Potential of Location Based Services under Web 2.0

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Potential of Location Based Services under Web 2.0

With the introduction of Web 2.0, there have been quite a few path-breaking changes in the World Wide Web. Websites are no more the static HTML pages, but are more interactive and collaborative. The latest trend on the Web 2.0 paradigm seems to be Location Based Services.

So what is Location based Services (LBS)?

LBS utilize the geographical location of a user to provide location-optimized services. Although it is mostly accessed on a mobile device, there are a lot of applications that run on the web, the most famous being Google Maps!

How does LBS work?

The first step is to collect your geographical information, map it with the database, built with the help of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and then provide host of services available for the particular location.

What are the possible services offered by LBS?

Questions like, “Where is the nearest medical store?” or “How do I get to XYZ from the place I am” can be solved instantly and from the point you accessed the service. Apart from that, more entertainment services can also be included!

Web 2.0 optimizing LBS?

The software tools formed on the concept of Web 2.0, such as RSS and XML are used to store information in an efficient way. Although it is more suited for mobile devices, the importance of Web 2.0 cannot be denied!

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