Start a Boonex Dolphin Community

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Start a Boonex Dolphin Community

Did you wanted to operate your social network just like Facebook or MySpace? It might be because you might have thought regarding that and might have assumed that you will require million dollar software or the massive computer networks to do it. But is it is not true and actually you can create any kind of social network that will be dedicated to your school or city etc. below are the tips on how to start a Boonex Dolphin community .

Starting a Boonex Dolphin Community

– The first step to create the social networking with the Boonex Dolphin community is by logging into the control panel provided by your Web Hoster and you have enter into the MySQL section. Here you need to create your new MySQL database in order to use the Boonex Dolphin. Enter all the details in the script of Boonex Dolphin Social Network.

-To download the latest version of the Boonex Dolphin, visit and the download will be free of cost and make sure that you take note of where you’re going to download the files to as it will be easy to trace the file.

-The Boonex Dolphin Files have to b uploaded to your Web Host. This can be done manually through control panel of Web Host but it will be easier for you if the 3rd party FTP program is used such as Filezilla or SmartFTP.

-start the installation of programs fro Boonex Dolphin community network script. This can be done easily just by surging to your website. There you will have the starting screen and just click on the Install button.

– you have to know that the subsequent screen will be showing you numerous folders and files that will need to have their permissions to change temporarily so that installation program will be able to write the information into them. If you want change the permissions, just right click on the folder or file in the FTP program and click on where it says CHMOD/properties and after that type in the number that will in the instructed by the program installing Boonex Dolphin.

-Ensure that all the scripts and paths are entered correctly. Do verify all of your information and click next button.

-Enter the appropriate database name, user name and also the password in the MySQL database that you had created earlier.

-provide some of the information on general configuration. The information includes name of the website, E-mail id, user name and password for the administration and then click next.

-Now view the information to copy it into the Cron Jobs. The Cron Jobs will run automatically the maintenance scripts in order to help up your website current. Using the supplied information, you will be able to set up Cron Jobs just by logging into control panel that is provided by the Web Host and there you have to click on the Cron icon.

-Now displays the folders or files that might have the permissions to change back into the original settings. This is just a security measure. You have to click the next button to install the Boonex Dolphin and thus the Boonex Dolphin community can be started.

Start a Boonex Dolphin Community tooday!

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