Optimize e-commerce applications with Ajax

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Optimize e-commerce applications with Ajax

Due to the rapid technical advancement in the field of electronics, the world is becoming very easy day by day. Electronic commerce most commonly known as e-commerce is the result of such technical advancement. With the help of this advanced electronic system one is able to buy and sell products and services   over Internet and other miscellaneous computer networks. It involves electronic fund transfer, all sorts of online transaction supply management, Internet marketing, electronically data interchange, automated system for collection of data and inventory management. Electronic commerce mostly uses World Wide Web for the entire transaction. Also a major percentage of electronic commerce are regulated electronically for items such as permission to premium account of a website and also transportation of goods and services to some destination place, the most common such e-commerce website is eBay. The online retail shops over e-commerce are known as e-tailers or e-tail. Almost every big retail shops have their products hosted on World Wide Web via e-commerce technology.

E-commerce website

optimize e-commerce applications with ajax

Reason for rapid growing popularity of e-commerce

Though today the level of popularity of e-commerce is not so large compared to normal marketing strategies, but the rate at which this popularity is increasing day by day and this is really very encouraging. But the entire credit for this growing popularity of e-commerce is due to the rapid advancement of various types of modern web applications, which has given a new definition to the world of World Wide Web. The most common web application globally accepted by most e-commerce websites is known as Ajax. The ecommerce websites integrated with Ajax has gain high mass popularity in these recent years.

What is Ajax

Ajax stands for “asynchronous JavaScript and XML”. The term asynchronous have a key meaning, which determines the asynchronous behavior that occurs in a site that is the site is able to send reverse query to that server even if the page is not refreshed. This feature helps in speeding up the web application processing. Though normal Ajax request may not be asynchronous or may not work with the XML code, but these integrated features makes this language more recognized among the people.

Ajax interaction with system hardware

Optimize e-commerce applications with Ajax

How Ajax optimizes e-commerce application

Ajax is very much useful when we don’t want any server call and mainly when the designed webpage is completely dependent on the user input and also when the information required is completely in different state. Keeping in track all these requirements is helps a lot in optimizing the electronic commerce.

Ajax web application

Optimize e-commerce applications with Ajax

Form submission on e-commerce sites using Ajax

Form submission through Ajax is different from normal form submission. When a form is submitted using Ajax by giving the username and password, then the submit button is dynamically triggered and also it do not require any type of page refreshing. Then it automatically informs us whether we have successfully logged in or not. So, saves the time of page refreshing and mouse clicking while form submission.

Thus Ajax is really a very powerful weapon for developing e-commerce applications and is gaining much popularity day by day.

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