cPanel shared hosting

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Advantages of cPanel shared hosting

There are several advantage in cPanel shared hosting services and these advantages are the things that has helped to make the cPanel shared hosting as the popular shared hosting with the low budget web hosting users and also for the people who would wish put on a small website. One of the important advantages of using the cPanel shared hosting is that it has the same price that you would pay for the package of average shared web hosting. You will be able to find the hosting services that will offer the services where the services will not be efficient and also will not provide you the service for the money that you will pay for.

The advantages of cPanel shared hosting


Though the packages of shared hosting are pretty cheap, you will surely find that it is pretty easy to get better value for the money that you pay forth company. Hosting with the cPanel shared hosting is pretty much different when compared with the other companies. You can compare the prices of other companies with the price of cPanel shared hosting. Along with the better service, the cPanel shared hosting also provides you with great features as well.


With the cPanel shared hosting service, you will be provided with large number of extra features on top of the of generous resource assignments and you will also have the accessibility to the high quality web hosting support where most of the other web hosters will not be able to provide you with so many features for their customers. Some of the features include sitebuilders and script installers. With the help of cPanel shared hosting services, you will be able to promote your website as well.

-Resource assignments

CPanel shared hosting services offer the resource assignments where you package will normally be enough for the people who will require the shared web hosting services. In the cPanel shared hosting services you will be getting enough of disk space, bandwidth and also you will be able to purchase the extra account resource or you would be able to upgrade your cPanel shared hosting services so that you will have larger assignments surrounding you.

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cPanel Fantastico

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Features and benefits of cPanel Fantastico

Fantastico is one of the 3rd party cPanel add-ons that can be purchased and be added to the standard interface of cPanel. Fantastico will let you to install wide range of open source scripts quickly. Within minutes, the scripts can be installed by selecting the script and by providing with some of the basic information. Fantastico is designed in such a way that the entire script you install will always be the newest available.

cPanel Fantastico Scripts

Some of the scripts that are available for the installation in Fantastico are:
-b2Evolution: it is a Blog script featuring categories/sub-categories, multiple Blogs etc.
-Nucleus: it is one of the powerful Blog scripts featuring the multiple Blogs, bookmarklets, bookmarklets, multiple authors etc.
-WordPress: this is a personal publishing tool that will help to focus on featuring cross-Blog tool and aesthetics, password protected post etc
Content Management:
-Drupal: it is one of the advanced portals with collaborative book, online help, full content search, search engines friendly URLs, threaded comments etc.
-Mambo: it is a professional level CMS and it is easy to use featuring the inline WYSIWYG content editors, syndicated news, news feeds, banners, links manager, mailing users etc.
-Php-Nuke: it is one of the popular community based portals along with the huge choice of modules and languages.
-SiteFrame: it is a straightforward CMS which is designed for the rapid deployment of various community-based websites. It has the features of Nice-looking templates, clean interface and oriented towards the document-sharing,
Customer Relationships:
-Crafty Syntax: this is a Live Help chat room system featuring the monitor of your visitors, multiple chat sessions; proactively open a chat session, referrer tracking etc
-Help Center Live: this is a very powerful help center which includes Live Help, FAQ and Support Tickets and the Features include monitor visitors, unlimited operators/departments, initiate chat etc.
-osTicket: this features email piping, unlimited email addresses, pop3 login, admin/staff/user panels etc.
-Support Logic: this is a support tickets system that has the features of multiple email addresses, canned responses, admin/staff/user panels etc
Discussion Boards:
-Invision Board: this is a popular open-source for bulletin-board packages that works well with admin panel and simple user interface
-SMF: powerful, Elegant Effective and free. SMF is the community software package for the next generation and is packed with wide variety of features
-CubeCart: this is an easy to use powerful shopping cart available
-OS Commerce: this is a power-user shopping cart along with variety of modules
-ZenCart: this is a free, open source and user-friendly shopping cart system.
Image Galleries:
-4Images Gallery: offers the unlimited categories/subcategories, FTP and web-based images upload etc.
-Coppermine: With albums and categories, intermediate and thumbnails size pics etc
-Gallery: Features albums within the albums, captions, thumbnailing the specific picture area, rotate etc.
Mailing List:
-PHPlist: this is a powerful mailing list having the features of multiple mailing lists and also the attachments as well.
Apart from the above mentioned features, there are whole lots of other features as well.
If you are a hosting company and using the cPanel with Fantastico, then you can add many attractive features to your site.

