Server Data Protection: Minimizing the Cost Requirements

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Server Data Protection: Minimizing the Cost Requirements

Server Data Protection: Minimizing the Cost Requirements

Server data protection is mostly done by online data backup, remote backup, recovery services. The service is automated; better alignment with the business goals can be done by off-loading the IT personnel, leveraging the vendor’s expertise and infrastructure and immediate backup to some offsite location of all the server data. Following are some of the ways to make the online data protection cost effective:

Avoiding costs for software licensing

Each server that is protected is charged a monthly fee in SaaS model, rather than the expenditure of acquiring the software licenses for the specific servers. Protection of wide range of platforms, databases and email is included in the subscription of some online services. However, separate charges for the plug-ins and agents are applicable for some.

Savings in maintenance, implementation and technical support

Implementation of SaaS data protection services is free of cost. File types for backup, frequency of creating backup and retaining the backup is decided by the company. Rather than the customer, the service provider controls the management of the backup and recovery life cycle.

Most of the online backup-recovery services have additional benefits in the end-user uptime which are engineered for minimizing performance hits during the backup creation because of using of snapshots, delta engines and filters.

No maintenance, backup hardware and media costs

Hardware cost is not involved in these services as the cost of infrastructure and storage devices is bore by the service provider. Storage fees for data backup, retention and recovery are included in the monthly fee. Cloud storage is now being used extensively for minimizing the storage cost.

Server Data Protection: Minimizing the Cost Requirements

Labor savings

The monthly fee for subscription depends on the service level and the storage requirements including 24×7 technical support by specialized staff for backup and recovery. Service Level Agreements are offered by some of the service providers for ensuring successful recovery.

But, often the data on the backup tapes are unrecoverable. 50% of reveries can fail due to errors during backup process as confirmed by analysts.  Automatic problem detection at any backup or recovery stage is provided by the online services to aid error tracking in tape based backups. Corrective action is initiated by the staff of the service provider and the customers are notified proactively. Managing and monitoring the entire backup and recovery process and auditing wherever and whenever required is allowed to the customers in web-based management services.

Number of servers

Customers are charged depending on the number of servers protected. However discounts are offered as the storage amount of backup data increases.

Costs of server migration

Time required for migration of user systems is reduced by these services which includes data backup and full system backup. Full system backup is provided only by some service providers.

No cost of offsite backup

No additional offsite data transportation cost are there due to immediate, automatic highly secure offsite location backup. Highest possible security is generally used by the online service providers with transit encryption, storage and retrieval.

Server Data Protection: Minimizing the Cost Requirements

Scrutinizing the physical security of the service provider’s data centers is important. Also the monthly fee must include high level rating for security and should be mirrored to a secondary location.

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