Stages of development of the Internet

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Stages of development of the Internet

Internet is an essential part of one’s life in today’s world. It is a very vast connection of networks and computers over the entire world. Internet carries a large amount of information. It connects all the computers globally through millions of networks and the World Wide Web. The Internet can be used for sending mails, watching videos or TV, reading newspapers and books. Everything has come up on the internet making all of it accessible easily. There are chat rooms, social networking sites, blogs, B2B websites and many other facilities. It also has certain protocols and norms to follow. It uses TCP/IP while serving all its users around the globe.

States of development of the Internet

Before Internet

Before the existence of the Internet, all that the world had for communication of data was telegraph, radio, TV and other means of broadcasting. With the advent of the Internet the scenario completely changed.

Origin of the Internet

The Internet was originated around the year 1960 as a result of research done by the military services of the United States in order to develop error free computer systems. IT was later commercialized in 1990 as international network and famously was known as the internet.

The usage and access of internet is not defined by any organization. There exists a maintainer organization which assigns the domain name as well as the IP address which define the location of any website or page over the internet. They represent the identity of a webpage.

States of development of the Internet


Different terminologies for the Internet

The Internet is technically a short form for inter network as it a huge connection of many computer networks. It is also widely referred to as ‘the net’. These connections are facilitated using URL’s and hyperlinks.

States of development of the Internet

Stages of development in the Internet

Initially it was limited to governmental organizations and secret programs. There the interconnection between computers was using the principle of message blocks. With its commercialization it made a great impact on the society. At the beginning the features were the normal surfing of web pages, access to electronic mail, chat rooms and forums. Here the concept of packet switching was being made use of.

Networks leading to the Internet’s development

The first network was ARPANET. It was first developed by a Professor from MIT and its first connection was between University of California and the research unit at Stanford. This gave birth to the core of the Internet. It is still being used at a small scale for some functions. Here the networks were made to take care of reliability.

The next network was X.25.  It was based on packet switching and it made use of telephone lines. The networks that followed later were UCCP and NPL. All the above mentioned networks were merged to give birth to the Internet. Unlike ARPANET, here hosts took care of reliability. Sites facing difficult to connect directly to the Internet created gateways and accessed it for sending mails. But in case a site has a discontinuous connection then it used UCCP and waited for the gateways between the net and these networks.

States of development of the Internet

The internet is growing and would become a massive platform for sharing information in some or the other form. There are many browsers used for accessing the net. First one was Netscape navigator. Now there are many like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome etc.

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