Seven reasons why Rapid share rocks

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7. Rapid share is searchable by google.

Here is how I do it. Type site: followed by the parameters of whatever I’m looking for, let’s say I’m looking for the e-book power of concentration by Thermon Durant, which is in Rar format, I type

Site: power of concentration rar


Site: thermon durant.rar.

The search lists all rapidshare links with the specified parameters. This saves a lot of time when I need mything from the net.

6. Great Database boasts an impressive 7 million plus files in different formats, MP3 music, pdf documents, avi movies. One can get all kinds of stuff off rapidshare. I call it my one stop internet mall, because they got it all.

5. Relatively fair charges. O.k Rapidshare charges for its premium services (although the free user account will suffice most of the time) but for megabyte heavy downloading , the premium accounts are best, since they are faster and allow the use of simultaneous downloads using download managers. The rates vary from 3 USD for a day to 150 USD for a year, but given that one can get almost anything they want from the site, I think it is a bargain!

6. Rapidgames

They have this cool service called Rapid games which allows one to browse and download from a huge category of games. All the gamers shout a big hooray for Rapid share.

7. Reliable

They are Reliable- A star quality that is to be sought after by my website hosting company. I mean these guys always come through, always deliver, always there when you need them. On that point only, I’d give them five stars.

2. Great Speeds

Yes, great download and upload speeds, limited only by your internet connectivity. Unfortunately, greatest acceleration speeds are available only to premium account holders.

1. Free premium accounts

Premium accounts, huh? Well, rapid share can let you have one without parting with a single penny. Its not exactly free, seeing you must perform certain tasks before you get one of these, but it’s a great finishing touch to a great site.

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