Creating modules with Drupal

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Creating modules with Drupal

In Drupal – one of the most popular CMS, module can be of 3 types – core modules – that come with the Drupal installation, Community modules – developed by the Open Source community for use with Drupal, and custom modules that are written by the web-designer for custom tasks in his website. Here are the basic steps to creating a module in Drupal.

Create a folder

Create a folder with the short name for your module in sites/all/modules inside your Drupal directory. For example, if the name is examplemod, create the folder sites/all/modules/examplemod.

Create .module file

Create a PHP file named examplemod.module inside the above directory. The file should have the opening “<?php” tag. The closing php tag should be avoided according to the Drupal coding standards.

Create .info file

Create a file for your module, and implement the hook_help () function to provide a brief description of your module in Drupal’s help system.

Implement hook_perm() and hook_block()

Implement the hook_perm () to specify access permissions for the module and declare and generate the block content using hook_block (). Use hook_block () to make Drupal recognise the module.

Create content and set configuration file

Create a configuration page and generate page content.

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Five things you can do with cPanel

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Five things you can do with cPanel

Cpanel or the control panel is an integral part of the web hosting service as it offers a lot of features that makes it easy for admins and owners to handle the technical aspects of web hosting without getting into the details. There are several reasons why cPanel is indispensable for fast and efficient maintenance of a website, and some of these are discussed below:

It gives you more flexibility in handling web files

There are provisions for uploading, editing, deleting, renaming web files instantly, and changes are updated on the website in a real-time basis. Moreover, features like uploading a zip file and unzipping it in the server makes website building an easier process.

Cpanel lets you use Content Management Systems (CMS)

The popular CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress are generally available in cPanel, and anybody willing to use them to create their website can use it without much hassle.

It employs efficient methods for handling mailboxes

Managing email addresses and mailboxes become extremely easy on cPanel due to the large number of applications that help in setting up and maintaining mailboxes.

Cpanel maintains your website statistics

There are features and application, which help in monitoring the performance of a website.

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Make mobile-friendly view on your Joomla hosted website

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Make mobile-friendly view on your Joomla hosted website

With the number of mobile devices going past the number of desktop machines by a large margin, making a website viewable in a mobile phone is of utmost importance. However, making mobile-optimized website views are not easy because of the phone screen size. For the millions who use their cell phones to browse the web, it is a pain to zoom in and out to check things or access the mail. Moreover, the limited speed is a big factor as pages having a big size will take huge time to open, and may not open at all.

In general, mobile viewable sites should be trimmed off extra scripts, images, and should concentrate on the content representation than the design. However Joomla, one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) has a solution to all the problems of mobile browsing with the help of its extensions, namely PDA Plug-in and iPhone Auto-template Switcher and many more. Joomla is a web-content management system that is structured into different extensions. Once an extension is added to the core part of Joomla, a new feature of that extension starts working.

The PDA Plug-in comes with two different files – the original plug-in and a template. Both of them have to be installed and then some options needs to be set on the Plug-in Manager console. Some web developers like the idea of giving the users a choice between the regular version and the mobile-optimized version while the site is being visited from a mobile device. These options can be set from the plug-in manager, and if a choice is being provided, the control panel of the web space must be configured likewise. The template view of the Joomla extension would let you manipulate how the site would look on a mobile device. You can set the modules that would come up in the mobile-optimized website, with the minimum number of modules being one and the maximum being five. However, the challenge for the extension right now is to support newer mobile platforms that are being launched currently.

The other extension that was mentioned earlier takes care of the problem mentioned above. The iPhone Auto-template Switcher is specifically made for iPhone, which have revolutionized the process of mobile Internet browsing. Although it is targeted to the iPhone users at large, it is not exclusively for iPhone. Its basic functionality is that it can toggle between three different templates according to user preferences and browser choices. It currently supports the popular Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and the iPhone browser. However, users of a few other browsers can also use it. The installation to Joomla is very simple, but you need to make some modifications in the core Joomla package and also install templates since the original extension does not come with one.

Joomla has certain other extensions like simulators to help one see whether the plug-ins are working properly or not. Besides, they also have a huge collection of mobile optimized templates to choose from. Mobile websites have definitely become easier to make, courtesy Joomla!

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Creating CSS templates in Joomla

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Creating CSS templates in Joomla

Hi all,

In the world of Content Management Systems, it is no more a difficult task to build a website. With CMS like Joomla, you could probably create a brand new site of yours within a day. Joomla comes with a lot of in-built features, and what makes is so popular is the fact that you can add third-party features to the core Joomla component in the form of extensions.

