Sending SMS Online Through Messaging Gateways

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Sending SMS Online Through Messaging Gateways

Sending a text message either using a mobile phone or without it is done with the help of a SMS Gateway. Now-a–days it is the most commonly used data application in the world with more than billions of users. It is a system which offers SMS transit by converting   messages to mobile network traffic from other media with or without the use of cell phone. Forwarding a simple email to the recipient is the very common use of messaging gateway. One can save lot of money by knowing the skill of sending SMS through internet by the help of various instant messaging services.


Various messaging Gateways

Instant messaging services like Yahoo messenger, AIM send instant messages to the cell phone. For sending a message in Yahoo messenger you can type thee phone number into the text box and then press enter to send the message. To do the same thing on AIM you have to type +1 followed by the number in the recipient’s mail box.

Online messaging via Gmail

Here one can click the setting button, and then the labs tab and then scroll down to text messaging in chat. Then you have to click enable to open a chat window from a chat box. Click the option button and then press “send SMS” which will ask you for a phone number. As soon as you type the phone number the SMS will be sent.

Through Skype

First thing is that you have to download a Skype, open an account and purchase the Skype credit. After that on the file menu select the tools and send SMS message after selecting the contact. A text message can be send to any Skype contact if the contact mobile numbers are added in their profile.

Online Gateways for free

Even you can send SMS text messages free of cost through the messaging Gateways. You may not require any downloading or set up but you have to register yourself in online messaging gateway websites to avail the services.


Buy a SMS package

Various online SMS Gateway packages like business SMS, group SMS, Web SMS, etc. are available in the market. One can buy them and send SMS by installing it through computer.


Online SMS through a gateway can be sent to a group of phone numbers by adding any one number of the group. This service is utilized to send group SMS, business SMS or Mass SMS. Clients can send SMS to group contacts by the same method from any computer. Web SMS can be sent by clients from their own websites or by going to their web SMS interface. Bulk SMS can be sent in an economical way in seconds by connecting a PDA device or a Pocket PC to a desktop or laptop. This software used in bulk SMS messaging service is capable of sending SMS to multiple mobile numbers from your laptop or desktop on National or International networks. Text messaging solutions can send the SMS text from any computer through different messaging gateways without requiring any technical skill on the part of the operator.


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