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In our last post, we looked at the basics of retro gaming. Just in case you missed that, here is a recap of the main points.
Retrogressive gaming or retro gaming is all about rediscovering gaming masterpieces from the previous decades. It’s all about old school gaming, back to the games that helped establish the now deeply entrenched gaming culture among the youth, in the words of a retro gamer, its back to the fundamentals, baby.
We mentioned the fact that it takes a really open and appreciative mind to appreciate the glory of old games, so obviously not everybody can be a retro gamer. I am making the assumption that since you have gotten this far into the discussion at hand; it is fair to say that you at least have a hint of interest (if not roaring enthusiasm) for retrogaming. You have come to learn what it’s all about. You think you have what it takes to take up retro gaming as a hobby, you want to be a collector or player, but are wondering where to start. The Chinese have a well known saying that goes something like this: the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The time has come for you to take that initial step. Fortunately for you, I am here to point you in the right direction.
The first outpost in cyberspace that one encounters when exploring the vast galaxy of retro gaming is definitely This will be your primary base for quite a while. It is the place where you will get to learn the latest retro gaming trends, the hottest re-discoveries, collect the coolest games, swap old games, everything. Don’t let the name fool you, though. Though the site deals with so called abandon ware (abandoned software), it does not mean that the site itself is abandoned. It is a thriving community abuzz with the activities of a great many swarms of eager retro gamers. In fact, the only thing that the site won’t do for a retro gamer is cleaning their dirty laundry, but then again, who is complaining?!
Ok, rookie, you have entered the coordinates of the outpost (site) into your command center (oh, search engine-I really have to stop watching star trek movies).you are at the outpost in no time. Within no time you begin to explore the site, which is well designed and relatively easy to navigate through. The best thing about this site is that it displays screenshots of the games as well as providing a short review that tells you exactly what to expect from each game. The reviews also come with extra information such as the size of the games and whether it’s compatible with windows xp among other such stuff. Just in case you see a game you would like to check out that isn’t compatible with windows xp, the site provides a program by the name of dosbox which acts as a dos emulator, allowing one to play all dos- based games hassle free.
The site also ranks games according to popularity, number of downloads, year of release etc. this makes it way much easier to navigate through the games database, which is large, to say the least.
There you have it. Retrogaming for beginners. Get out there rookie, go start life as a retro gamer!!

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