Social Advertising: The Concept behind it

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Social Advertising: The Concept behind it

Gone are the days where some big brand names with their handful of products used to dominate the market because of their reach which exceeded others. But now there has arrived a new player in the game which is favouring all the small scale businesses as well for selling their product. This is known as Social Advertising. Basically it is the concoction of advertising via any social network or media that any customer might be related to or influenced by. Nowadays most of the companies, even the established ones, are planning schemes so that they can dominate the arena of social advertising and ensure their sales don’t take a dip.


Rise of Social Advertising: Social Advertising has been present for some time now where friends and family or any other acquaintances of any person prescribe or influence the taste of some other person by virtue of word of mouth. This ploy has been proven to be very effective as here not only the person is getting to know about the benefits of the product but he is getting to know about it from someone he trusts. So basically it is advertising on a more personal level. But before the 2000’s Social Advertising was very much in its incipient stages with some sporadic successes all that changed with the rise of internet and mostly the social networks.

Social Networks: Social Networks, mostly Facebook, have been the pioneers in being the harbinger of Social Advertising at its present stage today and it is a fact that presently companies are spending more on social advertising than anything else. Before people used to see movie stars or sport persons vouching for some product which they vaguely trusted but now as they can see their snooty aunt use it, they obviously think it is the way to go.


Banner Burst: Before the predominance of Social Advertising there was this huge banner mania where people were always looking to buy stuff from big names even if that meant paying a little extra. This was because they were the ones who actually did some direct advertising through TV or put up their own website for customers to see. But now people can check social networks for a peek at all the latest designs and products of unknown brands which are good and yet cheap. So, the banner bubble has truly burst.


The Truth: Many people think that what they see or hear on Facebook for example about any product is absolutely true and unembellished. Is that so? Not quite so. As it goes, major companies have become clever and are employing thousands of employees just to keep a tab on what you are saying to your friend about a product and do their best to influence anyone’s interest towards their own product. That is another form of Social Advertising.


Popular Media: Now let’s take a look at the most popular social arena today for Social Advertising. As expected Facebook holds the top spot with almost 93% of deployed campaigns and is closely followed by Twitter and YouTube. Other media in the list are MySpace, LinkedIn and Zynga.


Social Advertising is still growing as more and more brands realize its effectiveness and deploy their own campaigns over the internet. But the actual reason behind social advertising i.e. to let the users know about the best product from an unbiased source is getting lost day by day because the brands are taking every measure possible to overturn any competition in the market. Only time will tell whether social advertising would actually cure people of brand blindness or not.

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