Six Features of Cpanel that offers benefits for Web Hosting

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Six Features of Cpanel that offers benefits for Web Hosting


Cpanel is one of the Web-based Web Hosting control panel that is very much used for the purpose of administration of the websites. Cpanel has got very user friendly interface. In order to work with the Cpanel web hosting, you need not have any high end technical knowledge. Cpanel has got some great features that are rooted into the system that helps you to have great websites. Here are some of the great features of Cpanel listed below that helps in your website.

E-mail functions:

Cpanel has got the functions of Email and with the help of your e-mail functions, you will be able to create your own e-mail accounts, add or remove your e-mail accounts. Create or delete the e-mail forwarder, you will be able to change passwords of e-mail account, will be able to add the auto responder, block the e-mails that are unwanted, will be able to filter unwanted e-mail with the unwanted contents, will be able to use the e-mail the filtering to block the spasm and will be able to enable or disable the spam assassin.  ??File Manager:

In Cpanel, you will be able to use the File Manager to download and upload the files to and from the server respectively. With the help of File Manager, you will be able to create/edit/delete a file. With all these facilities that are provided in the File Manager, you will also be able to even change the permission (chmod) of a particular file??Navigation: ?With the help of Navigation, you will be able to redirect the URL and create the subdomain and also will be able to redirect a subdomain to other page.

Site Maintenance:

In the feature of site maintenance, there are lots of features attached. Here you will able to install and uninstall the FrontPage Extensions, will be able to create the custom error page view with the service status; can add the parked domain, create the addon domain, add or delete the FTP account and can even the password of the FTP account.
Web Protection or Security:
For the purpose of security, there are number of features included here. The directory that you create can be protected with the passwords, enable or disable the browsing of directories, block or unblock the IP address, enable or disable the hotlink protection and can even change the password of the Cpanel account.

Database Management:

With the features of database management, you can create the mysql database, using the phpmyadmin you can you can insert the date into the database, create or delete table in the mysql using the phpmyadmin, using the phpmyadmin you can import the SQL file in to your database and finally using the phpmyadmin you can backup your mysql database.
The Advanced Features are:
You will be able to generate or download the full backup, download or restore the home backup and also backup your own MySQL, database, create or delete the cron jobs.

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