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Advantages of hosting with cPanel

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Advantages of hosting with cPanel

CPanel is actually a web hosting panel that helps to control various applications within in the site and the programs is based on Linux codes along with the graphical interface. Here, you will not need to go behind the codes like in Dreamweaver and the work that is to be done here is just making use of the mouse and follow some of the routines that are associated. The simple thing done by the cPanel is that, it gives some of the simple tools that are required to host the websites and also builds it just by installing the applications on to the website’s structure.

3 Tier Hosting With cPanel

The cPanel use the tier-3 structure that lets everyone including from admins, resellers and also the users of web site to have some control over the web hosting, but of course, these are limited. The entire function of website and cPanel will be entrusted with the administrator, whereas the end user will have only the limited things to do. You will be able to access the panel via the browser and logging on to the web address.

cPanel Hosting with API

The greatest thing regarding the cPanel is the API panel and command line which means it lets the third part vendors or anyone with slight knowledge of the codes to add the automated functions and also their own process, but they need to have permission to get in from the admin. It has been designed to support a dedicated server or a standalone server and even the virtual server as well is able to support multiple operating systems. One of the greatest things regarding the cPanel is that, it comes along with a good web hosting manager. With the help of the cPanel Web Hosting Manger, you can access the web host and will be able to make any type of changes. Most of the people are making use of cPanel to interface with the web hosting business as the fame will be growing.
This can be done mainly, because it is based on graphical interface or GUI which means that, you will not require a degree in any kind of science to use it. When cPanel came out first, it was buggy and also had quite number of compatibility issues but due to the evolution of the product, it became pretty popular all over. All over the Internet, you will be able to find that it has offered large amounts of web hosting solutions. The other thing which has to be appreciated is the feature of automatic upgrade function this means that it will allow you to upgrade the product each time it releases.

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Tips on How to Host Multiple Websites |Advantages of hosting with cPanel

Six Features of Cpanel that offers benefits for Web Hosting

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Six Features of Cpanel that offers benefits for Web Hosting


Cpanel is one of the Web-based Web Hosting control panel that is very much used for the purpose of administration of the websites. Cpanel has got very user friendly interface. In order to work with the Cpanel web hosting, you need not have any high end technical knowledge. Cpanel has got some great features that are rooted into the system that helps you to have great websites. Here are some of the great features of Cpanel listed below that helps in your website.

E-mail functions:

Cpanel has got the functions of Email and with the help of your e-mail functions, you will be able to create your own e-mail accounts, add or remove your e-mail accounts. Create or delete the e-mail forwarder, you will be able to change passwords of e-mail account, will be able to add the auto responder, block the e-mails that are unwanted, will be able to filter unwanted e-mail with the unwanted contents, will be able to use the e-mail the filtering to block the spasm and will be able to enable or disable the spam assassin.  ??File Manager:

In Cpanel, you will be able to use the File Manager to download and upload the files to and from the server respectively. With the help of File Manager, you will be able to create/edit/delete a file. With all these facilities that are provided in the File Manager, you will also be able to even change the permission (chmod) of a particular file??Navigation: ?With the help of Navigation, you will be able to redirect the URL and create the subdomain and also will be able to redirect a subdomain to other page.

Site Maintenance:

In the feature of site maintenance, there are lots of features attached. Here you will able to install and uninstall the FrontPage Extensions, will be able to create the custom error page view with the service status; can add the parked domain, create the addon domain, add or delete the FTP account and can even the password of the FTP account.
Web Protection or Security:
For the purpose of security, there are number of features included here. The directory that you create can be protected with the passwords, enable or disable the browsing of directories, block or unblock the IP address, enable or disable the hotlink protection and can even change the password of the Cpanel account.

Database Management:

With the features of database management, you can create the mysql database, using the phpmyadmin you can you can insert the date into the database, create or delete table in the mysql using the phpmyadmin, using the phpmyadmin you can import the SQL file in to your database and finally using the phpmyadmin you can backup your mysql database.
The Advanced Features are:
You will be able to generate or download the full backup, download or restore the home backup and also backup your own MySQL, database, create or delete the cron jobs.

