PHPmotion and Video Hosting

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PHPmotion and Video Hosting


PHPmotion Video Hosting

PHPmotion is one of the free video sharing software, which has the support for various other media files such as mp3/audio sharing. It is a content management system (or the media CMS application) so that it allows you to create your own video sharing website, picture-sharing website, music sharing website etc and you can run it on your own. Having little knowledge you will be able to have the sites like YouTube, hi5, veoh, daily motion etc and best of all, it is 100% free and is available for download on the internet.

Features of PHPmotion

It is 100% free and can be easily downloaded to use
The design of PHPmotion is based on templates so that you will be able o change the feel and look of it.
PHPmotion has the fully featured admin so that they manage your site.
It supports mp3 audio fully
For easy edition, it is fully based on the CSS  template
Supports play lists as well.

Video hosting

Video hosting is a service, which allows the individuals to upload the video clips over to a website. Then the video host will save the video on the server and shows different types of codes to individuals to allow others so that they can view the video. Mainly the video hosting is done using a website so that many people will be able to view or share the videos and those websites doing this works are called as video sharing website

Video hosting has become popular all over because most of the users don’t have unlimited web space or have paid service. The video hosting service is becoming even more popular because of the forums, blogs and many other interactive pages as well.
Purpose of video hosting
Will be able to save cost on bandwidth and often can eliminate the entire cost.
Can create a common place
Can make the experience of uploading and streaming of the videos hassle free as it would normally require the advanced programming knowledge. It can be achieved commonly achieved through the web browser with little or not experience in programming.

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