SEO webhosting admiring search engines

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SEO webhosting admiring search engines

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

SEO stands for Search engine optimization which is combinations of text for webpage marketing which accentuates skillful manipulation of  the word of the pages  so that it can be placed among the very first results in the search list of a user and that is what essentially applied on the SEO web hosting.

It is the art and technique of hosting the marketing attempts across many IP ranges using multiple server names, which ensures the true success of any online corporate.

The SEO hosting enables the webmasters for hosting websites from a single control panel and assigning a specific, but personal different class C IP address to each account.

It uses both conventional and non-conventional processes to improve the website optimization, by increasing the sales and traffic. It can comprise the generation of various genuine web pages text and content, multi-websites on various IPs, or other SEO scheme. SEO hosting takes a lot for optimizing any website for the search engines, that’s why it’s important.

How is it different from the traditional hosting methods

In the traditional web hosting a user generally share IP address or the user can access to only few IP addresses, but through SEO webhosting a user can explore its boundaries to many IP addresses.


SEO webhosting admiring search engines

If a user requires specific customization and some certain technical network setup’s such as tunneling IP’s or colo’ing a server, many normal methods do not provide such type of service or specification for the user.

Unlike the traditional one, with the dedicated server of SEO, the website of user looks more unique in the search engine spiders’ eyes, as it is hosted with the provided dedicated Class C IP address, which is the apple of the spiders’ eyes.

 Multiple IPs facilities packages

As we see, the reputed  search engines provides better internet search rankings to the related websites when an individual links to another by means of  a different Class C IP address, through which links between the sites owned by that particular individual or company seems to be from disconnected sites.

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

Some web hosts offer a branded private name servers on disjoined Class C IP addresses. Thus, Webmasters can host many different  sites through the same server as well as on the same web host, but theoretically, search engine spiders would not be able to distinguish between the websites which are hosted or owned together.

Advantages of SEO hosting

With a SEO hosting a user gets the dedicated IP addresses, that makes the difference equivalent to owning a home  on the other hand renting a house.

SEO webhosting admiring search engines

With SEO hosting user gets a very Unique Class C IP addresses, that conveys the best way of hosting the website with the support of SEO marketing campaign.

With SEO hosting a user is shielded from connectivity and downtime  problems and his/her website  optimizes very expeditiously  to have a larger Internet presence gain.

But some cons generally exist everywhere, so same as here, it is typically costs more than the basic hosting options which is provided by most service providers and the expense flies high with the no. of IPs and platform, VPS, dedicated server, making the costs its biggest disadvantage.


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