Red5 – Revolutionizing Media Streaming

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Red5 – Revolutionizing Media Streaming

With the increased use of Multimedia content on the Internet, there has been a requirement of dedicated multimedia streaming, a server that broadcasts live media over the web. Red5 is currently the best available software for this purpose. These are some features that give Red5 an edge as a media streamer –

1. Flash server with Java

It is a Flash server written in Java, that means it is platform independent. You can use any operating system to run the server.

2.Universal Video support

It supports all major video (FLV, F4V, MP4) and audio (MP3, F4A, M4A) format streaming.

3. Live video streaming

It allows live recording of streaming clients. This means it can record from a user who is streaming media over the Internet.

4. Live publishing

It allows for live stream publishing, that is, it can broadcast live multimedia.

5. Open Source Product

Red5 is an Open Source product. That means it is free of cost and its source code is freely available for you to customize according to your needs, unlike proprietary products that cost you money and maintenance, and does not allow you to modify their code.

6. Easy bug reporting system

It has the added advantage that whenever any bug is reported in the server, it is fixed immediately, quite unlike proprietary software.

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