains, view site statistics, backup their site, update their information about the contacts etc, passwords, setup sub domains, backup their site, view the error logos and much more. The web hosting companies need not perform these types of tasks to the domain owners.

cPanel Linux Hosting

Ease of Use

Linux hosting cPanel is pretty easy to use so that any customer will be able to opt for this and can start working immediately.

Awareness for domain owners

The domain owners will be able to see how much of the disk space, SQL resources, bandwidth, e-mail resources and also the domain resources that they have used correctly.

Multi-language Support

The Linux hosting cPanel will allow the owners of the domain to use any kind of language they would like to have. Do choose from the languages that are available or else you will be able to create the language of your own to meet the specific requirement

Built-in Security

In Linux hosting cPanel, the users are very well confined to their domain space and are limited to access the functions that will affect only their account. The domain owners with the great ability to control the features they have limited usage of software.

BounceWeb has high quality Linux cPanel Hosting

cPanel Fantastico

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Features and benefits of cPanel Fantastico

Fantastico is one of the 3rd party cPanel add-ons that can be purchased and be added to the standard interface of cPanel. Fantastico will let you to install wide range of open source scripts quickly. Within minutes, the scripts can be installed by selecting the script and by providing with some of the basic information. Fantastico is designed in such a way that the entire script you install will always be the newest available.

cPanel Fantastico Scripts

Some of the scripts that are available for the installation in Fantastico are:
-b2Evolution: it is a Blog script featuring categories/sub-categories, multiple Blogs etc.
-Nucleus: it is one of the powerful Blog scripts featuring the multiple Blogs, bookmarklets, bookmarklets, multiple authors etc.
-WordPress: this is a personal publishing tool that will help to focus on featuring cross-Blog tool and aesthetics, password protected post etc
Content Management:
-Drupal: it is one of the advanced portals with collaborative book, online help, full content search, search engines friendly URLs, threaded comments etc.
-Mambo: it is a professional level CMS and it is easy to use featuring the inline WYSIWYG content editors, syndicated news, news feeds, banners, links manager, mailing users etc.
-Php-Nuke: it is one of the popular community based portals along with the huge choice of modules and languages.
-SiteFrame: it is a straightforward CMS which is designed for the rapid deployment of various community-based websites. It has the features of Nice-looking templates, clean interface and oriented towards the document-sharing,
Customer Relationships:
-Crafty Syntax: this is a Live Help chat room system featuring the monitor of your visitors, multiple chat sessions; proactively open a chat session, referrer tracking etc
-Help Center Live: this is a very powerful help center which includes Live Help, FAQ and Support Tickets and the Features include monitor visitors, unlimited operators/departments, initiate chat etc.
-osTicket: this features email piping, unlimited email addresses, pop3 login, admin/staff/user panels etc.
-Support Logic: this is a support tickets system that has the features of multiple email addresses, canned responses, admin/staff/user panels etc
Discussion Boards:
-Invision Board: this is a popular open-source for bulletin-board packages that works well with admin panel and simple user interface
-SMF: powerful, Elegant Effective and free. SMF is the community software package for the next generation and is packed with wide variety of features
-CubeCart: this is an easy to use powerful shopping cart available
-OS Commerce: this is a power-user shopping cart along with variety of modules
-ZenCart: this is a free, open source and user-friendly shopping cart system.
Image Galleries:
-4Images Gallery: offers the unlimited categories/subcategories, FTP and web-based images upload etc.
-Coppermine: With albums and categories, intermediate and thumbnails size pics etc
-Gallery: Features albums within the albums, captions, thumbnailing the specific picture area, rotate etc.
Mailing List:
-PHPlist: this is a powerful mailing list having the features of multiple mailing lists and also the attachments as well.
Apart from the above mentioned features, there are whole lots of other features as well.
If you are a hosting company and using the cPanel with Fantastico, then you can add many attractive features to your site.

Check out our Fantastico cPanel Web Hosting

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