Seven Most Path-Breaking Developments In Internet

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Seven Most Path-Breaking Developments In Internet

Most of our work are done through computers, but it wouldn’t be this popular had there not been the internet. The internet is a result of intelligent thinking by some visionary people in the early 1960’s. Internet is the abbreviation of “internet working” and it basically started in the form of a military project in the United States but now, several decades later with the widespread technological advancements it has become user friendly and is facilitating our lives by serving the private and public sectors with the exchange of data between hundred countries worldwide.

The E-mail

The email is said to be the most popular and most “killing” feature developed in the field of internet. Today every person on Earth has an email address with the free service providers such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail. The email serves as a means of communication for many online businesses. Gradually with progress, new features were added like auto-responder, anti-spam filter even an anti-virus which keeps emails free of viruses.


Seven Most Path-Breaking Developments In Internet


This is the Gmail web page one of the common service providers.


World Wide Web (www)

The Internet and the World Wide Web are often used as synonyms to each other. Berners-Lee are credited with the development of the World Wide Web which technically represents the interlinking of documents, images and other sources linked by means of URL elements and present on the websites.

Search Engine

The search engines were an attempt to organize the Internet even before www. The first engine to come into existence was Archie search engine. Pages on the web were tracked and people could find things using search engines as well web directories. Yahoo and AltaVista were the search engines which gained popularity till Google made its mark because having the advantage of relevancy marking which meant searching for the best result in the shortest span of time.

Seven Most Path-Breaking Developments In Internet

The Alta Vista search engine page.


File Transferring and Sharing

The advantage of file transferring came into existence ever since internet has been created. The File Transfer Protocol was created to ensure the safety of the files which are transferred through a server as attachments to emails by running an FTP program. Nowadays free FTP software solutions allow safely connecting and transferring files.

Mobile Phones and the Internet

The first mobile phone with internet connectivity came into news in 1996 with the Nokia Communicator. Wireless Application Protocol or WAP is a networking model on which the internet services of the mobile device operate on. With this advent of mobile internet there has been a remarkable increase in access of Internet from a mobile phone rather than a PC.

Seven Most Path-Breaking Developments In Internet

Accessing internet on mobile phones


IP address and Wi-Fi

Internet protocol is the main functional unit of the Internet which has to be very carefully assigned so there is organized distribution of unique names to web sites throughout the world. Wi- fi is wireless technology to provide internet connection through radio waves because of which now every person having a wireless connection can access internet anywhere even in moving vehicles.


With the growth of the internet, many small businesses create their own online shop and promote their products via a large audience resulting in more profit and publicity which is possible through e-commerce.

Due to technical development in future we would have internet removed of its shortcomings and with more reliability and security.

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