Apart from extensions, Joomla users can choose from different templates for their websites. Templates are just like dresses that are pre-made and can be used on any content. However, making templates for Joomla websites are more challenging! Generally Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) is purely used for the purpose. So, how do we create a CSS template for Joomla? Read on to know more.

The templates are stored in the “template” directory of the Joomla installation package. So, if you are creating a new template, make sure that you create a folder under the “template” directory. In most cases, the name of the folder is the name of your template as well! Now, Joomla templates require a few files to be created.

a. index.php – This happens to be the main section of the complete Joomla template. It will specify the module positions and also the location of your css files.

b. templateDetails.xml – This XML file contains data about the complete template. This helps the Joomla application to extract information about the template.

c. css folder – This folder contains all the css files required for the template. In the most basic template, you will find a single file named .css

These files can be created on any text editor and then uploaded to the control panel of your web host! However, besides knowing CSS, one must also know certain aspects of Joomla, PHP and XML to create the above files.

1. The index.php file will contain certain tags that are specific to Joomla only. For example, will display the main content in any web page created in Joomla, thus all styles associated with the main content can be applied on it.

2. The XML file will contain a lot of information like the version that is suited to the template, the name, author, description, list of files present in the template directory, and the positions enabled in the template. These information should be filled up in order to be recognized by the core Joomla components.

3. The basic design of the page will be contained in the CSS files of the css folder. The design that you want to provide to the template must be coded in a clear way and also should conform to the W3C standards.

More than anything else, imagination is what makes a great template. Joomla, being an efficient tool for developers too, keeps the content section separated from the design section, thereby making it easy for designers to concentrate on their creativity to come up with great templates.

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6 Advantages with Choosing Typo3 for Web Hosting

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6 Advantages with Choosing Typo3 for Web Hosting


Typo3 is a content management system that is very much powerful. This system is used to manage the websites properly. Using the Typo3 you will be able to create the template or the basic outline, structure all the content and also make some right navigational pages. Using Typo3, you can upload the entire FTP for your WebPages. Using this you will be able to provide the entire internet and web solutions. For using Typo3, you will not require any technical skill. It requires some knowledge of HTML and is neither necessary not you require any web development skill that is required for running this Typo3.  


Some of the prominent advantages of using the Typo3 for web hosting are


-Easy to use: Typo3 has got built-in editors that are compatible with several or major browsers. So using the editor that is available, you edit entire content of the site and also you can publish them quickly as soon as possible.

-Administration and management of your site: a module that is pretty extensive has been provided with Typo3. With the help of this module, you will be able to administer and manage the entire Website.


– With the help of this Typo3, you will be able to customize the entire template by using different applications that are external such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc. in addition to all these things, Typo3 has also has template library that is very much useful for developing applications of various types as well.

-Typo also has the greater facility to download and also to install various extensions that are desired by you from the available repository. 
-Using this Typo3, you will be easily able to configure the entire language and customize the application that is available.

– using the Typo3, you will have the greater advantage of installing the multiple versions of a particular website and can make it run parallel to it. Using all these advantages, most of the SEO companies will provide their customers with their complete Typo3 customization. You can make use of all the advantages that are available in  Typo3.    

4 Solutions that are offered by Xoops

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4 Solutions that are offered by Xoops


It will be a daunting task when you will be out to select a Content Management system for the website and until and unless you aren’t aware of the advantages and disadvantages that are there in the software that are readily available in today’s market. When you select the Xoops, you can trust it full minded. The Xoops’ object-oriented design will help you to rise above all others. It is the object-oriented orientation that keeps off the hassle of programming. Customization of Xoops functions will become extremely hassle free for users and administrators just because the emphasis is given on Object Orientation.


The frame work for this system is designed with great deliberation and care. Pages of this system are allowed to access all the classes that are reusable in order to perform all the common actions.   


Here let’s see at the solutions that are offered by Xoops that are added to its object orientation character.


-Blocks: this solution will let you for the simple positioning of the interface of elements all around the screen.

-Groups: Xoops offers you solution with advanced user management system that will enable the administrator in order to categorize all the visitors into some specific groups. After this, some of the particular groups will be assigned or even denied the access to the system.  
Even access to the separate modules can be denied or granted to some of the particular group of users. While this will make the system very much efficient as you don’t need to consider the individual user separately while denying or granting the access to the system.
-Sections: this solution will deal with all the creation and also with sorting of all the kinds of articles in the separate appropriate section.

