Principles of Web 2.0

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Principles of Web 2.0

Web 2.0, the term coined by Tim O’Reilly, is better thought-out and categorized content than Web 1.0. It has been implemented and interpreted in various ways since it was introduced. However in order to understand the reason behind the over-excitement for web 2.0, it is very much needed to understand the fundamental principles behind it.

1. Intelligent web

Web 2.0 is considered as “Harnessing collective intelligence”. This web behaves as the platform, which unites the whole world.

2. To provide a rich online experience

For web 2.0, data is free and exposed to all viewers. The available web based services help user to get information from different sources.

3. Users friendly

Web 2.0 is very much user generated. It offers the control to individual for participating. Users contribute their valuable suggestions through journals and forums.

4. Permits the assembly of virtual application

Experts have already shown that, to release data, no new technology is needed. Web 2.0 promotes this by giving the permission of creating virtual application, which helps in dragging data and functions from different resources.

5. Gives authority to individuals

Web 2.0 offers specialist subjects and considers each and every person as a potential user, and thus caters to lot more people in all.

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