Server data protection: Get rid of the traditionality

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Server data protection: Get rid of the traditionality

These days, the growth of data is exploding like a big bang which is making the protecting and security of data more expensive, difficult, unmanageable and unreliable by the normal traditional backup methods. Many organizations and corporation are following the cloud data protection solutions and going through virtualization for the reduction of the costs involved in infrastructure and complicacy of server backup. IT professionals are facing many challenged issues related to the protection of critical and important business data. Yet there are significant differences between the traditional methodologies of system backups. The conventional server backup procedures are not always suits to the challenge as the data can only be recovered if it is been introduced before backup point time. Further, the traditional backup plan could be time consuming as well as the involvement of valuable IT professional, which could be deployed to perform other mission-critical operations to enhance the business, effectively decreases its overall efficiency. And when it comes to the data protection especially for any organization, traditional methods are simply unable to provide complete protection. Hence, here comes the need of more dominant data protection steps, and thus many techniques are acquiring the market these days. The users must decide the product by comparing the features of the plans.


It is necessary to select the best possible plan for server data protection, which must be user friendly, simple and of course better than that of the traditional techniques. So, a good server data protection technology must have some features to make the process efficient and time saving, some of them can be listed as:

1)      The server protection setup must be fully automated, simplified, reliable and secured.

2)      Build in security for the open database and files.

Server data protection: Get rid of the traditionality

 3)      Web based management.

4)      Robust meaning- based search or semantic based search.

5)      Recovery must be fast and easy enough.

6)      Must have special understanding of data to escalate back-up value.

7)      Virtualized environmental support.

8)      Facilitated with patented data reduction technology.

Protection by Instant file recovery methods

Server data protection: Get rid of the traditionality


There are many file recovery plans which can be used for the data protection. These setups replace the Recycle Bin of the operating system with a Recovery Bin which actually conserves all deleted data, even those which have been typically bypassed by the Recycle Bin.  These methods actually work in real time, unlike the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS), capturing every version of file, so the data could be recovered instantaneously in exactly the same state with the preciseness of time of deletion. They could even recover the specific type of older files like the documents, texts as well as emails.


1)      In this process, cloud data protection can be achieved together with long term offsite memory.

2)      It provides the real-time, legitimate collection of data for recovery and backup, data analytics, and effective data discovery.

3)      Fast and reliable source of data holding.

4)      It presents the instantaneous recovery with the point of the clock by continuous backup process.

5)      Costs falls dramatically, as it replaces many traditional backup plans with new and efficient sources of recovery.

6)      It removes the load of the complicated regular backup chore.

Server data protection: Get rid of the traditionality

There are many products for the server data protection such as Microsoft system center data protection manager, iron mountain data protection, undelete server (for Data recovery), etc. which can be used to make a better and reliable data structure.

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