-Mail Users: there is another advantage for the group advantage. This Xoops system allows you to send messages to all of your members or users. This solution of sending message to all the users can be done by

Through the available messaging system or else through e-mail

The message alerts through the block that is visible on all the pages of the system

The similar kind of interface will allow you to get the messages from any of the-mail client.



Advantages of Website Mambo Hosting

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Advantages of Website Mambo Hosting

The ease of managing the Mambo is just like the top of iceberg. Apart from just installing the templates and additional modules easily, you can even manage the users and layout as well. You will be able to include even the news feeds in the pages as well. There are really a lot of things where you can spice up your website with Mambo Hosting

Apart from editing the content, you can illustrate the content using different types of media. Basically all together, Mambo has the capability to handle all the graphic file formats which are common and also you can include the flash animations with sounds as well. Further of all these, there is a file library that lets you to store and manager all your files online and all these are not just limited to multimedia but also for all the document formats. You need not convert the file formats, the contents can be directly imported to editor.

Once if have added the content, Mambo will allow you to publish the content in just a single click. The content you have loaded can be made public or you can restrict the access to others, you change the Meta info and you can schedule the content to be published later. If at all you want to publish, you can publish it on the front page itself or else not and you can make it appear in some of the different categories than just the default one or you can even include it in newsflash articles as well.

One of the best thing about all the things told above is you do not require any manual link amongst all the pages. All this is done by Mambo for you and will thus save you huge amount of time to each and every webmaster. The other feature where Mambo saves your time is in the template changer. This template is not only pretty simple to use, but it alters the entire design of all the pages at one go automatically and this is how the design of your website is kept consistent.

Apart from all the above mentioned, here in Mambo you will be able to systematically customize the links and menus, you can change the formats, hide and show the contents you want to, you can restrict the visitors who can use those contents etc. you can even create the user polls with entirely different one on each and every page. The articles that you have put up have the printer friendly versions and there is also a provision of mailing the articles to the friend.

Security will be implemented site wide rather then only in the administrator area, there are many language modules that are available and your Mambo Website is one of the better ways to establish your presence on the Web. You can even do business with Mambo. In Mambo, there are e-shopping options and it is very simple and easy to integrate and there is even a client manager and in-built banner where it allows you to take the advantage from advertising on your own Website.

Four unique advantages of Web hosting with Geeklog

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Four unique advantages of Web hosting with Geeklog

Nowadays, the Weblogs are more gradually viewed as the cheaper alternative in place of expensive content management systems. It doesn’t matter if you are a man with great opinions to share or an entrepreneur, all of the Weblogs will offer you the least complicated means of reaching out to most number of audiences as possible.

Currently, there are wide varieties of Weblogs publishing systems around us and among them only a few Weblogs publishing systems stand out in that crowd for the easy setup of sites along with setup maintenance features and among all the Weblogs publishing systems, Geeklog is probably the popular among them.

Literally, Web Hosting with Geeklog will allow you to get up and make you run. If you let others to host on your Geeklog Sites, then it saves your hassles with the software because all the web hosting companies have all the software that is necessary on their servers in order to host the files that entirely makes up a Weblog.

Some of the unique advantage of Web hosting with Geeklog

Ø Although, most of the people are of the opinion that even a simple change or any kind of editing will kill the spirit of the Weblog and you will require some time to regulate the aspects of the contents of that particular site and to do so, multiple access to that content is required. So for this, Geeklog applications will make the multiple user entry possible just by setting up the fine grained levels of permission for each of the user. It will thus enable you to decide whether you will need an individual user so that he can be allowed to take up some of the functions like editing contents, posting, uploading tiles into the sites or else allowing more number of users into the site.

Ø Geeklog has some of the interactive features such as reader polls, comments thread, mailing lists or shared image galleries that helps you to build a users community matching with the wave length.

Ø Geeklog has also an efficient calendar system. Here the system allows users and administrators alike to post their information regarding the upcoming activities.

Ø Geeklog also allows you to set up polls. It is a great way to know what you audiences will actually be thinking off. Geeklog has the built in feature of RSS Feed of your own and also integrates another website’s RSS headlines in to your page.

For most of the people, it is very much common feel to have the advanced features so that you can progress in the process of web community building. So it is advisable always to start up with some of the advanced packages as offered by the Geeklog and do not mess up by changing from one system to another.

Among all the features that are packed in the Weblogs systems, Geeklog will definitely stand out with its own unique features. So with this Geeklog Web hosting, you can make wonders with your online user community.

