Some of the great services offered by Phpnuke Hosting

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Some of the great services offered by Phpnuke Hosting

Services offered by PHP-Nuke Hosting System are

-PHP-Nuke Hosting System allows you to design your own Website

-E-mail delivery system is really amazing

-To your existing account, you can add websites and domains

-Here in PHP-Nuke Hosting System, you can manage t he information sites and interactive portals.

The above services offered by the Phpnuke Hosting is provided by these features mentioned below

-This PHP-Nuke Hosting System is created in order to support the CMS (Content Management System) and also a sum of several total instruments that will be used to generate an information portal.

-one of the main objective of this PHP-Nuke Hosting System is just to help and support the automated Website to circulate the articles and news among all the users.

The software that is written in this PHP-Nuke Hosting System is 100% in PHP and it requires the Web Server which will support the extension of PHP, servers such as Apache HTTP Server or an SQL Database such as Interbase, Sybase, ODBC and mSQL. Such support will make the fully controlled management system using the Web based user interface.

This PHP-Nuke Hosting System just started its career as fork in the Thatware News Portal System. When this PHP-Nuke Hosting System got public and emerged as the full scale software, it got released as the free software under the guidelines of GNU (general public license) and it can be downloaded freely from the website of PHP-Nuke Hosting System. If you want to have the latest versions of PHP-Nuke Hosting System, you have can get it.

Some of the other features that help to offer the services are

Option for editing and deleting stories
Option to delete the elements
Reviews system

Moderation system

Categorized articles, Newsletter and Multilingual content management
This PHP-Nuke Hosting System supports around 33 languages

PHP-Nuke Hosting System is very much strong in the relational databases that are used for some of the dynamic contents, e-commerce applications and product catalogues. PHP-Nuke Hosting System is popularly known for its precision, flexibility and for reliability. So these advantages have made this PHP-Nuke Hosting System the more preferred alternative.

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