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Advantages of Cpanel File Manager

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Advantages of Cpanel File Manager

Cpanel comes with numerous integrated tools and among all the tools; Cpanel File Manager is the most useful. The Cpanel File Manager allows you to manage all of your files on the servers through HTTP rather using the third party FTP clients like FileZilla. The File manager lets you to create/edit/delete the files, helps to create the folders and much more.
-Creating the Folder
In order to get start locate the “File Manager” icon click in the “File” section of the Cpanel. One you are inside, at the top of the screen you will find the managing options along with the folders and directories on the left side. All the website files are located in the File Manager so therefore creating of the folders will allow for the better organization and structure. This process will simplify the maintenance process.  Just click on the New Folder link to create a new folder. After creating the folder, name the folder and save it in the desired location. In order to finish up the process, just clock on the Create New Folder and the new folder will be listed in the location that is specified.
-Uploading the Files
To upload the new files, from the navigation pane on the left side, choose the folder where you wan to upload all the files. Click on the Upload icon in the folder. In the window you get, click on the Browse button and just locate the files that you want upload from the storage media or hard drive. Just double-click on the file desired and automatically the upload process will start. By clicking on the “Add another Upload Box”, you will be able to upload multiple files. Just do the same to upload any file.
Using the Download option, you will be able to download the files that you have uploaded to the server.
-Creating the New Files
Creating the new files via the File Manager is pretty simple and possibly the easier method than that of creating them on the PC. To start up, just click on “New File” link. Enter the name for the file and ensure that appropriate extension is put into the file. If you create the PHP file, the file’s extension should be .php. Save the file in the destination you will want to. Finally, click on the Create New File and then the file will be created.
-Edit Files
If you want to edit the files, there is edit feature inside the File Manager. This will be pretty useful for some small changes. Find the folder you want to edit and click on it. On the top of the screen, click on the Edit link. After clicking the edit option, a new window will be displayed and there you can edit the text according to your specific needs. After altering click on the Save Changes button. The changes will take place automatically.
The other features of File Manger are:
There are some advanced editors such as compression and extract tools, HTML and Code Editor, and will also let you to change the permissions for your files as well.
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Web Hosting Considerations

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Web Hosting Considerations

Do you have a website and all you need is a web hosting provider? It is important to get to know a few things about web hosting before you choose a company to host your website. The first thing you need to know and understand is what exactly it is that you require in your website hosting. If you want to host a personal website, then all you need is plenty of disk space – enough for the website and the host. For other types of website, especially those that deal with online businesses, then you will need to consider a few things before you choose a host.

You need to consider the kind of hosting you want. If it is for heavy traffic or if your website requires complex applications, what you need is dedicated hosting. You can choose Shared hosting for much simpler websites. You can also choose between Linux and Windows Hosting. If your website has server technologies such as PHP, JSP or MySQL you would probably consider a Linux based web host.

Another important consideration is space and bandwidth requirements. If your website will have a lot of downloading of material, then you will require disk space that is 15 to 30 GB. You will have to do an accurate estimate of the bandwidth you need if your website is expected to receive a lot of traffic. Parked Domains and sub-domains are some of the most important features that your web hosting provider should have. In case you have co-workers on your website project working from different areas, you will need many FTP Accounts. If you plan to allow the users to gain access certain directories on your web server, then an Anonymous FTP is useful. Get a hosting provider that has e-commerce features if you must have them.

Other Web Hosting Considerations

A proper web hosting provider should have more than 99.5% uptime. Make sure that your website operates on a 24 hour basis if it is business oriented. Get a web hosting provider with a server that is fast enough to meet all your requirements. It is recommended that you the hosting provider should have a fiber option connection to the Internet server. Ensure that your site does not take more than 30 seconds to load. The web hosting provider should have Server backups that can keep data from getting lost.

The web hosting provider you choose should have disk space and bandwidth that satisfies your website requirements.  The hosting provider should also provide CGI, SSH, FTP and Anonymous FTP access. The provider’s software should be extensive. It should also have POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts as well as web-based e-mail, mailing lists and antivirus. To make sure that you are risk free, choose a provider that has a money-back guarantee. If you follow all the above mentioned considerations, you will have a web hosting provider that will help your website be a success story.

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