What is a Drupal Web hosting? And 10 tips that you have to know about Drupal Web Hosting

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What is a Drupal Web hosting? And 10 tips that you have to know about Drupal Web Hosting


Drupal is a powerful blogging engine and easy to use CMS application. Most of the times, this is used for the creation and management of various contents such as FAQ’s, news portals and knowledge bases. It can be used f or both corporate and personal Websites.


10 tips to know about Drupal Web Hosting


-Drupal Web Hosting is developed by PHP and you can even choose PostgreSQL and window hosting. The best platform to run the Drupal Web Hosting is MySQL and Linux.


-As this Drupal Web Hosting is new, not all of the larger companies can provide the support for the Drupal Websites


-When a company is providing you the free Drupal installation service and themes etc, it does not mean that they will provide you along with the great Drupal Hosting Service. These types of free services come from “Fantastico”, each and every company will get this tool installed and will be able to give this free service. This “Fantastico” is very much popular in the Web Hosting companies. 


-Cleaners URLs support is one of the most important needs from the Drupal Hosting as it will make your URL much easier and comfortable to use with the search engine.


-If you want to get multi site features from Drupal Work, in most of the case, you need to have the access to the UnixShell in order to create the Symlink. Due to the security reasons, this will not be allowed from most of the Web hosting companies. Do not worry if you create the site with the php script. 


-A Drupal hosting solution which is optimized will have to need the database that runs pretty fast. Several companies fail in this regard and make their solution blow to Drupal.


-Some of the hosting companies will set the limitations for the use of CPU resource or else the memory resource. Do check up with the hosting providers to know the entire data. So for this you have to check your blog whether the blog is slowed down frequently or not. If so you have to start up with upgrading the hosting plan.


-Select the hosting company that will allow you to maintain the Cron work easily. 


-In the market of Shared Web Hosting, overselling is very much common and you will be getting more disk space and also unlimited bandwidth from your service providers. If you choose too many resources, your site will be completely down. Also remember, you get what you pay for.


-Do backup your Website on a regular basis.  


These are the tips which will help you have enough knowledge as to what is Drupal Web hosting. It is always better to prepare yourself well before you actually get down and invest into this service.


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Hosting With B2evolution

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Hosting With B2evolution

B2 evolution is one of the low cost web hosting services which can be installed for free. It has access to several web master resources such as links to additional website resources, articles, soft ware documentation, user support forums, and software down loads among others. B2 evolution is the best comprehensive blog engine an individual would prefer because it generates web pages dynamically from the MySQL database therefore, it can be rebuilt. It contains several features one could expect from a blog tool. Below are some of the features of Be2evolution.

B2evolution blog for average bloggers is a web log tool or a soft ware which allows an individual to run news feeds and blogs. B2evolution does the same thing as but the only differences are, it is free and it can be re-installed for free. It also runs on your own website. Other features B2evolution contain include; – file up load, sub categories, multiple categories, extended posts, quick and draft publishing, atom feeds, sidebar blogging, blog with a desktop client and automatic pinging of blog directories among others. Actually B2evolution contains a lot of features as compared to an average blog tool.

B2evolution has a blog for blogging newbie, this is where an individual types something in a form and clicks on blog this, and then what you want appears on the website pages which are
generated dynamically. The posts are arranged automatically by date in the template that have been selected and can be customized. It is also possible to browse through the archives using advanced search. The website readers can leave comments on an individual’s post. These posts are also displayed below the owner’s original test automatically and by date.

B2evolution just requires an individual just to type anything in the web interface, click blog this and it comes on his site. There is totally no rebuilding because one can also blog by sending an e-mail or MMS or by using a client tool such. B2evolution has blog skins which provide different presentations for the blog; you can change the look whenever you would like to without deleting your layout when designing your site, and you need to provide your readers with a selection switch. B2evolution has antispam deluxe which helps in getting rid of referrer and comment spam thanks to community maintained spam database.

Be2evolution has localized in many different languages. It is already available in Chinese, Dutch, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Spanish and Swedish. Its advantage is that it is quite very easy to translate in ones own language. B2evolution provides for multiple blogs. For example if you want 4 or even 99 different blogs on your site, you don’t need to install the software repeatedly. What you can do is to display each B2evolution blog on its own page or display them on one page. Each B2evolution has its own users therefore; one can just restrict read access on particular posts. Each B2evolution blog can be divided into several categories in order to organize the posts and news items by theme. This enables each post to be assigned multiple categories.

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