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So you want to be a retrogamer, huh? Good. Now pay close attention to what I have to say. Retro gaming, as you have already guessed, is derived from the words retrogressive gaming, whereby gamers collect and play games from a by-gone era. It’s all about gaming hits (and near hits) from the past decades rediscovered and replayed. These games had at one point caught everyone`s attention but have now been overshadowed by other more recent games. Retrogaming is all about exploring gaming archives, dusting off diskettes in search of ancient gaming gems. Its all about long forgotten consoles likes commodore 64s and Sinclair zx spectrum +3, super Nintendo and Atari- the forefathers of modern day gaming consoles. Retro gaming is all about reliving the gaming fantasies of a past age, seeing life through the eyes of gamers from the past.
So now that you know what retro gaming is, I have to tell you straight up, it’s not for everybody. It takes a certain kind of person to appreciate a gaming masterpiece despite its obvious technological disadvantages. In today’s hi-tech world, it’s so easy to let yourself be swept away by the fanatical wave for the latest technological gimmick so much that in the quest for newer stuff, we hardly get to appreciate what we already have. Today`s games are built for comparatively superior platforms and come loaded with tones of features, options etc, but behind all that glitter, beyond the eye catching graphics, there’s nothing but hot air. It takes a really open and highly appreciative mind to see beauty where others only see low resolution graphics.
Having said that, I would like to take the pleasure to introduce you to a retro gaming hotspot, namely

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