Optimizing Web Videos with Ray Media Server Hosting

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Optimizing Web Videos with Ray Media Server Hosting

Internet today is catering to mankind almost all the necessities of life. Today an individual can find almost anything on the cyberspace which interests him / her. Internet now has not merely been restricted to simply a means of communication. With advent of better technology internet is reaching at a rate faster than ever thought before. Songs and videos are now available online. Refinement in the equipments and expansion of the bandwidth of transmission has led to transmission of high quality videos. The demand for better quality videos at faster rates have grown manifold and this growth has not stopped yet. So the necessity for optimizing the videos available on the World Wide Web arose. This could be achieved via innumerable means available. But the popular option which is also a very effective one is the optimization of web videos with Ray Media Server Hosting.

Ray Media Server

Optimizing Web Videos with Ray Media Server Hosting

Ray Media Server is a product by Boonex and it is server software. This software enables one to stream live and high quality videos through the web server of the BounceWeb. Ray Media Server Hosting is nothing but the web hosting with none other than the Ray Media Server or the RMS as popularly known as. The Ray Media Server Hosting of the BounceWeb accords one to have streaming of the live videos or the pre-recorded videos from the community of the Orca web videos and the Boonex’s Dolphin. This facility is much like the facility provided by the YouTube video streaming.

By using Boonex Dolphin which is community server software, one can easily share, host or transmit videos by using web cams or pre-recorded videos. Moreover one can have faster streaming videos while uploading or downloading. This has given a new paradigm to inline videos. Nowadays chatting has been replaced by the more recent form of chatting that is the video chatting.

Ray Media Server Hosting helps one to use a large variety of online products offered by various web based companies which encompass products like boards, chats, video conferencing, video chatting. One can have a wide range of choices regarding VPS hosting, reseller or shared hosting for one’s own Boonex Dolphin websites. There are various forms of the Ray Media Server software available in the market which holds the capability of unlocking the huge amount of facility to the common masses. Once the Ray Media Server is activated one can visit as many Ray Media servers and have the videos of their choice at with streaming rates faster than imagined ever before.

Optimizing Videos

Now the question arises that why do we need to optimize videos available on the net. The answer is simple. Videos convey a lot where message is concerned and it’s an effective means of communication as it caters to a large number of people. Streaming of videos takes a lot of time. But with the advent of Ray Media Server Hosting, the streaming of high quality videos has become a child’s play.

Now host videos easily using Ray Media Web server hosting with Bouceweb!

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